For many Americans, it’s not the holiday season without the Hershey’s Kiss Christmas commercial, but this year it looks a little different.

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Capital One’s Christmas ad isn’t the only one that’s caused confusion for viewers this year together Hershey’s made decision to readjust their advert after 30 years of The Kisses.

Much like the Coca Cola van, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey, Christmas doesn’t feeling officially began until you view the Hershey’s Kiss Christmas commercial.

In previous years, the advertisement featured Hershey’s Kisses in a tree shape playing us Wish friend A funny Christmas. This year however, it starts in the classic way, prior to a young girl picks up one of the chocolates and uses that to roasted cookies v her dad. This is complied with by an computer animation of the Hershey’s Kisses which appear next to message reading: “Heart-warming the holidays”.

The standard Hershey’s advertisement has to be running due to the fact that 1989 and is the that company longest to run one. Since it very first aired, it has actually never readjusted apart from a 2016 upgrade which included high-definition graphics and also a slight change to the tagline.

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See the Hershey’s Kiss Christmas advertisement here:


Will the old advert quiet air?

If you favor the classic advertisement over the updated one, then you’re in luck together both the old and brand-new versions will certainly air over Christmas.

In a explain Hershey’s said:

“We do the decision to make a slight upgrade to the initial that kept the opened holiday melodies and also incorporated an additional holiday tradition, baking — melding together these 2 time-honored traditions. From play the bells come baking peanut butter blossoms, the Hershey’s Kisses that have stood the check of time.”

“For viewers that love our original – don’t worry, fine be to run both vacation ads this season,” Hershey’s continued. “Keep your eyes peeled for our classic and iconic Bells spot and also the newest ‘Bells come Blossoms."”

Jog her memory of the old advert:


Reactions to the Hershey’s Kiss Christmas commercial

Some viewers to be left disappointed by the modern update ~ above the standard version of the the Hersheys Kisses commercial: