after ~ the very first episode that Glee aired in 2009, everyone knew that it was going to it is in a hit due to the fact that the show contained so many amazing cover songs.

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The actors of Glee parted methods in 2015 after ~ six exceptional seasons of the show. After ~ the first episode aired in 2009, anyone knew that it to be going to be a hit due to the fact that the show had so many amazing cover songs of impressive bands and musicians. Some of the songs that were spanned on Glee contained music through Adele, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, and also even Alicia Keys!

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It additionally included music indigenous Ariana Grande, Barbara Streisand, the Beatles, Beyoncé, and Madonna. Let’s no forget about the episode that focused specifically on Britney Spears" songs! The actors of Glee proved themselves come be incredibly talented and here are all of their latest updates.


10 Lea Michele: period 34, Married to Zandy Reich, $14 Million

Lea Michele was a top actress on Glee. She play the function of Rachel Berry a nerdy girl who simply wanted to make it as a Broadway theatre performer. The character of Rachel Berry came throughout as gift pretty annoying however whenever she opens her mouth to sing, everything around her to be instantly redeemed. In real life, Lea Michele is 34 years old and married to a guy named Andy Reich. She has a network worth the $14 million.


9 Naya Rivera: Passed away At age 33, $5 Million

Unfortunately, Naya Rivera"s life finished in June 2020 after ~ a boating accident occurred. Nobody knows for certain about the details of her death except because that the reality that she went out on a boat with she toddler-aged child and also did no return. Castle recovered her body indigenous the bottom of the lake after several days the searching. She passed away at the age of 33 through a $5 million net worth. Before she happen away, she to be married come Ryan Dorsey native 2014 come 2018.


8 Cory Monteith: Passed far At 31, $2 Million

another tragic loss indigenous the Glee cast is obviously Cory Monteith. He to be the an initial one to pass away earlier in 2013 of an overdose on illegal substances. That passed away at the young age of 31 v a network worth that $2 million left behind. That was very devastating and emotional time for fans the the show as well as the cast... Particularly Lea Michele who was in a partnership with him at the time.

7 chris Colfer: period 30, Dating will Sherrod, $8 Million

chris Colfer is the actor behind the duty of cut Hummel ugly. It was always easy to root because that him since he to be such a lovable and also enduring personality who had a passion for singing. In actual life, kris Colfer is 30 years old and dating a guy named will Sherrod. He has actually a network worth that $1 million. See him on Glee was one of the finest parts of the show!


6 Matthew Morrison: period 42, Married to Renee Puente, $10 Million

Matthew Morrison is 42 year old and also married to a woman named Renee Puente. He has a network worth that $10 million together it was standing today. On Glee, he play the character of everyone’s favourite teacher and vocal coach, wilhelm Schuester. It was awesome seeing him take it on the function of a teacher who was so passionate around the happiness and success the his students. The constantly went up against all odds in order to make certain that the Glee club was maybe to continue to be together and continue performing at various competitions.

5 Amber Riley: period 34, engaged To Desean Black, $2 Million

Amber Riley is 34 years old and engaged come Desean Black. She has actually a network worth that $2 million today. On the show, she play the function of Mercedes Jones, a teenage girl who had actually a passion for belting out her super solid vocals. She is the personality who shed a the majority of light ~ above how necessary it is to it is in a girlfriend to others and also not judge others!

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She encountered a many bullying and it was important that the present cover the topic because bullying is something that happens in genuine life ~ above high institution campuses all the time.


4 note Salling: Passed away At 36, net Worth $100,000

note Salling passed away at the period of 36 after picking to take his own life. He was wrapped increase in a disastrous scandal after ~ being caught with products showcasing underage people in his home. When he pass away, he had actually a net worth of approximately $100,000 i m sorry is the the smallest net precious on this entire list.

3 Kevin McHale: age 32, dating Austin McKenzie, $10 Million

Kevin McHale is the actor who played the function of Artie Abrams on Glee. In real life, Kevin is 32 year old and dating a guy named Austin McKenzie.

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The 2 seem to be really happy through each other and also even talk about each other on your social media profiles. Kevin Mikel has a net worth the $10 million together it was standing today.

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2 heather Morris: age 33, Married to Taylor Hubbell, $4 Million

pagan Morris played the duty of everyone’s favorite ditzy cheerleader on Glee. Brittany Pierce was beyond lovable also though she never knew what was going on approximately her. She was a full airhead however she still genuinely loved and also cared about her friends. Making certain that other human being were happy was something the she prioritized! another cool thing about the character of Brittany Pierce is that she was most likely the finest answer top top the entire show. In actual life, heath Morris is 33 year old and also married to a man named Taylor Hubble. She has a network worth that $4 million

1 Chord Overstreet: age 31, dating Amanda Pizziconi, $1 Million

Chord Overstreet is 31 years old and also dating a young woman called Amanda Pizziconi. He has a net worth the $1 million but it must honestly be a lot greater than that since he is such an amazing and also good-looking actor. External of Glee, he’s also done a many other movies and TV shows. Before he gone into his current relationship, the was additionally romantically linked to Emma Watson, Ashley Benson, Lily Collins, Emma Roberts, and also Rumer Willis. That dated few of the many beautiful starlets ever.

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