Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known together "The Rock," is a famous Wrestler, American actor, and also media personality.

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Having taken seventeen (17) championship reigns in the WWE, that is widely obtained as among the greatest skilled Wrestlers. The is additionally known to it is in one that the world"s highest-grossing actors -his films grossing over $3.5 billion in simply North America and much more than $10.5 exchange rate worldwide.

Dwayne Johnson"s personal Life

Dwayne Johnson was born in California on might 2, 1972. He is the kid of professional Wrestler Rocky Johnson and also Afa Johnson. His mother"s father, Peter Fanene, was a big-time Wrestler also. Although surrounded by Wrestlers, Dwayne was keenly interested in football throughout his high institution years. Throughout high school, he received a complete scholarship from the college of Miami. The was an extremely successful as a young football player. His success was, however, cut short by a back injury that finished his career. Dwayne"s very first marriage remained in 1997. That wedded his high school lover, Dany Gracia. Lock split increase a te later, but their Union created a beautiful daughter, Simone. After some years of gift single, Dwayne again acquired wedded come his longtime girlfriend and producer, Lauren Hashian. Their Union has so far produced two charming girls, Jasmine and also Tiana. Dwayne is a Christian. His hobbies space working out, listening to music, fishing, and watching movies.

Dwayne Johnson"s Career

Dwayne is the son of Wrestler Rocky Johnson and grandson of skilled Wrestler Fanene Maiviae. Dwayne prospered up come be really active and was one Athlete from childhood. His favorite sport, however, was football. The played for his school until one injury ended his dream of coming to be a expert footballer. Dwayne Johnson graduated v a Bachelor"s degree in Criminology and also Physiology in 1985. Dwayne Johnson joined the WWE in 1996. Dwayne"s job in Wrestling has actually been very successful. He winner the WWE Championship eight times and also WCW/World Championship twice. Apart from the wrestles ring, the Rock has a successful acting career. Some of the movies he starred in include; The Mummy Returns, the Scorpion King, and also Fast and also Furious. In 2016, Dwayne was the highest-paid actor.

How Old is Dwayne Johnson Exactly?

How Old is Dwayne Johnson Exactly? (source: vanityfair)

Dwayne Johnson to be born on might 2, 1972. Together of the time of writing this article, Dwayne Johnson is 48 year old. His 49th birthday will certainly be on may 2, 2021.

Summary the Dwayne Johnson"s Age

The table listed below discloses some vital things you need to know around Dwayne Johnson.

Parameters Points come Note
Real Name Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Date of Birth May 2, 1972
Place of Birth California
Profession Retired skilled WrestlerActorProducerBusinessman
Married Lauren Hashian
Children Simone, Jasmine, Tiana
Net worth $320 million


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