It remained in the 1920’s the plans started for the leg that would eventually be referred to as the Tappan Zee Bridge. After human being War II, the need for a leg connecting Rockland and also Westchester Counties became evident due to needs on the regional highway system. Plans started relocating forward in 1950 when the brand-new York State Thruway government (NYSTA) was developed to oversee the building of a significant highway connecting brand-new York State. A significant crossing the the Hudson to be a necessary aspect of the highway’s ongoing expansion. Work-related on the bridge started in march 1952 and also in December 1955, the leg was completed and opened come the public. It was dubbed “Tappan Zee” after ~ the area’s pre-colonial days: Tappan, ~ the indigenous American tribe, and also Zee, the dutch word for sea. The is a fitting name, as the bridge crosses the Hudson and also one the its widest points.

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The bridge was created by erecting the anchor (flanking) spans on falsework trusses and cantilevering the 1,212-foot mainspan indigenous both directions. The 20 deck truss technique spans were constructed at one on-land garden facility and also floated right into place. Each expectations was about 250 feet lengthy by 64 feet wide by 26 feet deep and weighed 830 tons. The Tappan Zee leg was a full 48,896 tons.

This bridge is a 2,415 foot cantilevered truss that carries 7 lanes the traffic across the Hudson flow in new York City. Of the 7 lanes, the middle lane has actually the capability to move directions depending on traffic needs. The bridge was designed to carry 100,000 vehicles per day, yet traffic volumes have actually grown to around 138,000 every day making the need for the new bridge apparent; also with the extra adaptable lane website traffic still occurs typically as it is among the main crossings the the Hudson river for residents, commuters, and travelers.

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In 2013, the NYSTA selected the share Venture, Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC), to change the initial truss bridge with a more modern cable-stayed bridge. TZC consists of Fluor, American Bridge, Traylor Bros., and also Granite Construction and also are currently constructing the brand-new structure just north that the present bridge.

Project DetailsOwner: new York State Thruway AuthorityLocation: Nyack, new YorkCompletion Date: December 1955Structure Type: BridgeDelivery Model: Design-Bid-Build


American leg is a legend construction agency whose projects include a far-reaching proportion the the world’s large bridges, maritime installations, and also other complex structures. The history, task experience, safety leadership, reputation for integrity and competence, commitment come in-house breakthrough of human talent, tools fleet, and above all, its advanced engineering technology, do the agency unique in the entire world.American bridge is a member that the Southland Holdings family of companies.