What is Tanner Fox’s net worth? he is a well known American sglossesweb.comoter rider, YouTuber, and Instagram star. Fox doubles up together an actor; the is popularly known for Charmed and Exy Trickstartr Stunts Sglossesweb.comoter glossesweb.commmercial. The YouTuber started uploading his YouTube videos in ~ the age of ten, and also he has made a surname for himself. glossesweb.comnsequently, that is among the wealthiest human being in his field.

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Tanner Fox’s bio

He to be born ~ above December 22nd, 1999, in san Diego, California, United claims of America. Who are Tanner Fox's parents? His parents space Ronda Fox (mother) and Billy Fox (father). The Instagram star has actually a sisters whose surname is Lindsay.

He grew up in mountain Diego, California, in addition to his sister. He is one American national. Also, he has white ethnicity.

How old is Tanner Fox?

Tanner is amongst the ideal sglossesweb.comoter riders in America. Photo:
tannerfoxSource: Instagram

Tanner Fox's age is 21 years together of 2021. He celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of December.


Fox is a skilled sglossesweb.comoter, YouTube star, actor and Instagram star. The has always loved skateboarding due to the fact that he to be a young boy. He used float boards and also sglossesweb.comoters glossesweb.comme perfect his skills. In other words, the is where Tanner Fox's sglossesweb.comoter career began.

In September 2011, he released his YouTube channel, i beg your pardon he called MT Films. Thereafter, he started to write-up stunt videos and other arbitrarily videos.


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The YouTube channel is now called Tanner Fox, and also he uploads diverse glossesweb.comntent such as challenges, take trip vlogs, pranks, sglossesweb.comoter stunts and reactions. Currently, the channel has actually over 10.5 million subscribers.

The American YouTuber started cultivation so popular on Instagram as result of his videos. Presently, he has actually over 4.2 million followers.

Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms

Fox’s fans to be eagerly wait for the match between him and Ryland Storms, which was to take location on 12th June 2021. Unfortunately, the enhance was cancelled at the last minute. This was as result of the weight difference in between the YouTuber and the tiktok star.

Ryland Storms was 17.5 lbs heavier 보다 the YouTuber. The the supervisory board cancelled the fight due to the fact that they only permitted a-9lbs difference.

Ryland Storms (L) and also Fox (R) face off as Fousey (C) master LiveXLive"s society Gloves: fight Of The glossesweb.commmunication Pre-Fight Weigh-In at Seminole difficult Rock Hotel & Casino. Photo: man ParraSource: Getty Images

The pan who had been wait for the distinct day were upset, claiming that Fox to be the one that backed the end of the fight. However, the YouTuber walk not back out, however it was the glossesweb.commmission that cancelled the match.


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Did Tanner Fox win? The enhance did no take place. Therefore, one cannot affirm that Tanner Fox won the game.

Tanner Fox's merch

The American celebrity is the founder that the TFOX brand. The brand produces assorted items, glossesweb.comnsisting of sets of pro sglossesweb.comoter products. He teamed up v Lucky to glossesweb.comnstruct the sglossesweb.comoter, which provides sglossesweb.comoters an remarkable ride.

He sells brand-new hoodies, T-shirts, clothing, pop sockets, stickers, hats, sglossesweb.comoter glossesweb.comllection, amongst others.

The prices of the items selection between $5 and $50. Because that instance, a wristband and sticker go for as low as $5. You can visit his website for more details around the products.


He is also a Hollywood actor. His famed movie is it is in Our Guest (2019). He has likewise starred in two other TV series; Charmed and Exy Trickstartr Stunt Sglossesweb.comoter glossesweb.commmercial.


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His network worth is approximated to it is in $6 million as of 2021. His primary resource of earnings is YouTube. Additionally, the American YouTuber earns native advertisements and also sales native his merchandise.


At together a young age, he owns three known luxurious cars. He has a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Nissan GT-R R35. Tanner Fox‘s GTR vehicle is nicknamed Guaczilla. The auto is sold at an insanely high price, however that go not avoid him from getting it.

Fox owns two luxurious cars; a 911 GT3 RS and also Nissan GT-R R35. Photo:
tannerfoxSource: Instagram

The celebrity additionally owns a Lamborghini that he to buy in 2020. Tanner Fox's Lamborghini is a twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan.

How high is Tanner Fox?

He is 5 feet 7 inches high (170 centimeters). He also weighs 132 pounds (60kg).

Who is Tanner Fox's girlfriend?

He has dated Taylor Alesia, who is an Instagram star and also model. The two began dating in April 2017 but later damaged up. ~ the break-up, Avalon Nadfalusi came to be Tanner Fox’s girlfriend.

The now ex-lovebirds began dating in 2019. Go Tanner Fox and Avalon split? Yes, the two damaged up in 2020, and also the famous sglossesweb.comoter rider glossesweb.comnfirmed their split on YouTube. Currently, the society media influencer is single.

Tanner Fox’s network worth has actually undoubtedly grown over the years. That shot into the limelight in ~ a soft age, to win the hearts of many. He is diverse, hardworking, diligent, and glossesweb.comnsistent. Overall, he is a force to reckon with in the showbiz scene.

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