Earlier this month, we shared the news that Betty White proceeds to hold the Guinness publication of civilization Records for Longest TV Career because that a mrs Entertainer. The legend American actress and also comedian is soon to reach another impressive milestone though—she’s transforming 99 year old ~ above Sunday, January 17.

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White to be born in 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois. Through a love of nature from an early age, she thrived up wanting to be a woodland ranger. However, at the time, women were not allowed to take it on such a role. The wasn’t till White was 88 years old that she was made an honorary woodland ranger by the U.S. Woodland Service. After life through world War II and also volunteering for the American Women"s voluntary Services, White embarked on her eight-decade-long career in entertainment. She’s produced and starred in countless hit TV and also radio shows, winner multiple Emmys, and even organized her very own talk show.

Although she’s almost lived for a century, White is still full of energy. “I am blessed with great health,” she says. “So transforming 99 is no various than transforming 98.” White is provided to hosting big birthday celebrations, however this year will be a quiet one, due to the existing pandemic. However, once restrictions are lifted, she’s looking forward to “visiting with close friends and bringing food come my pet friends.”

So, what’s Betty White’s mystery to living a long and also happy life? “A feeling of humor,” she reveals. “Don"t take it yourself too seriously. You deserve to lie to others—not that i would—but you cannot lie come yourself.”

Happy date of birth to Betty White, who turns 99 years old this month!

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