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Born:September 25, 1944 (age 77)New BrunswickNew Jersey...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Academy award (1988)Academy compensation (1988): actor in a top RoleAcademy compensation (1976): ideal PictureCecil B. DeMille award (2004)Emmy compensation (2013): superior Lead gibbs in a Miniseries or a MovieGolden globe Award (2019): finest Actor in a Television series - music or ComedyGolden world Award (2014): finest Actor in a restricted Series or Motion picture Made because that TelevisionGolden world Award (1988): ideal Actor in a Motion photo - Drama...(Show more)Notable household Members:father Kirk Douglas...(Show more)

Michael Douglas, in complete Michael Kirk Douglas, (born September 25, 1944, brand-new Brunswick, brand-new Jersey, U.S.), American film actor and producer that is best known for his intense portrayals of flawed heroes.

Early life and career

Douglas, the kid of movie legend Kirk Douglas and British actress Diana Dill, received lot of his education in filmmaking through accompanying his father to assorted film locations. After researching drama at the college of California at Santa Barbara (B.A., 1968), Douglas do his screen debut in Hail, Hero! (1969), a Vietnam-era antiwar film currently regarded as hyperbolic and dated. The made a handful of largely forgettable films—the ideal of which to be the Disney-produced family adventure Napoleon and also Samantha (1972)—before landing the function of Steve Keller on the popular television series The roads of mountain Francisco (1972), costarring through veteran actor knife Malden.

Success as a producer: One Flew end the Cuckoo’s Nest

Douglas became a driving pressure in the entertainment industry when he developed a display screen rendering the Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew end the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975). Douglas’s dad had got the rights to Cuckoo’s Nest once he starred in a Broadway adaptation during the beforehand 1960s, and for plenty of years he tried to attention a producer in a film version. When his efforts failed, he sold the legal rights to his son, who in turn developed the second film in Hollywood background to win Academy Awards in all five major categories: best picture, ideal actor (Jack Nicholson), finest actress (Louise Fletcher), finest director (Miloš Forman), and also best screenplay. Native this triumph, Douglas go on come both produce and also star in several of the greatest box-office hits of the next two decades. Other films Douglas produced included Starman (1984), Flatliners (1990), Face/Off (1997), and The Rainmaker (1997).

Noteworthy exhilaration roles

Douglas coproduced and costarred in The China Syndrome (1979), a straff thriller collection in a nuclear power plant the was ironically and fortuitously released the exact same week together the real-life nuclear dilemm at 3 Mile Island. He appeared with catalent Turner and Danny DeVito in the very successful action-adventure Romancing the Stone (1984) and its sequel, The Jewel that the Nile (1985), and again teamed v the very same costars because that the popular dark comedy The war of the Roses (1989). One of Douglas’s many memorable duties was in Fatal Attraction (1987), in i beg your pardon he shown a family man terrorized by a mrs (memorably illustrated by valley Close) v whom he has an adulterous affair. In the same year, Douglas delivered an Oscar-winning performance as a ruthless, morally empty financier in Wall Street (1987). Douglas’s display persona to be well describe in this film, in the his antiheroic character of Gordon Gekko—whose an individual credo is “greed is good”—is both unctuous and charismatic. Number of of Douglas’s performances flaunt this dichotomy: his villainous characters exhibit personal magnetism, and his heroes are frequently victim come their very own inadequacies. That (like his father) was one of the few actors to construct a successful career out of depicting less-than-virtuous characters.


(From left to right) Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas, and Jane Fonda ~ above a lobby map for The China Syndrome (1979), directed and also cowritten by James Bridges.

Basic Instinct (1992), a film as controversial together it to be successful, was in the very same genre as Fatal Attraction and also served come pigeonhole Douglas together an gibbs specializing in violent or sex-related fare. Such movies as Black Rain (1989), Falling Down (1993), and also Disclosure (1994) added to this characterization. Endeavouring to change his image, Douglas starred in the romantic comedy The American President (1995), in i m sorry he portrayed a widowed chief executive.

Later films

In 2000 Douglas received widespread worship for his performances together a depressive college professor in Wonder Boys and as the newly appointed American medicine czar in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic; he costarred through Catherine Zeta-Jones in the latter film, and the couple married that same year. Douglas starred alongside his father, Kirk, and his son, Cameron, in It operation in the Family (2003), about three generations that a dysfunctional Manhattan family. He later played a secret service agent mistakenly accused of being component of one assassination attempt in The Sentinel (2006), and in King of California (2007) he illustrated a patient recently released indigenous a mental hospital who is trying to find gold underneath a discount store.

Douglas reprised the role of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street: Money never Sleeps (2010), a sequel set in 2008 between the global financial crisis. Reuniting v Soderbergh, he appeared as a shady federal government official in the action thriller Haywire (2011) and starred together Liberace in Behind the Candelabra (2013), a witty account of the entertainer’s personal life close to the finish of his career; Douglas won an Emmy Award for his work-related on the last production. He join Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and also Kevin Kline in the friend comedy Last Vegas (2013). Douglas again displayed his comic an abilities as a curmudgeonly realtor in the romantic comedy And So the Goes (2014). He then produced and also starred in the critically panned thriller Beyond the Reach (2014), in which he hammed it up as a psychotic big-game hunter who, ~ accidentally shooting a man, transforms the just witness into his next quarry. Douglas then showed up in the superhero movie Ant-Man (2015) and its sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).

In 2018 Douglas returned to television, appearing as an aging actor turned acting teacher in the Netflix series The Kominsky Method. He later lent his voice come the animated series Green Eggs and also Ham (2019– ), which was based on Dr. Seuss’s children classic; it also aired ~ above Netflix.

Personal life

In 2010 Douglas announced that he had actually been diagnosed with progressed throat cancer; the complying with year he announced the the condition was in remission. He revealed in 2013 that he had actually actually been suffering from tongue cancer but had misrepresented his condition because it was known that the surgery of tongue cancer was periodically disfiguring. He had actually worried that public expertise of that possibility would affect his career prospects. He was at some point treated with chemotherapy and radiation quite than surgery.

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