The project and also some preliminary outcomes were presented at a conference at the college last week: when in numerous instances, some scrolls might be much more ancient than previously thought.

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A fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls the underwent genetic sampling to shed light ~ above the 2,000-year-old biblical trove is displayed to Reuters in ~ the Israel Antiquities authority (IAA) laboratory in Jerusalem June 2, 2020.
A new project combine carbon-14 dating and also digital paleography can soon resolve the riddle of the age of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The initiative,carried outat the college of Groningen in the Netherlands, clues the an initial time in decades that a significant number the Dead Sea Scrolls pieces have gone through radiocarbon dating.
The scholars space still functioning on publishing their findings in an academic journal, but the project and also some preliminary results were presented at a conference in ~ the college last week.
In plenty of instances, the new model shown the evaluate of previously researchers that some scrolls can be an ext ancient than formerly thought.
TheDead Sea Scrollsare a body of some 25,000 pieces unearthed in caves top top the shores that the Dead Sea in the 1940s and 1950s. The artefacts include some of the most ancient manuscripts the the Bible, other religious texts that were not embraced in the canon and nonreligious writings.
Carbon-14, or radiocarbon, dating is a technique of age determination that counts upon the decay to nitrogen the radiocarbon (carbon-14).
Because the the destructive nature that the analysis, which needs sacrificing a sliver the the parchment, the Antiquities government (IAA) has been an extremely hesitant to allow this kind of research. The IAA is tasked with keeping the fragments.
Over the past few years, significant technological breakthroughs have considerably reduced the affect of particular kinds of evaluation on the physical preservations the the scrolls. Together a result, the IAA, who mission is to uncover the ideal balance between new research and the conservation of the scrolls because that posterity, has permitted scholars to perform brand-new work.
Some 30 scrolls have actually been based on the university of Groningen’s project. The results of 25 that them have actually been offered to train a specific algorithm delivering out the paleographic analysis of the collection.
Paleography is the research of ancient or antiquated writings and also inscriptions. In the case of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it has been critical to day the artifacts, which follow to most scholars, date between the third century BCE and the an initial century CE.
“When it pertains to dating the manuscripts, over there is the difficulty that for many of the period, we have no internally date manuscripts, and also the few that us have day from the external ends the the timescale,” Prof. Mladen Popović, the head the Groningen’s Qumran Institute and the leader of the project, said at the conference.
During the food of their research, the scholars found that few of the manuscripts lock had already considered were more ancient than formerly thought. The advancement might have major implications because that the field.

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They likewise realized that the scribal practices arisen in a less-standardized and also consistent way than earlier experts had actually envisioned.
“With to the to dating the manuscripts, the data native our model shows that there was no a nice consistent progression and breakthrough of characters, yet rather that sometimes there to be a many of advancement and occasionally not so much,” Popović said. “The personalities were not occurring in a direct homogeneous manner throughout these periods.”
“Our paleographers will say the they can date Dead Sea Scrolls v a precision that 25 to 50 years’ date range, and is yet to substantiate their model,” he said. “Pending new data in the future, we dare say the we have a version that functions consistently and is may be to date manuscripts through an empirically based precision that was not possible before. This is a large advance for the field.”

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