The Simpsons: how Old Homer Is (& just how His age Has Changed) The characters from The Simpsons never prosper old, but Homer"s age has been an extremely inconsistent from the beginning. Here"s how old he yes, really is.

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The Simpsons how old Homer is period changes
Time doesn’t really exist in The Simpsons, which is why the personalities haven’t aged, yet there room some whose age has adjusted over the food of the series. Together is the instance of Homer, whose period has been an extremely inconsistent native the beginning. Produced by Matt Groening, The Simpsons started as a collection of animated mirrors for The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987 before making its proper debut ~ above Fox 2 years later. Due to the fact that then, The Simpsons has come to be the longest-running American sitcom, with end 30 seasons and no indications of protecting against anytime soon.

The Simpsons follows the day-to-day adventures of the title family and their friends and also enemies in the town of Springfield. Like plenty of other cartoon shows, the characters in The Simpsons never ever age, and some have also had recurring birthdays (as is the instance of Bart and also all his 10th birthdays), but even despite time passes by weirdly in Springfield, the ages of some personalities have been quite inconsistent. Such is the situation of Homer, who also though is usually described as being 38 years old, has actually actually been younger and also older over the food of much more than 30 seasons.

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In the first episodes of The Simpsons, as well as in the Treehouse the Horror comic books, Homer Simpson to be 34 year old, yet in season 4, that was unexpectedly 36. Homer aged again in season 8, whereby he to be 38 and 39 years old, and also the most recent reveal around his age was in season 18, through Homer currently being 40. However, the ages of the rest of the Simpsons family members haven’t changed, which along with some specific events at specific points with time make Homer’s period even more confusing. For example, that was shown falling in love through Marge together a an elderly at Springfield High school in 1976, and Marge became pregnant with Bart in 1980, but they were later displayed as a 20-something pair with no youngsters in the at an early stage 1990s.

The Simpsons Homer Lenny Carl
The inconsistencies in Homer’s age don’t avoid there, and also unlike other characters from The Simpsons, Homer’s birthdate has actually been displayed on screen, although briefly. In season 4, there to be a fast look at his driver’s license, which has his birthdate noted as may 12, 1956, an interpretation that by the time the collection began, Homer to be 33, but during season 4 (which ran from 1992 come 1993), he was 37 year old. Showrunners bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein shared that, throughout their time in the series (season 7 and also 8), they discovered out that as they aged, Homer seemed to carry out so too, for this reason they readjusted his period to 38, i m sorry is the number countless viewers take together the critical one – and also it makes more sense v the eras of the remainder of the family, together Marge is 36-years-old, Bart is 10, Lisa is 8, and Maggie is 1.

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Of course, no matter exactly how old or young Homer is, his personality no change, and he continues to be lazy, dumb, and also with fury issues, though he likewise shows his loving and also caring next from time come time, particularly with his family. Homer’s age is somewhat open to viewers’ interpretation, as there’s no official number, so fans of The Simpsons can pick the age that seems an ext fitting v the character, or take the over birthdate as the critical one and also do the math.