NETFLIX'S Queer Eye star Tan France announced he and also his husband Rob had their an initial child together.

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The fashion guru announced the news come his 3.8million pendant on Instagram on respectable 2, 2021.


British fashion designer France to be born in Doncaster to Pakistani parents, yet now lives in the US.

He’s currently most well known for gift the fashion professional for the Netflix series Queer Eye.

He love fashion indigenous a young age, and was motivated to seek it as a job by the Disney garments made in his grandparent’s factory.

France studied fashion in ~ Doncaster College and later functioned for Zara and Selfridges prior to being made agency director at the shade Clothing.


Tan France has actually a $5million net worthCredit: Getty - Contributor

In 2011, he introduced women's apparel line, Kingdom & State, and he now lives in Utah in the United states after officially moving throughout the pond in 2015.

France has an avid Instagram following now, with 3.8million fans on his
tanfrance account.

France posted a photograph on the platform of his newborn baby alongside Rob.

He captioned it: "Give our boy a warm welcome. Ismail France, born July 10th. He come 7 main early, for this reason he’s been in the NICU for the past 3 weeks..."

The 2nd picture in the post, France smiles together he cradles his new baby boy.

How old is Tan France?

France to be born top top April 20, 1983, which right now makes the 38-years-old.

His parents gave him the surname Tanweer Wasim Safdar however he later readjusted this to the attractive Tan France.

France's Netflix display sees 5 gay men provide straight men a makeover.

The star is stated to have had actually no idea the the reboot the the 2003 Bravo series, Queer Eye because that the straight Guy, would come to be a hit.

France claimed to Vogue: “People think we space lying when we to speak that, however there truly to be no way of knowing just how enormous this would come to be in a heartbeat.

“I believed it would certainly be a niche programme the girls and gays would get behind. We couldn’t have actually been an ext wrong.”




Who is Tan France’s husband?

France met illustrator plunder in the US and also quickly realized he to be the one.

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France was elevated a Muslim in the UK and Rob was raised a Mormon in Wyoming, and also the pair have fused your beliefs.

In an interview with the new York Post, France said: “We practice some of our religions’ practices. Us don’t exercise them all. We practice what works for us.”


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