The Premier League began in 1992 preceded by the First department of the Football league that was started in 1888. Now it holds the standing of the ideal football organization in the world. Even though the peak clubs in England don’t success the greatest European cup with same frequency as the top clubs in Spain, the Premier organization is still taken into consideration to contain the toughest compete overall. (Premier league was earlier sponsored by Barclays Bank, therefore the factor for that is previous main name Barclays Premier League.)

Premier organization logo


Basic facts

Founded: 1992 (1888)Country: England Organizer: The Football combination (FA)


Football league (1888-1992) Premier organization (1992-)

League records

Most championships: Manchester united (20, Football league is included) most played seasons: Everton (116, Football organization is included)


The lift of the Premier league was a bleak duration for English club football. The attendances were record low and also the league were notorious for hooligans. In the 1985-86, the organization started there is no a TV coverage due to the fact that the parts couldn"t agree top top a deal. In ~ this time, the greatest clubs in the country started discussions about launching a new independent league.

The facility of the Premier league meant a historical divide that the top-level department from the football League. The new league would certainly not be component of the soccer League, with legacies going earlier to the 1880s. Yet, the would continue to it is in a component of the league system – the worst put teams in the Premier organization would it is in relegated to the 2nd level and also the best placed teams would evil versa be supported from the second level to Premier League.

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New contracts to be made v television companies that interpreted the potential of the game’s popularity. Skies was offered the TV rights and they expanded the routine to five-hours sessions. The concept were extremely influenced by the American NFL broadcasting, features such together Monday Night Football was presented for the TV audience.

League system

Premier organization is due to the fact that the 1992-1993 season the top tier that the English football league system (before that division One had actually the same function). The following three tiers are included in the so-called English Football league (EFL). When complies with two extr tiers, which are part of the nationwide League. Review of the existing league mechanism in England is gift in table 1.

Table 1. English football tiers society Tier
Premier league 1
Championship 2
League One 3
League Two 4
National League 5
National organization North / South 6

Below National league North and National organization South complies with several various other tiers separated by regions.

Teams and also players

Teams with many titles

Statistics of all English clubs that have won the Premier League, concerning the period 1993-2020.

Table 2. Clubs and also Premier league titles ClubTitles
Manchester United13
Chelsea 5
Manchester City 4
Arsenal 3
Blackburn Rovers 1
Leicester City1
Liverpool 1

This is only based on the seasons after the league readjusted name, view Clubs and English Football league titles. If all seasons going earlier to the year 1888 would certainly be consisted of the list would certainly look different. Manchester united would still be on top with 20 titles, however Liverpool would come as the 2nd best through 18 titles.

Premier league winners year through year

All winners since very first season including gathered points every season by the winner.

Table 3. accumulation of clues by the win team Season Winner point out
2019-20 Liverpool 99
2018-19 Manchester City 98
2017-18 Manchester City 100
2016-17 Chelsea 93
2015-16 Leicester City 81
2014-15 Chelsea 87
2013-14 Manchester City 86
2012-13 Manchester United 89
2011-12 Manchester City 89
2010-11 Manchester United 80
2009-10 Chelsea 86
2008-09 Manchester United 90
2007-08 Manchester United 87
2006-07 Manchester United 89
2005-06 Chelsea 91
2004-05 Chelsea 95
2003-04 Arsenal 90
2002-03 Manchester United 83
2001-02 Arsenal 87
2000-01 Manchester United 80
1999-00 Manchester United 91
1998-99 Manchester United 79
1997-98 Arsenal 78
1996-97 Manchester United 75
1995-96 Manchester United 82
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers 89
1993-94 Manchester United 92
1992-93 Manchester United 84

The league is composed of 20 groups (except the three first seasons in i beg your pardon 22 groups were included), which meet each other two time (home and also away) per season; 380 games are played in total. Many points by a team in a season, 100 (2.6 every match), were gathered by Manchester City in the 2017-18 season.

Top goalscorers

Alan Shearer hold the record in the Premier organization with 440 goals from the year in Newcastle. Other notable top scorers are Andy Cole (187 goals), Wayne Rooney (187 goals), open minded Lampard (177 goals), Thierry Henry (175 goals), Robbie Fowler (163 goals) and also Michael Owen (150 goals). Extra impressive is Henry with many goals every match: 0,68.

Football organization titles

Statistics of all English clubs that have won the football League, including Premier League, with variety of titles and also the an initial winning season concerning the duration 1888-2020.

Table 4.

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Clubs and also League titles club Titles 1st title
Manchester United 20 1907-08
Liverpool 19 1900-01
Arsenal 13 1930-31
Everton 9 1890-91
Aston Villa 7 1893-94
Sunderland 6 1891-92
Manchester City 6 1936-37
Chelsea 6 1954-55
Sheffield Wednesday 4 1902-03
Newcastle 4 1904-05
Blackburn 3 1911-12
Huddersfield Town 3 1923-24
Wolverhampton 3 1953-54
Leeds United 3 1968-69
Preston north End 2 1888-89
Burnley 2 1920-21
Portsmouth 2 1948-49
Tottenham 2 1950-51
Derby 2 1971-72
Sheffield United 1 1897-98
West Bromwich 1 1919-20
Ipswich Town 1 1961-62
Nottingham Forest 1 1977-78
Leicester City 1 2015-16

In total, 24 clubs have actually been English organization champions. only one tier existed till the 1892-93 season, when division Two to be created. For the 1920-21 season the Third division was created and also when for the 1958-59 season the Fourth department was created. The division 1, 2 and also 3 was prior to the 2004-05 season renamed to The Championship, league 1 and League 2.