She is the most well-known regent in Europe. The Danes, and also others roughly the world, appreciate Queen Margrethe for she unpretentious manner and also the closeness to she subjects. Birthday celebrations operation for an ext than a week.

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She plans come govern till she drops out of her slippers, the good-humored monarch freshly quipped in ~ a press conference. Inquiry whether period had the advantages, Queen Margrethe II replied: "The endure is various to before, as soon as you space young and doing whatever for the first time."

also if she no longer deserve to pursue her favourite sport, cross-country skiing, every little thing is otherwise ticking along well follow to the Queen.

and also now the much-adored king Margrethe II, Queen the Denmark, is turning 75 year of age - an event which is being celebrated with gusto throughout she native nation over much more than a week. "We in Denmark favor to memory a an excellent deal," she said.


The young Princess Margrethe together a student in 1960

On Wednesday the Queen celebrated with her topics in Aarhus through a carriage ride through the streets, where she waved to the adoring masses - and also enjoyed coffee and also cake at a birthday gala. Top top Thursday April 16, the job of her actual birthday, she will reap a household feast.

One of us

Margrethe doesn"t care too much for conventions. She gift herself together a populist monarch, and also is thought about to be one, too. She chain smokes - whether at dinner, in the concert hall or even in her retirement house while hooked approximately her asthma-station. No one appears to mind.

For main parades, Margrethe likes to wrap it s her in sweeping robes and brightly colored clothes, and keeps considerable hat collection.

Her sense for beauty, beauty has always been well defined, and also as a young girl she had actually keen understanding in painting and also archeology.

The young Princess Margrethe to be not constantly destined because that the throne. The critical time a mrs monarch had actually ruled Denmark was an ext than 500 year ago, and her dad King Frederick IX had actually to change the regulations of succession to the throne in the lack of a male heir. At the age of 13 it became clear to Margrethe that she to be destined to be Denmark"s next monarch.

The once-frivolous girl with an interest in music and also "nonsense" was quickly whisked off to the best universities of the human being to obtain a serious education in economics, history and law, consisting of stints at the Sorbonne and also Cambridge.


Queen Margrethe II, pictured in 1972, has endeared it s her to the Danish people

Margrethe, however, had actually a extensive sense of individual soul as a young mrs and additionally pursued her passions in art, literature, ballet, and philosophy. In enhancement to her mother tongue that Danish, she also speaks five other languages, consisting of German.

Royal artist with phase fright

at the age of 31 she ascended come the throne and also - although at first skeptical - the dance quickly adopted their young and joyous Queen. Margrethe has also remained true to she passions even as Head that State and continues to paint landscapes and other scenes. Under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer she illustrates books and also even design postage stamps.

The Queen also translates international literature right into Danish and also designs church vestments, costumes and stage outfits. Margrethe often shows up at state receptions put on her own creations.

Margrethe"s imaginative works are exhibited in museums at home and also abroad. She landscapes are frequently delicate and minimalist while meanwhile she creates opulent collages and also abstract paintings. The largest retrospective of Queen"s arts was displayed in 2012 at the renowned Arken Museum in Copenhagen, featuring part 130 watercolors - an tremendous honor because that a hobby artist.

Margrethe later explained how she suffered phase fright at the opened of the exhibition - a study abroad in she stomach which only appears when she presents she art, but never when she"s acting as Head that State. She stands up confidently come her critics - ~ all, she is a full time Queen. As a part-time painter, she views herself together a woman who have the right to speak her mind through color.


Aristocrat or artist? The Queen defies tradition

Even in ~ 75, Queen Margrethe refuses to offer up her eccentric lifestyle. She quiet rushes from meeting to meeting in vivid robes, laughs because that the camera and continues come smoke like a chimney. She stays an imposing figure in spite of age - after all, she stands 1.9 meter tall.

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Her marriage to Henri de Laborde de Monpezat has actually been going strong for almost five decades - and also unlike other royal dynasties, scandals in the Danish royal family are scarce. Margrethe remains a breath of fresh air - a good diva v a cordial allure. The coolest queen in the world.