Jonathan Goldsmith talks around Dos Equis" decision to finish the campaign, and also the legacy of his top character.

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All that"s on Jonathan Goldsmith"s mental right currently is the snow.

"It"s claimed to go all night," he says. "It"s gorgeous. It"s beautiful."

The actor, famously well-known as Dos Equis" original "Most interesting Man in the World," is enjoy it life in Vermont through his wife, Barbara. Goldsmith embodied the character—known for his remarkable, frequently impossible exploits—for virtually nine years, inspiring plenty of memes and also putting increase numbers because that the brand follow me the way. In 2016, Dos Equis changed Goldsmith with the French actor Augustin Legrand, together a younger, but supposedly equally interesting version the "the man." the didn"t take.

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AdAge report Wednesday the sales the Dos Equis have slumped and the brand is retiring the character—and Legrand through it. It seems the fans decided there could only be one "Most amazing Man."

As because that Goldsmith, who acted opposite men like Clint Eastwood and Burt Lancaster decades prior to his stint v Dos Equis, he"s relocated on from slinging beer. The actor now works with an award-winning tequila and mezcal brand, Astral, and also seems prefer he couldn"t be happier. talked to the previous M.I.M.I.T.W. To uncover out what taken place with Dos Equis, his think on his replacement, and what comes next.


Goldsmith in ~ a book signing in 2017.
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He to be sad to check out the campaign come come a close.

It brought ago a lot of memories; I had actually such a an excellent time. I"m sorry that it didn’t proceed on, yet it wasn’t the actor’s fault. He was a charming fellow. I think once they readjusted it, they shed some of the gravitas the had accumulated for nine years. Also, the creative team to be different, and well, it took a various turn, shall we say.

Goldsmith never met Legrand, yet wishes the well.

An intermediary wanted to arrange a meeting, however I didn’t see any type of reason to do that. I hear he’s a exorbitant fellow, a gracious guy. Ns hope the the exact same wonderful methods open approximately him that have opened approximately me v this campaign.

He didn"t desire to leave the character he created.

I to be told that i was the most meme’d human in the world! We had heard rumors the they wanted to go younger for a year or two, so that was no a surprise to me. However I thought, if the campaign was for this reason successful, double-digit growth every year for ripe years, why no wait and change later? ns was sorry the they go that. I know that every things come to an end, but I assumed the timing of it was ill-advised, and apparently the was. One door closes, ten open.

"I believed the time of it was ill-advised, and also apparently the was."

These days, tequila and also mezcal room his passion.

I choose tequila straight, top top the rocks, v a small chunk the lime. The ideal Bloody mar I"ve ever before had is v mezcal. Do shot it. It will perform wonderful points for you. I provided to drink part tequila, and I never really favored it because it was prefer sugar water to me, but the nice thing about is it has body; you can really taste the richness.

And the still drink Dos Equis.

I have an affection because that Dos Equis—I have actually a long relationship v them, so as soon as it’s hot, and also I reach for a beer, sure. And also Heineken was always a beer that ns enjoyed. Ns drink them both.

His just regret seems to it is in Donald Trump.

I feel very bad. The Mexican human being are several of the most charming, lovely world I"ve ever met. I"ve done a the majority of apologizing, i feel terrible about it—it"s sad and it"s a shame. It"s time because that bridges, not walls. No separation. You know, we"re every on this planet for a brief time. Why no make the beautiful because that everyone, in every method you can?

And he has one last message for readers.

To it is in interesting, you need to be interested. Broaden your horizons, step out of her comfort zone. Life is choose a parade the most people watch, and I think very few people gain in and participate. Partake in your own journey. And additionally give back! The more you give, the an ext you acquire back. And the better you feel.

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