Glenville High college grad Ted Ginn Jr. Officially announced his retirement Friday ~ 14 periods in the NFL. The 36-year-old spoke with reporters at COhatch Ohio City, and also while he said the decision to be "very tough," he is happy come go out "on mine terms."

"It to be a hard decision, yet it was a decision that had actually to it is in made," Ginn said. "I"m respectfully leave the video game the ideal way, the way I want to."

Ginn was an All-American under his father Ted Sr. At Glenville, playing protective back, quarterback, and broad receiver. That was also a national track champion in the 110m hurdles and some felt that could"ve make the Olympics, but he eventually determined to emphasis on football.

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Ginn credited both that his parents for his success, and provided how an especially special it was to play because that his dad.

"It"s one of the biggest things ns will always love and also cherish," he said. "Sometimes you need your old man, and also he"s always been there."

Jim Tressel obtained Ginn to concerned Ohio State as among the optimal recruits in the country in 2004, and also over the following three year he was one of the most electrifying football player in the game, catching 15 touchdown passes and scoring eight an ext on kick and punt returns. Two of his teammates during that big were former Glenville classmates trojan Smith and Donte Whitner, something the would"ve to be unheard of prior to Ginn"s father changed the football society at the school.

Ginn was a three-time All-American together a returner and helped the Buckeyes victory two huge Ten titles and accomplish an unbeaten continual season in 2006, the exact same year Smith winner the school"s saturday Heisman Trophy. Ginn changed the opening kickoff of that year"s national championship game for a touchdown but later sprained his fishing eye in the ensuing celebration, sapping the energy from his team and setting the table for a shocking 41-14 loss to Florida.

Ginn to be drafted ninth as whole in 2007 by the Miami Dolphins, and over 14 periods with six various teams has actually tallied 15,749 all-purpose yards (24th-most in NFL history) and 42 total touchdowns. He captured a career-high 10 scores in 2015 to help the Carolina Panthers with the supervisor Bowl, and also this past season played for the Chicago Bears.

Ted Ginn Sr. Was also at today"s press conference, and told those assembled that was just as impressed v his son"s development as a man as his success as a football player.

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