Game the Thrones take it the White Walkers and also the Night King come Winterfell because that a significant battle. Us look at the Night King's origin.

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By Marc Buxton | April 29, 2019 | | comment count:0

also after recent occasions on the show, the finishing of Game of Thrones season 7 is tho pretty badass, right? The Night King, a gift of immence power and also malevolence has taken negative Valerion and turned the cream fancy dragon into a blue-eyed devil. And this frosty flyer lugged down Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. The only harbor for the Night’s clock lies in ruins and the army of the dead marches towards Winterfell. That is a grim cliffhanger, with the Night King all however cackling together he rides off right into the horizon.

And that was one of those rarely moments that made both book and TV pan poop their pants, mainly since this leader the the White Walkers there is no even appeared in the novels as of yet, but he is currently embracing his destiny together the many chilling fiend top top television. Yet whereby did this man come from, exactly?

A track of Ice and Fire’s Night’s King

The very first time Game of Thrones fans observed this being was in season 4 as it rotate a Wildling baby right into a White walker (or White Crawler?). While never encountered in the books, this fearsome adversary has to be alluded to there together well, often under the nom de guerre of the Night’s King. To be clear, his literary origin and backstory are likely quite various from what is occurring on Game the Thrones since season 6 revealed him being cursed by the kids of the Forest. However, there is likely still some basis in his evil from Martin’s original vision that his icy touch, which native the bits and pieces reduce in the novels, it shows up the Night’s King stayed in the Westerosi period of Heroes. To provide you an idea of how long ago this was, the Night’s King resided in the duration just ~ the wall surface was completed, about eight thousands years before the occasions of A video game of Thrones. The Night’s King was additionally the 13th mr Commander of the Night’s Watch.

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Think about that: ol’ ice horns was the 13th lord Commander, and Jon snow is the 998th!

As legend has actually it, when the lord Commander ventured past the Wall, the met a beautiful woman v white skin who touch can freeze the living. She was additionally said to have eyes “like blue stars.”