The U.S. Naval Corps may celebrate its date of birth on Nov. 10, but its genuine birthday is in the center of July.

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It’s a truth that many Marines are probably unaware of however a fact nonetheless, follow to the maritime Corps history Division, which documents the main institutional and operational history of the service.

The 2nd Continental congress passed a resolution that established two battalions of continental Marines top top Nov. 10, 1775, which the Corps now celebrates as its main birthday, with this year noting 245 years of existence.

But as the History division notes in that Brief background of the united States marine Corps, the Continental naval Corps to be disbanded after the Revolutionary battle “for reasons of economy” in 1783 and also ceased to exist for the following 15 years.

“The federal government auctioned turn off warships, and also the continent Marines ceased to exist,” as military historian Chester Hearn said The Camp Pendleton Patch. “Major Samuel Nicholas, the first Marine officer, went back to his previous occupation as owner of Tun Tavern in Philadelphia.”

It wasn’t till July 11, 1798, that a company known as the united States naval Corps was developed by congress under the command of the Navy. The act passed by the 5th Congress and also signed right into law through President john Adams developed the virtually 900-man strong Marine Corps, which had one major, four captains, 28 lieutenants, nearly 100 sergeants and also corporals, and much more than 700 privates.

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And because that the next 123 years, the maritime Corps recognized its birthday together July 11. Together the History division notes, “an unidentified newspaper trimming from 1918 describes the solemn event of the 120th birthday of the maritime Corps ~ above 11 July ‘as usual with no fuss.’”

Then, in 1921, the good idea fairy caught the fist of the Commandant of the marine Corps, Gen. John A. Lejeune, and also suggested the business celebrate its earlier birthdate in spite of that 15-year gap. Indigenous the background Division:

On 21 October 1921, Maj Edwin McClellan, Officer-in-Charge, historic Section, Headquarters naval Corps, sent a memorandum to significant General Commandant john A. Lejeune, saying that the initial birthday ~ above 10 November 1775 be asserted a naval Corps vacation to be celebrated throughout the Corps. Maj McClellan further suggested that a dinner be organized in Washington D.C., to commemorate the event. Guests would encompass prominent men from the naval Corps, Army, and Navy, and descendants that the Revolution.

Accordingly, ~ above 1 November 1921, MajGen Lejeune issued maritime Corps bespeak No. 47, collection 1921. The order summary the history, mission, and tradition that the Corps, and also directed the it be review to every command top top 10 November each succeeding year in respect of the date of birth of the marine Corps. This order has been duly carried out.

Hey, look on the shining side: currently you can get drunk and also celebrate the birth of the maritime Corps twice a year. Therefore Semper Fidelis and also happy beforehand birthday!

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