Charo is a Spanish-born singer, musician and also actress ideal known for she sassiness, sexy outfits and also signature phrase during the 1970s, "Cuchi-cuchi."

Who Is Charo?

Charo began her career together a musician, singer and dancer. She arised as a star in America in the 1970s via appearances ~ above Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, The Carol Burnett Show, The Hollywood Squares, The tonight Show and also The Love Boat. In the 1980s she scaled ago her job to focus on her family. The next couple of decades saw her release number of albums featuring her singing and guitar skills, along with a return to TV on shows like The Surreal Life and Dancing v the Stars.

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Early Life and Career

Charo was born Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza ~ above January 15, 1951 (though some resources report that she to be born on march 13, 1941), in Murcia, Spain.

Charo started out together a major musician. Together a child, she studied classic guitar and was mentored by among that field's an excellent performers, Andres Segovia. As a teenager, she was uncovered by Latin bandleader and also "Rumba King" Xavier Cugat, and she shortly joined his orchestra as a singer and also dancer. Despite a an ext than 40-year period difference, Charo and also Cugat wed in 1966.

TV Star: 'Ed Sullivan' come 'Chico and the Man' and also 'The Love Boat'

Charo showed up with Cugat and alone on The Ed Sullivan Show number of times in the so late 1960s. In las Vegas, she originally performed v her husband and later occurred her own popular nightclub act. 

After making she film debut in Tiger through the Tail (1968), through Tippi Hedren, Charo began to an episode on her own through guest appearances ~ above such reflects as Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, The Carol Burnett Show and also The Hollywood Squares. She was likewise a regular guest on The Tonight present with Johnny Carson. 

Although she to be a versatile performer, Charo came to be best known for her bubbly personality and bombshell looks. She can often be heard uttering her famed catchphrase, "Cuchi-cuchi," i beg your pardon was typically accompanied through a wiggle the the hips. The expression came from a childhood pet, a dog called Cuchillo.




close to the finish of the decade, Charo seemed to it is in everywhere. Top top television, she had actually her very own special in 1976 and appeared ~ above the comedy Chico and also the Man, v comedian Freddie Prinze, for a season. She walk on to a recurring function on The Love Boat that stretched for several years.

Along with her acting, Charo released several records, consisting of La Salsa (1976) and Dance a little Bit Closer (1978).

Later Albums and also TV Career

Charo went back to performing and to she beloved guitar for 1994's Guitar Passion, i m sorry did fine on the Latin charts. She likewise attracted a brand-new generation the fans through the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life. And also while she remained famous for her humorous phase persona, she was likewise taken an ext seriously together a serious performer, receiving optimistic reviews for she album Charo and Guitar (2005).

Following years of scattered TV appearances, Charo in 2017 was called a contestant on the 24th season that Dancing through the Stars. That year she additionally appeared in the farcical Sharknado 5: an international Swarming, as the queen the England.

Personal Life

Charo divorced Cugat in 1978 and also married Kjell Rasten that exact same year. Not lengthy after the birth of their son, Shel Joseph, in 1982, they moved to the Hawaiian island that Kauai. Concentrated on her family, she greatly performed locally and also owned a restaurant aptly called Charo's.

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In February 2019, Rasten passed away after apparently shooting self at their Beverly Hills home. Charo revealed that her husband had actually been battling depression together a side result of medicines taken for a rarely skin disease.

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