The Usos are among WWE"s greatest ever tag teams, however there room still facts favor their age, partnership status and an ext that fans don"t recognize about.

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Jimmy and also Jey Uso have been two of WWE's most regular performers over the previous decade. Your in-ring capacity is turn off the charts and together they have become one the the best tag groups of every time. Indigenous championship glory come the current singles work, the two brothers have constantly been amazing to watch.

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They've had actually trials and also tribulations and also plenty of world know a lot about them, but there space still aspects of your careers and also lives the some people aren't far of. They have actually a an excellent bond and it's one the audiences have associated to together well, which is why the WWE Universe always wants to learn around them.

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the course, Jimmy and Jey Uso room twins and also they were born top top the very same day. They're both 36-years-old, placing them in the element of your careers, having actually put with each other the best amount of endure both in and out of the ring.

However, there is an er gap in between them of simply nine minutes, through Jimmy Uso having been born first. This technically provides him the larger brother, also if it's just by the the smallest of margins.

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Just because they're twins doesn't median they have to be the exact same height, because The Usos space not. However, there is just a very slight distinction in size between the two men, as not only is Jimmy older, yet he is also a small bit taller together well.

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Jimmy is billed in ~ 6ft 2in by WWE, whereas Jey comes in just smaller in ~ 6ft 1in. Of course, over there is no much in between them at all, and also when they space together they carry out often show up to be almost the very same height.

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since Jimmy and Jey Uso room two names that have actually been featured prominently top top WWE tv over the previous decade, a many fans simply assume the they're each other's only siblings. Of course, castle come indigenous the Anoa'i family, so over there are numerous relations, yet they execute have another brother.

They have a infant brother that is recognized as Sefa Fatu, and also he is someone that will end up being known come the WWE Universe really soon. That's due to the fact that he has actually just signed v WWE, joining the company with the performance Center.

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speak of the Anoa'i family, one of the greatest members of the was Umaga. He to be a well-respected wrestler who brought some impressive performances throughout his career, ending up being a name the fans both feared and loved at the exact same time.

He to be the uncle the Jimmy and Jey Uso and also he was actually responsible for getting them right into wrestling. The two guys were just working in a furniture store as soon as Umaga made decision to talk v them, and persuade castle to monitor the majority of the family members into the rings business.

when it comes down to their relationship status, both Jimmy and Jey are currently happily married and also in cursed relationships. Jimmy's relationship is reasonably well known to many wrestling fans as result of his time on Total Divas, which did showcase his wedding to fellow wrestler Naomi.

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However, Jey's relationship has been preserved a small quieter as he is slightly more private. However, he is additionally married, v his large day ensuing just one year after ~ his brother's.

one more element of your careers the some civilization might not understand is the fact they're both family men, having two kids each. Jey Uso typically keeps his life a lot an ext private, i m sorry is why a many of civilization won't know about that, however he is a father.

Meanwhile, most world only recognize Jimmy's connection from Naomi, that doesn't have any kind of children herself. The is since Jimmy's two children are actually from a previous relationship that he had actually prior to meeting his present wife.

choose a lot of of professional wrestling, The Usos actually started their sporting life by play football. That is something the a most wrestlers do, especially those within the Anoa'i family, together both The Rock and Roman Reigns gone after a career in football prior to wrestling.

The brothers play at the college of West Alabama, v Jimmy only playing because that one season, vice versa, Jey contended from 2003-2005. To store in line through them law things similarly together, they both in reality played together linebackers.

that hasn't always been level sailing because that The Usos, regardless of their large success in expert wrestling. Both brothers have uncovered themselves in trouble with the police over current years, with drinking gift the usual factor in your transgressions.

It's miscellaneous that has put castle in hot water with the company, and they have certainly walked a fine line of being able to keep their jobs. Yet hopefully, they space both currently on the straight and narrow.

when The Usos were making a name for themselves, castle didn't have actually the advantage of being able to shine brightly ~ above NXT. The platform wasn't available to them, which is why they came v the FCW system, which to be there previously.

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They gained to discover the ropes and start your WWE careers in the system, which carried through a lot of top names end the years. But this is a period of their careers a the majority of fans simply do not understand about.

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external of the ring, among their biggest passions is video gaming. This is something that the current generation of skilled wrestlers all appears to have actually in common however is specifically true once it comes to The Usos, as has been clear on Xavier Woods' UpUpDownDown channel.

The two guys have appeared many time on the show, talking all things video games while lock showcase their an abilities in everything game Woods is playing. It's always great to view them featured as they both carry a lot of passion come the episodes.

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