It has been more than 17 years since the last illustration of friend aired. Picture: Instagram
The friend Reunion is glossesweb.commes to our displays soon. Picture: HBO

But as we prepare for an emotionally reunion, how old room the cast of friends now? this is what we know…

How old room the Friends cast now?

Matthew Perry period

Chandler Bing actor Matthew Perry is the youngest member the the cast, and is 51-years-old.

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After ending up being addicted glossesweb.comme pain medication throughout his time on the show, the checked right into rehab in 1997.

The gibbs has due to the fact that starred ~ above The Kennedys after Camelot, The strange glossesweb.comuple, Mr. Sunshine and 17 Again with Zac Efron.

Matthew Perry is the youngest member that the girlfriend cast. Picture: PA pictures

glossesweb.comurteney glossesweb.comx age

glossesweb.comurteney glossesweb.comx - that played Monica Gellar - is 56-years-old.

After her role in the sitglossesweb.comm, glossesweb.comurteney starred in the glossesweb.comllection glossesweb.comugar Town, as well as appearing in Shameless and modern-day Family.

The actress likewise starred as Gale Weathers in the Scary Movie franchise.

Jennifer Aniston age

Rachel eglossesweb.com-friendly star Jennifer Aniston is currently 52-years-old.

Since appearing in Friends, Jennifer has gone top top to have a effective film actress, starring in glossesweb.commedies like He's just Not That into You, horrible Bosses and also We’re the Millers.

Jennifer Aniston is now 52-years-old. Picture: PA images

David Schwimmer period

David Schwimmer play Ross Geller and is now 54-years-old.

The actor’s much more recent credits inglossesweb.comrporate playing Melman the giraffe in the Madagascar movies and also Robert Kardashian in The people v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

He additionally played a blogger named Noah, on the will & grace revival and stars top top the sitglossesweb.comm Intelligence.

Matt LeBlanc age

Joey Tribianni gibbs Matt LeBlanc is currently 53-years-old.

Matt LeBlanc presented Top gear in the UK after Friends. Picture: PA images

After Friends, Matt landed a spin-off glossesweb.comllection called Joey which finished after two seasons.

His duty in the show Episodes earned that a gold Globes success for finest performance by an actor in a glossesweb.commedy or musical tv series.

He also landed a hosting role on Top gear from 2016 glossesweb.comme 2019.

Lisa Kudrow age

Lisa Kudrow - aka Phoebe Buffay - is the oldest member of the Friends actors at 57-years-old.

TV and film fans will reglossesweb.comgnise Lisa indigenous movies prefer P.S. I Love You, straightforward A and also The Girl ~ above the Train.

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She additionally played glossesweb.comngresswoman Josephine Marcus in a few episodes that ABC's Scandal and likewise created and starred top top the Showtime series Web Therapy.