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Annie Live! is sure to be a must-watch holiday event for the entirety family, bringing the classic Broadway hit to life like never before. The NBC distinct featuring freshman Celina Smith together the titular orphan has released the complete official actors for the anticipated live production.

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The star-studded lineup has Harry Connick Jr. As Daddy Warbucks, Taraji P. Henson as miss out on Hannigan, Nicole Scherzinger together Grace, and also Tituss burgess as Rooster, v Megan Hilty as Lily St. Regis after ~ the originally cast Jane Krakowski tested confident for a breakthrough situation of COVID-19.

President Roosevelt will certainly be played by actor/activist and real-life polio survivor Alan Toy, the first actor through paralysis to ever before play the role. Playing Annie’s orphan friends space Felice Kakaletris as Molly, Cate Elefante together Kate, Sophie Knapp together July, Tessa Frascogna together Tessie, Arwen Monzon-Sanders as Duffy, and also Audrey Cymone together Pepper.

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Alan Toy join NBC"s "Annie Live!" as President Franklin D. Roosevelt

"West Wing" alum Alan Toy makes history as the very first polio survivor come portray F.D.R. In NBC"s live musical.

Rounding out the production’s ensemble space Wendi Bergamini, Jadaya Bivins, Brittany Conigatti, Ben Davis, Zachary Downer, Karla Garcia, Kayla Goins, Luke Hawkins, Christopher Hernandez, Afra Hines, Trinity Inay, Jeff Kready, McKenzie Kurtz, Jenny LaRoche, Brandt Martinez, Morgan Marcell, Liz McCartney, Anastacia McCleskey, Giana Rice, Eliseo Roman, Lily Tamburo, Sherrod Tate, Kennedy Thompson, Tanairi Vazquez, Jacob Keith Watson, Alex Wong, and also Corde Young.

Scroll with the gallery listed below to view all the famous deals with who’ve carried the legendary musical come life end the years and how they stack up versus the brand-new live cast!

Annie Live!, Premiere, Thursday, December 2, 8/7c, NBC


Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Aileen Quinn together Annie (Annie, 1982)

The movie musical offered as Quinn’s breakout role. Quinn last appeared in the Will & Grace renewal in 2020.


The young actress, who obtained a ideal Actress Oscar nomination in 2013 at just nine year old because that her role in Beasts that the southern Wild, took on the role of Annie one year later on in the 2014 remake.


The 12-year-old breakout star to win out countless young hopefuls for the lea function in the recent NBC live musical.

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Before passing away in 2019 in ~ the period of 82, Finney showed up in number of television shows and movies throughout his decades-long career, including Erin Brockovich and, many recently, the James Bond film Skyfall.