23 Coaches Table consistent Season Playoffs Rk Coach From come Yrs G W l W/L% W > .500 Plyfs G W together W/L% Conf Champ 1234567891011121314151617181920 continuous Season Playoffs Rk Coach From to Yrs G W l W/L% W > .500 Plyfs G W together W/L% Conf Champ 212223
Stan Albeck198019801823745.451-4.0
John Beilein202020201541440.259-13.0
J.B. Bickerstaff202020223832756.325-14.5
David Blatt2015201621238340.67521.5120146.70010
Mike Brown200620146492305187.62059.05714229.59210
Chuck Daly19821982141932.220-11.5
Don Delaney19811982226719.269-6.0
Larry Drew201920191761957.250-19.0
Bill Fitch197119799738304434.412-65.0318711.38900
Mike Fratello199419996460248212.53918.0414212.14300
George Karl1985198621496188.409-13.51413.25000
Bob Kloppenburg198219821303.000-1.5
Gene Littles19861986115411.267-3.5
John Lucas2002200321243787.298-25.0
Tyronn Lue20162019421112883.60722.53614120.67231
Brendan Malone20052005118810.444-1.0
Bill Musselman198119822942767.287-20.0
Tom Nissalke19831984216451113.311-31.0
Byron Scott20112013323064166.278-51.0
Paul Silas2004200521466977.473-4.0
Keith Smart20032003140931.225-11.0
Lenny Wilkens198719937574316258.55129.05411823.43900
Randy Wittman20002001216462102.378-20.0

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