Throughout modern-day history, there have actually been countless cats that have lived numerous years. They have been cherished family members who their families have love for countless years. In translate in this list, we embraced the owner’s word as reported in the media for the age of your beloved animal.

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#10. Oldest Cat Ever: Rubble – 31 Years

Rubble passed over the rainbow bridge shortly after friends and also family held a 30th birthday party because that the Maine Coon. His vet threw the party that consisted of a complimentary checkup and some the his favorite cat food. Rubble resided in Exeter, Devon, England, with his owner Michelle Foster. She got him together a birthday present when he turned 20. That lived v three various other cats that were Persians. His owner stated that he came to be a small grumpy when he acquired older.

Rubble to be a main Coon cat, choose this Maine Coon relaxing under a tree on environment-friendly grass.

#9. Oldest Cat Ever: Tiger – 31 Years

Tiger to be a ginger tabby who belonged to Robert Goldstein of spring Grove, Illinois. Tabby loved to sit on peak of his owner’s car. She would likewise only drink water indigenous the bathtub. Tiger’s nickname was Lincoln because he was about the same shade as a penny. Tiger’s continuous companion was a pit bull who Tiger would slap in the head through his paw to save him in line.

#8. Earliest Cat Ever: Sasha – 31 Years

There is no doubt the Sasha, who resided in Newtownabbey, Ireland, did not have simple life. Her owner, Beth O’Neill, uncovered her in a stable around to it is in mauled by a Jack Russel terrier. She took she to the vet, who estimated her period at five. At the point, Sasha already had a dent in her left side wherein she had actually either to be hit by a vehicle or kicked. Beth take it her house to live v her and also her daughter. Beth states that she lived with her yet would regularly disappear because that days together she went on roaming adventures till she gained too exhausted to climb the fence. Then, she would frequently lay in the garden sunning herself.

#7. Earliest Cat Ever: Plucky sarah – 31 Years

Plucky sarah was exit by her previous owners in 2002, yet she came throughout the room to live v the Fords. Mrs. Ford as soon as ran over her through her car, yet the vet put the cat earlier together again. Sarah, a nondescript cat, to be spoiled by the Fords, who say they seldom leave home because they worry that sarah will acquire in trouble. They additionally ran the heat pump every day and also night at your Christchurch, new Zealand, home since Plucky Sarah had trouble staying warm.

#6. Oldest Cat Ever: Grandma Wad – 34 Years

The Wanna family uncovered Grandma Wad together a kitten living in prior of their grandmother’s house. The daughter that took care of the cat was simply 3 years old. Grandma Wad stayed in a house on a fruit orchard in Thailand. She only provided birth to one litter throughout her life. She gave birth to four kittens, but she regulated to outlive them all. Towards the end of her life, the Wichien Maat cat was attacked by dogs twice, which left her having problems getting around.

#5. Earliest Cat Ever: Granpa Rexs Allen – 34 year 2 Months

Granpa Rexs Allen was adopted from the Humane society of Travis ar (Texas) by Jake Perry ~ above January 16, 1970. Later on that year, he received a phone contact from madame Sulinaberg, who asserted that it was she animal. Perry finished up maintaining the cat, and also Madame Sulinaberg provided him the pedigree files showing he to be born on February 1, 1964. Sulinaberg says he got away because someone left the display screen door open as soon as she to be away.

The worldwide Cat association made Granpa Rexs Allen a grandmaster, the greatest award given to a household cat after ~ Perry started mirroring him. This cat, that was a Sphynx and Devon Rex cross, reportedly loved broccoli, which he would regularly eat because that breakfast.

A Beautiful Devon Rex cat laying on soft blanket. Granpa Rexs Allen to be a Devon Rex and also Sphynx cross, looking almost like this cat.

#4. Earliest Cat Ever: Ma – 34 year 5 Months

The female tabby called Ma was possibly the luckiest pet alive. She lived v Alice St George Moore that Drewsteignton, England. Ma got recorded in a gin trap as soon as she was a kitten and barely survived the accident. Yet, she to be rescued by the classic musician and her husband, who was additionally a musician. The accident resulted in special difficulties for the feline, so she live on meat indigenous the local butcher. Once asked what they added their cat’s longevity to, Mrs. Moore responded the fresh meat and the relaxed setting in their home. Ma had to be placed to sleep top top November 5, 1957.

#3. Oldest Cat Ever: Puss – 36 years 1 Day

Not lot is known around Puss, who was reportedly born top top November 28, 1903, in Devon, England. This masculine tabby happen on November 29, 1934, sooner or later after his 36th birthday.

#2. Earliest Cat Ever: infant – 38 Years

The second oldest cat ever was a black domestic housecat called Baby, who lived through Al Palusky and also his mother, Mabel, in Duluth, Minnesota. He had actually never left the home where he was born till he to be 28 years old. As soon as Al married, his new wife insisted the the cat-clawed furniture it is in replaced and Baby be declawed. The was the first time that the cat had seen a veterinarian. The animal did not choose children, so as soon as they come over, the hid behind furniture. Al contributes the cat’s longevity to the exercise he gets every time he supplies his litter box or wants to eat. His food bowl and litter crate are maintained in the basement, which needs the cat to climb up and also down 14 procedures each time he wants to use it.

The 2nd oldest cat, Baby, to be a black color cat like this one lie on a sofa.

#1. Oldest Cat Ever: Cream Puff – 38 years 3 Days

Granpa Rexs Allen’s owner likewise owned the earliest cat ever, which he called Cream Puff. Born august 3, 1967 and died august 6, 2005 in ~ 30 years and also 3 job old. This cat began her day through bacon and also eggs, asparagus, broccoli, and coffee with hefty cream each morning. Then, every various other day, she gained an eyedropper of red wine to enjoy. She owner was so cursed to his pets that he even had wooden stairs developed into the wall surfaces of his residence so the the cats might have a location to rest.

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There is much conflict over the oldest cat that ever lived. Since many people do no take their cat to the vet regularly, veterinary records, as compelled by the Guinness publication of people Records throughout the cat’s life, are regularly not a trustworthy source.