One the the most controversial issues amongst Christians today is the age of the universe. Is the 6000 year old, prefer 17th century Bishop Ussher calculated, or is it roughly 13,770,000,000+ years old together qualified scientists say? exactly how we determine the answer determines just how we translate the Bible and also understand the world about us…

The opened verse that Genesis is possibly the most famous, and probably the most read, verse in the Bible. That is so plain, for this reason clear, therefore unambiguous, that nearly every English translate in of the scriptures for the past 400 years has rendered it identically. Of all the statements that God can have favored to utter an initial in His revelation to mankind, He gave us this one. Tiny wonder. If this explain is proven to be false climate the whole credibility the the scriptures is undermined. But if this declare is uncovered to be true its ramifications are infinite!


But a strange thing has actually happened ever since an ireland Bishop released some genealogical calculations roughly 400 years ago. He asserted that Genesis 1:1 can be dated: October 23rd 4004 BC. Within years of this assertion being published it was included into the spare part of Bibles by Publishers and led come this date being accepted by holy bible readers about the English-speaking-world practically without question. Bishop Ussher might never have actually foreseen the his chronological speculating would result in a U.S. Can be fried Court attempt in i m sorry trusting Christians would certainly be humiliated!

If we add up all the genealogies in the bible going all the means back to Adam, we finish up through a date variety of Adam being created around 4000-5000 BC, Bishop Ussher did. I never ever questioned this. However the Bible’s genealogies were never ever intended to be used this way. This is partly obvious because there room massive and also deliberate gaps in the Biblical genealogies. This becomes noticeable when us compare come the the exact same genealogical documents in two various Biblical passages. For example-

There is a vast difference with time taken in between four generations and also eleven generations! And this is simply one example of exactly how the genealogies cannot be supplied accurately recognize dates. Together one Biblical Hebrew scholar said about the peculiar method the scriptures records genealogies, it would be perfect in maintaining if the holy bible said David was 40 once he begat Joseph that was betrothed to Mary. Yet it wasn’t this details alone which brought about me check out that Young earth Creationism (YEC) was not a faithful analysis of the Scripture. ~ all, i still couldn’t reconcile one Old planet position and also death prior to the Fall. Since Romans 5:12 stated there to be no fatality in the universe before Adam and Eve fell into sin, this verse alone seemed to do Old earth Creationism impossible come reconcile with Scripture. However Dr. Ross dealt with this in his book as well. 

¶ Therefore, simply as sin came into the civilization through one man, and death with sin, and so fatality spread to all men due to the fact that all sinned—Romans 5:12

This is a significant tenant the Young planet Creationism – that Adam introduced death into the Universe – and it is entirely based upon this verse (there are no various other verses in the scriptures which assistance or state this). Acquisition a slow look at this verse though we notice that it no say what it is asserted to it is in saying. That does not say that Adam presented to fatality to the world of all living things – “and so death spread to all men due to the fact that all sinned“. Death came to mankind– not all life things. This to be a huge paradigm shift for me. That also enabled me come reconcile some of the other production passages of the scriptures consistently. For example, Psalm 104 is a creation Psalm. To insurance claim that since the last couple of verses that this Psalm space the Psalmist’s enjoy on God’s creation with a prayer (note the opening expression of this closeup of the door section- “I will certainly sing to the Lord…May mine meditation be satisfaction to Him...” vss. 33-34) and also that sinners it is in consumed and also the wicked be no more  means that this not a creation Psalm is one exegetically weak argument. The Psalm says that lions were produced to look for God for their prey (which necessitates the death of other animals from the beginning of creation). 

The young lions roar for their prey,seeking their food from God.Psalm 104:21

God has actually designed the digestive systems of lions to eat meat. To suggest that every lions to be vegetarian and also then suddenly carnivorous when Adam sinned is to state something that the Biblical text does no say or invoke some type of hyper-evolution. Far from death being a negative or morally evil thing, God had actually perfectly designed death to fulfil His objective of at some point vanquishing all evil from the universe. It is the result of god’s perfect design that certain bacteria only has actually a three-hour life-cycle, and also that rabbits just live for around 12 years – not the result of the Fall. The is a foundational rule of oh my gosh redemption the His creation that will its can be fried expression in the cross that life originates from death.

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Researching the Biblical expression “there was evening and also there to be morning” we find that that only supplied in Genesis 1. Work don’t generally start with evenings. This shows that the work of Genesis 1 are not simple days. The Hebrew word for day Yom is a linguistic wildcard word that takes its definition from the context it is in. Because that example, in Genesis 2:4, the whole 6 ‘days’ the Creation plus the 7th ‘day’ of rest (which does not have actually an “evening and also morning” finish statement come it) are referred to as a “yom” which most English translators render “week” – also though it is the same Hebrew word as Genesis 1 uses.

I flourished up in a church where it was promoted that the scriptures taught the planet was approximately 6,000 years old and also that God created everything in six literal, consecutive, 24-hour days. For years I never ever questioned this. The an international scientific community had been blinded by sin and was no able to analyze the natural world due to their spiritual blindness. Hence, any kind of measurements lock made based on the ordinary legislations of physics were completely unreliable because they to be unregenerate and were looking at a universe entirely depraved by sin which made estimating its age near impossible. For years I welcomed this without question.

For some reason, in the church I prospered up in, us were tacitly taught the if the earth was older than 6,000 year old the entire credibility that the bible would be undermined. Because that those believer who undertook a research of physical science through greater education and also learned how the period of things was calculated, they to be soon challenged with a major contradiction in their knowledge of the Bible.

For example, 6,000 years for the period of the earth evaporates in the presence of tree-rings. Together Christian students in universities examined just how trees include a new tree ring to annually of your life they uncovered that part trees have actually over 10,000 rings! (Becker, B. And B. Kromer, 1993 The continental Tree-Ring document — pure Chronology, C14  Calibration and also Climatic change at 11 ka.

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“, Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 103 (1-2): 67-71).
The Guinness publication of records lists the earliest tree ever discovered as a Californian Redwood in ~ over 10,000 year old however estimates it to have been closer come 12,000 year old. And also tree-rings, polar ice layers reveal that the earth is at least over 420,000 year old (“Greenland ice Cores: Frozen in Time”, R. Alley and also M. Bender, Scientific American, February 1998 pp. 80-85).

Even if these natural measurements have actually an error rate of a couple of percent, there is tho a substantial difference between 420,000 years and also 6,000 years! Another method to measure up the period of the cosmos that college student of physical science are challenged with is: starlight. This is what very regarded Christian apologist, Greg Koukl, says around this –