Ree Drummond, that is recognized by fans together "The Pioneer Woman," has lived fairly the attractive life. A chance meeting one night in a bar after university turned her life upside down, and her transformation over the years has been truly incredible.

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As story detailed, Drummond to be born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in January 1969. Though everybody knows her as "Ree," it transforms out that was a nickname she was given as a child. She was born ann Marie Smith and grew up through her orthopedic operated doctor father, homemaker mother, and also three brother (per The new Yorker). She was serious about ballet dancing throughout she childhood, and also her family members traveled often and spent many of time in ~ the local country club.

Drummond traveled commonly with she ballet competitions, and also that sparked a drive in her to reach because that something bigger than Bartlesville as an adult. She told civilization as a teen she feeling there to be "a big, substantial world out there beyond this." as she considered her life goals, she "wanted to be an actress. I had no idea what the meant, but I simply thought it sound fun."

Take a look at her transformation through the years.

Ree Drummond embraced college in California

The desire to spread her wings triggered Ree Drummond to head come California because that college, thorough People. She to visit the university of southerly California in Los Angeles, a ar she "inhaled" and "loved indigenous the second I arrived" (per USC News). "I would explain myself throughout that time as incredibly fun-loving and also not concentrated at all. I simply wanted non-stop activity when i was young," she explained.

Drummond initially focused on transfer journalism at USC, together she"d made decision she "wanted to be Jane Pauley," she told The new Yorker. She change to "a completely random major" of gerontology, and spent the two years after graduation working in Los Angeles. Drummond later made decision to pursue a legislation degree, and planned a relocate to Chicago. She went residence to Oklahoma because that a bit, v plans to begin preparing for the LSAT, and also then life took an unanticipated turn.

The USC graduate met up with friends in ~ a regional bar, and also there she met Ladd Drummond. As she spotted him drinking a beer, she detailed his "big and strong" hands and apparently couldn"t resist, a Pioneer mrs blog article shared. They were chatting v one another just minute later and she expected to hear from that the following day. The didn"t speak to right away, though, and also she ongoing to emphasis on moving to Chicago. 4 months later, he called, and it took just two mainly of dating for him to tell she he love her.

Despite your vastly various lifestyles, Ree Drummond stuck with her cowboy, believing she "had lastly met mine match," she called The day-to-day Mail. "It took all of five secs for his quiet manner to rotate me as soon as we an initial met," she detailed. "In the quick time I had actually been v him, I might see how complementary our distinctions were." soon she prospered to love his quiet lifestyle.

"When he asked me to marry him ns stood frozen, mine mind racing, do the efforts to figure out what it would certainly mean," Drummond admitted. She wasn"t sure around what she day-to-day life would be, but she establish she"d "found love in the arms of a cowboy." She even taken into consideration running once after one embarrassing steed incident, crying she didn"t "want to it is in doing this for the rest of mine life." She knew she didn"t typical that, therefore she pushed herself to "toughen up and also face things."

On September 21, 1996, the couple got married and went come Australia for a honeymoon. She created in The day-to-day Mail, "His wedding existing to me wasn"t a diamond, a yellow bracelet or also a blender. It was a diesel-fuelled lawn mower," however the gift didn"t scare her away. The two had "decided to take the "let nature take its course" technique to family members planning when we bound the knot," she noted, and also she got pregnant throughout their honeymoon. The couple"s first daughter, Alex, to be born in 1997.

Ree Drummond struggled to change to life on a livestock ranch in the little town the Pawhuska, Oklahoma (per USC News). "It to be jarring. I"m living out in the center of nowhere, no grocery save down the street. There were cows in mine yard and also mud to be everywhere," she acknowledged. Drummond changed and lugged on, and a brand-new venture began 10 year after her wedding.

At the point, the household had increased to include Paige, Bryce, and also Todd too. At some point in 2006, Drummond"s husband said he was taking the youngsters with that to work-related cattle. "He said, "You remain home and also take time because that yourself,"" she told The new Yorker. "It to be literally the very first time I had been alone in the home for a several-hour period." She chose to beginning "one the those blog things," using the nickname "The Pioneer Woman" the she"d earned indigenous friends year prior (per People).

"I think she just had actually all that imagination bottled increase of 10 years of living out right here with not a lot of extra adult conversation," she husband, Ladd Drummond, told People. "Being a mom and also wife is really fulfilling but she obviously has a many of creative talent and it required an outlet."

Initially, Drummond blogged come share updates with her mom across the country and relay various mommy musings. The following year she was given a "Best Kept secret Award" in ~ the "Bloggies" award show.

Ree Drummond increased her blog to encompass photography and cooking tutorials, and as she reluctantly admitted come The brand-new Yorker, she 2010 website revenue was "solidly one million" dollars. As her popular grew, she started landing publication deals and also appeared top top Bobby Flay"s "Throwdown!" because that his 2010 Thanksgiving battle. It was filmed top top Drummond"s ranch and she common via her Pioneer mrs blog that was fairly the experience.

"I began out by warning Bobby the if that wound up winning, he had actually to eight wrestle Marlboro Man. I can"t psychic if he laughed or not," she quipped. She included she knew she would shed to Flay, yet "I just wanted Bobby Flay to involved the ranch and cook for me and I figured this was probably the only method that would happen. Come what degree I would certainly go under in flames was the just question in mine mind."

"Throwdown!" wasn"t Drummond"s solitary Food Network experience, as she released her own food preparation show in 2011 (per Knox News). "The Pioneer Woman" quickly came to be a hit, yet Drummond took part time come get adjusted to the new level of fame and fortune. "I don"t look at myself as a Food Network star. Ns look at myself together someone that is just doing a small Food Network show. I"m one of two people in denial, or I simply don"t see how this will readjust much in regards to our day-to-day life," she admitted.

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The display definitely adjusted Ree Drummond"s life, though, with much more books, the creation of The Mercantile close to her home, and other opportunities arising, detailed Biography. Some major personal family advancements came together well. In November 2020, Drummond revealed on she Pioneer mrs blog they had actually a foster son, Jamar. "Fostering a kid was never something Ladd and I sought or felt called to do, yet Jamar"s circumstances presented themselves to us in a way we couldn"t ignore–so, long story short, all 6 foot five inches that him confirmed up in ~ our house one afternoon, bag in hand, all set to relocate in," she explained. He began calling she "Mama Ree," and also she described him as her "bonus son."

In addition, in may 2021, Drummond"s earliest daughter Alex gained married to Mauricio Scott in a stunning ranch wedding, i beg your pardon fans deserve to see on Food Network in late June. ~ above a much more frightening note, Drummond"s husband and also nephew to be seriously hurt in march 2021 in a tractor accident. Every in all, Drummond believes her life "has been so fun for me, because you never can orchestrate something choose this. Everything"s been a surprise, and also that has allowed me to really enjoy it," she said USC News. "The nation has really centered me. I discovered myself in the country. I"m not certain if I ever really knew myself prior to I relocated to the center of nowhere, i beg your pardon is sort of the irony in the whole thing," Drummond revealed.