The Cleveland Cavaliersplayed their very first game in 1970, a new expansion team who name come from a vain that likewise included “Foresters” and “Presidents” as finalists. Castle hired effective college coach invoice Fitch, who led them come a 15-67 document that secured the Cavs the No. 1 all at once pick the following year, i beg your pardon they offered on Austin Carr.

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After a decade-long playing career, Wittman came to be an assistant coach and earned worship for his development of young players such as Kevin Garnett. The Cavaliers in the so late 1990s had actually a collection of young players and also Wittman was seen as the perfect an option to aid them construct quickly and also get Cleveland earlier to its win ways. That, unfortunately, did not happen, as Wittman shed at the very least 50 games in every of his 2 seasons before he to be fired.

9.Stan Albeck

Record: 37-45

Stan Albeck to be the team’s second head coach, acquisition over for bill Fitch to begin the 1979-80 season. After three seasons in the playoffs Albeck was at the helm together the team slipped down into a dark hole of nine-straight shedding seasons. When infamous Cleveland owner Ted Stepien to buy the team in 1980 one of his very first moves was to fire Albeck and hire a brand-new head coach.

8.George Karl

Record: 61-88

The Cleveland Cavaliers can be the league’s most talented society at failing through head coaches that would later go on come be an extremely successful in various other stops. After leading the “Montana golden Nuggets” that the continent Basketball association to the Finals in the at an early stage 1980s, he join Cleveland’s front office in 1983 and the adhering to season was supported to head coach because that the 1984-85 season.

Karl and also the Cavs started 2-19 however then righted the ship, walking 34-27 come sneak into the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. After gift waxed by Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics the Cavs came earlier the next year and similarly floundered below .500, i beg your pardon was every it took for brand-new owners Gordon and George Gund to carry down the ax ~ above the head coach.

7.Paul Silas

Record: 69-77

Paul Silas to be a human being with championship pedigree, winning 3 titles as a player with the Seattle Supersonics and also Boston Celtics. He became a coach in 1980 and also thus had actually over two decades of experience under his belt when he to be hired come oversee LeBron James’ rookie year in the league. The team instantly improved, doubling its win total from the year before.

The team ongoing to slowly develop the next year, v Silas and also LeBron leading the team to a solid 31-21 record by late-February. Climate a shedding slide dropped them to 34-30, in ~ which allude the Cavs’ new owner made the shocking relocate to fire Silas with much less than 20 gamings to go, and the Cavs walk on to miss the playoffs.


David Blatt, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photograph by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Cavs: Ranking every head coach in franchise history – You win Some, You shed Some

6. David Blatt

Record: 83-40

There are two means to look in ~ David Blatt’s tenure with the Cavaliers. The an initial is come look solely at the statistics in the document book, and also they are definitely impressive. Blatt take it the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in his first season as a coach, enhancing their win full by 20 games. In 123 games with the team he winner 67.5 percent that his games, the greatest winning percentage of any kind of coach in franchise history.

To understand Blatt’s time through the team, despite you need to dig deeper. Blatt was hired come oversee a young, rebuilding team, and his ego was huge enough that it didn’t fit in a room with LeBron James. He bristled in ~ the idea of anyone not named David Blatt calling the shots, and resented James’ celebrity and also authority in the locker room and on the court.

He lost the respect that a team talented sufficient to victory it all, and the former office wisely knew it had actually to relocate on indigenous Blatt to take the cap off the team’s ceiling. Firing the in 2016 enabled the team to take it a action up and also win the title.

5. Invoice Fitch

Record: 304-434

Things started progressively for bill Fitch and also the Cleveland Cavaliers. An development team in 1970, Fitch was lugged in out of the college ranks to develop something the end of nothing. They went just 15-67 in their very first season, i m sorry earned castle the an initial overall choose (Austin Carr). Lock would enhance slightly indigenous there, but throughout the an initial four seasons they were mainly bad.

Then the team began to obtain traction, and Fitch supervised their growth from a cellar-dweller come a playoff team. Through year 6 castle not just made the playoffs as a 49 victory team yet won a series. They would certainly make the playoffs in three consecutive years, an superior feat for such a brand-new team in an east Conference loaded with talent.

Despite the optimism of three-straight win seasons and also a talented young core, the wheels come off indigenous there, and also the team dropped down to just 30 wins. Fitch payment the price and also was replaced, starting a carousel of coaches that would last a decade until Lenny Wilkens was hired. Fitch ranking 11th ~ above the NBA’s all-time wins list, however also 2nd on the all-time casualty list, with simply a 46 percent job winning percentage.


Mike Fratello, Cleveland Cavaliers. Obligated Credit: Ezra O. Show /Allsport

Cavs: Ranking every head coach in franchise background – to win Ways

4. Mike Fratello

Record: 248-212

After a successful tenure coaching the Atlanta hawks in the 1980s, Mike Fratello went into the transfer booth and also played a prominent function with NBC together Marv Albert. In search of a fresh voice to help a really good core elevate the Cavaliers lured him back to the coaching chair in 1994.

He would coach the team for 6 seasons, win 53.9 percent of his games, fifth-best in franchise history. The Cavs do the playoffs four times v Fratello yet never gained out the the very first round, shedding to eastern Conference powerhouses favor Michael Jordan’s Bulls, Patrick Ewing’s Knicks and also Reggie Miller’s Pacers. The team fell flat on its challenge in the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season and also Fratello payment the price together he was fired after a 22-28 record.

3. Lenny Wilkens

Record: 316-258

Lenny Wilkens was a successful player in the NBA, with nine All-Star appearances, even finishing second in MVP vote in 1967-68 (to wilt Chamberlain), but his play career was eclipsed by a long and also successful coaching career. He started that career in Seattle as a player-coach, and years later went earlier to Seattle as soon as his playing days to be over. There he led the SuperSonics to the NBA Finals twice, winning a title in 1979.

In 1986 once he left Seattle the Cavaliers were rapid to sell him a contract, and also he did in Cleveland exactly what the did in Seattle, nearly immediately transforming around a franchise grounding in the muck. By his second season the team was over .500 because that the very first time in a decade, and also they would certainly make the playoffs in five of the following six seasons.

The Cavs won 50 or much more games 3 times in Wilkens’ 7 seasons, three much more than any type of other coach in franchise background to that point. ~ the 1992-93 season the team made decision to lug in a new voice to shot and break through in an eastern Conference overcame by Michael Jordan and hired Mike Fratello. Wilkens would certainly go on to come to be the winningest coach in NBA background with 1.332 wins, a location he eventually relinquished to Don Nelson and also will soon see Gregg Popovich slip previous him as well.


Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Cavs: Ranking every head coach in franchise history – The King’s Coaches

2. Tyronn Lue

Record: 128-83

Ty Lue supplied to be the most popular for video game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals, as soon as Allen Iverson drained a shooting in his face and also then stepped over him. By 2016 he was a well-paid assistant coach on the Cavaliers who had actually impressed the former office enough for them to fire David Blatt in the middle of a really successful season.

Lue take it over and immediately changed the entire culture of the team, giving his stars more freedom and also helping them to leverage relationships and also play together a combined whole. His approach worked, and the Cavs go on come the win the NBA championship, the an initial in franchise history. The Cavs would go back to the NBA Finals in every of the next two periods as well.

The reason Lue is not first on this perform is twofold. First, for all that he was successful in leading the Cavs come the title, he also had the best player ~ above the world leading the way as well. An ext impactful is how bad Lue walk in controlling a team there is no James. That went 0-6 in the autumn of 2018, clashing with the front office and also refusing to expropriate the reality of a rebuild. He was fired and went on come the LA Clippers. Both that those qualifications are small and still see him strongly together the second-best head coach in franchise background despite coaching the team for less than three full seasons.

1. Mike Brown

Record: 305-187

Mike Brown invested time discovering from Gregg Popovich as an assistant coach in san Antonio, win a title on that staff in 2003. He lugged all that he had actually learned through him to the Cavaliers in 2005 when he was hired to build a structure around rising star LeBron James the would allow the team to contend.

Without a blueprint of just how to usage a generational superstar favor James, there is no previous head-coaching experience, Brown was extremely successful in his task. That not only led the Cavs come the playoffs in his first season, but they would victory at the very least one collection each the the next five seasons.

The Cavs reached the NBA Finals because that the very first time ever in 2007 on the earlier of some truly tremendous performances from LeBron. Brown developed one of the league’s best defenses approximately him, and also the offense permitted James to cook. As good as the operation to the Finals was, even much more impressive was exactly how Brown then developed the team up right into the best in the organization record-wise. He collection a franchise record, yet to be broken, through 66 wins in 2008-09.

After a disappointed playoff exit in 2010, team owner Dan Gilbert fired Brown in a desperate attempt to attract LeBron to continue to be in Cleveland. The didn’t work, as James take it his talents to south Beach. A couple of years later on Gilbert well-known he had actually made a “mistake” shoot Brown, and brought him back for one season as the coach in 2013-14, Brown’s only losing record with the team. He was fired after the year, simply a pair of months before James returned house to Cleveland.

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Ty Lue led the team come its just title. Mike Brown and David Blatt both witnessed the team reach the NBA Finals. Bill Fitch acquired things started, while Lenny Wilkens and Mike Fratello looked after the golden era of Cavaliers basketball in the 1990s. Castle balance the ledger because that a number of difficult seasons and also the coaches who looked after them. 23 coaches, 52 seasons, and also a entirety lot that wins and losses.