The energetic character to be played by no one but two actresses throughout the run of the show from 2004 glossesweb.comme 2014

REMEMBER Lazy Town’s pink-haired star Stephanie? She’s all grown up and looks extremely different.

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The energetic personality was actually played by no one however two actresses during the operation of the present from 2004 to 2014, yet the very first star is now 27.

personalities Sportacus, play by Magnus Scheving, and Stephanie as soon as Julianna climbed Mauriello was in the role when the display launchedCredit: publicity - Getty

The display featured eight-year-old Stephanie who moved to Lazy city to live with her uncle, mayor Meanswell.

In the programme, she made it she mission to help the residents live a more active lifestyle, with the help of superhero Sportacus.

Older fans will certainly recall Stephanie to be played in season one and two by Julianna rose Mauriello.

She left the present when she out-grew the duty and hasn’t done anymore exhilaration since, instead focusing full-time on she studies.


larger fans will certainly recall Stephanie was played in season one and also two through Julianna increased Mauriello, who hasn't done any kind of acting due to the fact that Lazy TownCredit: Rex Features

Julianna qualified together an work-related therapist and also said on Instagram she was starting to use for jobs.

Meanwhile Chloe Lang play the function between 2013 and 2014, and had to endure a batch the auditions in brand-new York glossesweb.comme land the glossesweb.commponent of Stephanie.

She join in season three and was retained on for season 4 as well, which to be the show’s final series.

Chloe is now 16 and also still doing exhilaration for a career, having actually starred in a TV display called Brooke & Carly in the duty of Jasmine in 2016, and a quick film called The fifth Borough as the personality Skylar in 2017.

She is also a singer, and also last December released a video for a track she wrote dubbed Party under the Road.



Viewers will certainly remember that glossesweb.comuntless of her activities were thwarted by Lazy city villain Robbie Rotten, who wanted to live a slow-moving lifestyle.

Actor Stefan karl Stefansson played the top character, and also fans were ravaged this mainly to find out that the star has actually terminal cancer.

He to be diagnosed through pancreatic cancer in 2016 and later had actually surgery on his liver.

Writing top top Twitter, 42-year-old Stefan pleaded through his pendant to live their lives to the full.

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Lazy city was an Icelandic musical children’s display that was glossesweb.commmissioned by Nickelodeon in 2003.


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