Bryon Noem came to be the an initial First Gentleman of south Dakota on January 5, 2019, when his wife, Kristi Noem, was sworn in as the 33rd of southern Dakota.

Bryon flourished up on a farm near Bryant, south Dakota – the place where his love for little towns began. He graduated from northern State University v a level in businessand finance. ~ college, he functioned on the family members farm, coached basketball, and eventually moved into the human being of insurance.

Bryon often says the best decision he ever before made was marrying Kristi Arnold – a girl native his high college who simply wanted to become a farmer and rancher. Together, they have actually operated a farm and ranch, opened an ice cream shop, helped control a family restaurant, and also pursued many other company ventures. Their greatest accomplishment, though, has actually been elevating their 3 children: Kassidy (who recently married Kyle), Kennedy, and also Booker. Bryon proceeds to operate an insurance company in Bryant and also Watertown and also coaches basketball (Go Chargers!).

As an initial Gentleman, Bryon is functioning to phone call the story of tiny town southern Dakota and also celebrate the hidden gems discovered throughout the state. His enthusiasm is people; his mission is to to mark the people and also places of tiny town southern Dakota.

To learn an ext about Bryon"s work as an initial Gentleman, visit his on facebook page.

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More native Bryon

Why room you focusing on little town southern Dakota? i am proud to it is in from rural south Dakota. It"s whereby I learned the worths of hard work and also self-reliance, wherein Kristi and also I made decision to raise ours kids, whereby we began an insurance business and also hunting lodge, and where my family has farmed and ranched because that a century. Yet many little towns like ours space struggling today. Course sizes space dropping. Enterprise can’t afford to continue to be open. And fewer youngsters are coming home to farm yard or ranch. While south Dakota has actually grown by more than 100,000 people because 2000, rural populations have decreased. See our larger areas flourish is exciting, but I desire to make certain we don’t lose South Dakota’s rural society either. I want to remind human being that these are few of the best places come raise a household or begin a business. I desire to show that our method of life right here is precious celebrating and also promoting. I desire to listen to peoples’ stories and learn from your experiences, then share them with others.

What will certainly you it is in doing? I want to to mark the good things that space happening in our smaller communities and also listen to world tell stories around their hometowns. In our world today, ns think we’ve gotten away from just listening. I desire to carry that back. Even if it is it’s hearing the story of a veteran over morning coffee in a café… shoot hoops with the mayor and hearing around the an excellent and hard times a town has gone through… eating ice cream cream and learning around the heritage of a community… our hometowns have actually stories come tell and I desire everyone in south Dakota come hear them.

What influenced this initiative? In the last ten year or so, Kristi and I have actually been able to satisfy so plenty of incredible people throughout South Dakota. It’s easy to think the grass is always greener what else, however when the comes down to it, ns truly think that the human being of south Dakota are the many kind, genuine world you’ll ever meet. And every person, every neighborhood has a story. I want civilization here come learn an ext about their own state, and I want civilization outside to find out how great South Dakota is. It’s my mission to uncover some of these hidden gems and also celebrate the significant value our little towns carry to our state.

southern Dakota"s an initial Gentleman Bryon Noem

Hey Everyone!

I’m Bryon Noem. Previously this year, I ended up being South Dakota’s very first First Gentleman when my wife, Kristi, to be sworn in as the 33rd of ours state. I’ve been proud to stand beside her together she’s tackled some big issues and also worked difficult to make southern Dakota more powerful for the next generation.

I’m privileged to play a role in this effort, too. As an initial Gentleman, mine mission is fairly simple: I want to celebrate southern Dakota and also all the points that do it special. I want to remind world of the hidden gems in our little towns – the places off the to win path.

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These hometowns space the heartbeat of our state, and also I desire to to mark them. I desire to remind human being that these are few of the finest places come raise a household or to begin a business.