A picture of a Galapagos tortoise is doing the rounds on society media through the false case that that is Jonathan the tortoise – the oldest living pet on the planet today.

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Screengrab that the social media short article claiming a Galapagos tortoise in ~ the Taronga Western plains Zoo in Australia together Jonathan the tortoise.
He has actually lived v two world wars, the Russian Revolution, seven emperors on the brothers throne and 39 United states presidents. He has seen them all in his lifetime. The is Jonathan the turtle the oldest living pet on the world today.

Now, multiple facebook users have actually posted the snapshot of a big tortoise, claiming the this is Jonathan, i beg your pardon will rotate 190 following year. “Born in 1832, Jonathan the turtle is supposed to turn 190 in 2022. This makes him the oldest well-known land pet alive,” reads the text superimposed top top the picture.


India today Anti Fake News war Room (AFWA) has found that the 189-year-old Jonathan, a Seychelles tortoise living on St Helena island on southern Atlantic ocean is without doubt the world’s oldest animal alive. But the tortoise watched in the viral article is no Jonathan. The is a Galapagos tortoise in ~ the Taronga Western levels Zoo in Australia.

The archived version of the post is saved here.

What AFWA found

Using reverse picture search, we uncovered the viral photo on the Instagram account the Taronga Zoo, posted on April 30, 2014.

The Instagram short article reads, “Taronga Western plains Zoo has continued its Galapagos Tortoise reproduction success, welcome two brand-new hatchlings! The hatchlings will certainly take 20-25 years to reach their full size and may live approximately 150 years! Our photograph shows the small pair alongside three-year-old hatchling, NJ and also one of our adult males.”


International fact-check website “Check her Fact” has spoken to a Taronga Zoo spokesperson who confirmed that the viral photo is that a “male turtle in his fifties”.

Jonathan the tortoise

According come Guinness world Records, Jonathan, the 189-year-old tortoise is the oldest pet on earth. As per records, he was born in 1832, five years prior to the coronation that Queen Victoria.

Although the tortoise is originally from Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, it has actually been residents on the remote island the St. Helena in the southern Atlantic since 1882.

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Therefore, the is true that Jonathan, the oldest animal, will revolve 190 next year, however the turtle in the viral post is no him.