Carnival Breeze is the 3rd Dream-Class cruise ship being constructed by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy, for Carnival Cruise currently (CCL).

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Carnival Breeze, the 3rd Dream-Class cruise ship, was introduced in September 2011. Image courtesy that Carnival Cruise Lines.

She is expected to enter company in June 2012 through 12-day Mediterranean cruises. Picture courtesy that Carnival Cruise Lines.

companion Ship architecture has design the majority of the general public areas. Photo courtesy that Carnival Cruise Lines.


A complete of 3,690 passengers have the right to be accommodated, in 1,845 cabins. Picture courtesy the Carnival Cruise Lines.
Lanai BBQ is a casual BBQ station open for having lunch on days in ~ sea. Photo courtesy the Carnival Cruise Lines.
Carnival Breeze is the 3rd Dream-Class cruise ship developed by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy, because that Carnival Cruise lines (CCL). She is the sister delivery of Carnival Dream and Carnival Magic, i m sorry were yielded in 2009 and also 2011 respectively.

Dream-Class cruise ships are the largest passenger pearl ever developed for CCL. They are also the biggest cruise ships built in the background of Italian shipbuilding.

Carnival Breeze entered service in June 2012 with a 12-day maiden Mediterranean cruise beginning from Venice. She will be shifted to Miami, Florida, in November 2012 for year-round six and eight-day Caribbean operations.

Design, features and dimensions the Carnival Breeze

"Carnival Breeze is powered by a diesel-electric twin propulsion engine."

The style of Carnival Breeze was occurred from her existing sister ships and has the very same outdoor set-up. Her style is influenced by dry ambiances. She is coated with warmth colours and has been offered chromatic color shades developed by partner Ship architecture (PSD).

PSD has likewise designed most of the public areas including the staterooms, central area, shops, promenade deck, dance lounge, restaurant deck, spa, bars, entertainment lounge and also open decks.

A four-slide water park has been outfitted ~ above the last deck. A promenade runs throughout the ship’s outside perimeter.

The 128,500t ship have the right to cruise at a maximum rate of 22.5kt. She has an in its entirety length of 306m. Length in between perpendiculars is 269.2m and also moulded breadth is 37.2m.

Construction that Carnival Cruise Lines’ newest ship

Orders for the building and construction of the ship were placed by Carnival Corporation, the parent agency of CCL, in December 2009. The an initial building block because that the ship was put in place in December 2010.

Carnival Breeze stayed dry docked for about nine months (December 2010 come September 2011) in the Monfalcone shipyard’s dry dock area. Here, the building blocks to be assembled and also welded with each other to build the midship.

A coin ceremony and also float the end of the ship took ar in September 2011. Sea trials and interior designing are expected to be perfect by the second quarter of 2012. The ship was delivered in may 2012.

Accommodation and also staterooms onboard

A full of 3,690 passengers deserve to be accommodated in 1,845 cabins. There are 746 added cabins to accommodate 1,386 employee members.

The ship’s staterooms encompass the Interior, ocean View, Balcony, Suite and also Cloud 9 Spa staterooms.

Deluxe ocean View staterooms function a separate washroom and are suitable for families. Balcony staterooms are specially designed because that smooth sea breeze and sea watch experiences.

Ocean Suites offer more space and feature a large balcony, VIP check-in, bathroom through whirlpool tub and walk-in closet. Cloud 9 Spa staterooms attribute private spa access and special amenities.

Some that the s View cabins deserve to be noted with five berths and two toilets to accommodate larger families. Every staterooms function a brand-new Caribbean-inspired interior decoration, television, full bathroom with shower and huge closet and also drawer space.

Dining, entertainment and also other facilities on the Carnival Breeze

Blush Dining Room and also Sapphire Dining Room space two that the ship’s key dining rooms.

They market a range of starters, entrees and also desserts. Lido Marketplace has casual dining choices with at home or out seating.

Sushi Bar, Cucina del Capitano, Lanai BBQ and also Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse are several of the various other dining venues.

Cloud 9 Spa has actually a two-level spa featuring a sauna, fitness centre, beauty parlour and also thermal suites. The ship additionally has a Thalassotherapy pool. The SportSquare sporting activities bar supplies sports such together basketball, football, jogging and also strength training.

Clubs and also lounges include Ovation Main present Lounge, Limelight Aft Lounge, fluid Nightclub and Piano Bar 88.

Club O2, video clip Game Room and also Camp Carnival are dedicated play locations for children. A two-level health and also wellness centre for children is additionally available.

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Power and propulsion

Carnival Breeze is it is provided by a diesel-electric twin propulsion engine. Complete electric propulsion is 2 x 21MW.