This year clues the 50th anniversary the The Sound the Music, which very first captivated audiences in 1965. Julie Andrews and also Christopher Plummer reflect on the do of the classic, your decades-long friendship, and the mountains they’ve climbed because then.

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It would certainly surprise no one, perhaps, to find out that Julie andrew travels with her own teakettle.

On a late afternoon critical winter she and Christopher Plummer met me at the Loews Regency Hotel, in Manhattan, to talk about the 50th anniversary that the movie variation of The Sound of Music, i beg your pardon is gift re-released in theatre in April. For anyone that saw that originally, in 1965, the hardly seems possible that so much time has passed. Currently that Plummer is 85 and also Andrews is 79, you have the right to imagine just how they feel.

It was during the filming of The Sound that Music that Andrews and Plummer began a friendship, which, fifty percent a century later, is tho going strong. Andrews’s husband, Blake Edwards, directed Plummer in The Return that the Pink Panther in 1975, and they continued to be friendly until the director’s death, in 2010. (Edwards and Andrews had actually been married because that 41 years; Plummer has been married come his wife, Elaine, due to the fact that 1970.) In 2001, Andrews and Plummer co-starred in a live television production of On gold Pond, and in 2002 lock toured the U.S. And also Canada with each other in a stage extravaganza referred to as A imperial Christmas. by now, they have actually perfected the well-worn patter of one old married pair themselves.

Once Andrews’s kettle was pressed into service and the tea to be brewed and poured, the 2 of them settled onto the couch in a suite come talk. They had actually just returned from a photo shoot. Ns asked how it went, and Andrews leapt in: “Well, ns was pull on in black. He to be dressed in black. We were versus some white, ns think. I had a good pair that earrings, and my hair was really exciting. It to be done up quite wildly.”

He pouted. “I haven’t consumed anything because that days,” that announced.

She comment on cue. “Oh, honeybun, that’s terrible!”

Heartened, he continued, “There to be a charity dinner critical night, and the food to be so horrible nobody ate anything.” She fumbled through her bags. That looked ~ above hopefully, yet she landed on a bottle of Advil. “I need to have these—I’m sorry,” she said, shaking the end a couple of pills, which dropped onto the carpet. She picked them up and also swallowed castle anyway. “There were just so plenty of stairs today,” she said, proceeding to dig till she unearthed a Kashi peanut-butter granola bar. “I brought half a peanut-butter cookie through me,” she told him cajolingly.

He eyed the shrewdly. “Not half,” he said. “A quarter.”

O.K., guys. Component of the reason we’re right here today is to talk about your 50-year friendship.

“What execute you mean, friendship?” andrew asked.

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“Exactly,” Plummer said.

Not His favorite Thing

Through the decades, Plummer has remained unabashedly ornery about playing Captain von Trapp. He was, also in the early on 1960s, a celebrated stage actor and also chose to perform the film generally as training for playing Cyrano de Bergerac in a Broadway music (a function that would not materialize till 1973). Instead, at 34, through gray highlights in his hair, he found himself shipwrecked plank what he thought about the an excellent Ship Lollipop together an unwitting party to seven chipper children, a warbling nun, and also a bosun’s whistle. Indeed, as soon as The Sound the Music was released, the reviews were awful. Pauline Kael trounced it as “mechanically engineered” to change the audience right into “emotional and aesthetic imbeciles when we listen ourselves humming the sickly, goody-goody songs.” In The brand-new York Times, Bosley Crowther enabled that andrews “goes in ~ it happily and also bravely” when noting the the various other adult gibbs “are relatively horrendous, specifically Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp.”