Talking Kitty Cat (aka Steve Cash) rose to fame with adorable YouTube videos that witnessed him provide spot-on voiceover to footage illustrating his four cats, Sylvester, arbitrarily Kitten, Gibson, and GG, and also a dog named Shelby. 

His high-pitched voice, significant personality, and also unparalleled capability to come up through cat-themed comedic sketches earned that 2.54 million subscribers since an initial launching his YouTube channel in 2007. 

Talking Kitty Cat stopped posting in the feather of 2020. So, what happened?

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Talking Kitty Cat's videos adhered to a simple, however endlessly to chat format. He would certainly shoot raw footage of his pets easing around the family members or playing through each other, which he would incorporate with subtitles, hilarious voiceovers, and also additional, confession-style scenes. 


The videos would often posit Sylvester together Steve's mortal enemy and greatest resource of fear. Random Kitten was framed together the innocent and endlessly gullible cat. Gibson to be often portrayed as the calmest the end of the trio up until his sudden fatality in April 2016. Shelby was the scary-looking however quiet one. The latest enhancement to the family members was a Balinese cat called GG. 

Some videos, choose "Talking Kitty Cat 38 - Worst date Ever," revolved around scenarios like Sylvester walking on a day with a lady cat he met ~ above a well-known app. Others, like "Talking Kitty Cat 48 - The random Gibsons," captured less far-fetched scenarios like Random Kitten offering birth come a handful of teeny-tiny kittens. 

Steve post his last-ever video on Dec. 31, 2019. He passed away four month later, on Thursday, April 17. Together the Facebook post by his wife, Celia DeCosta Cash reveals, the reason of death was suicide. 

"This is for this reason hard. I'm not also sure what come say, or for the matter, what come do. I simply lost my finest friend, mine sidekick, mine lover, mine mentor, my absolute everything, this morning," she wrote. 

"I'm for this reason sad to say, mine husband, Steve Cash, take it his own life this morning," she stated. "It harms me to share this. Please understand, provide the household time come grieve, yet know that Steve is no much longer in pain."


According to TMZ, the YouTuber struggled v mental health and wellness issues. Together the outlet reveals, he formerly told among his commenters the he had actually bipolar disorder. 

"I uncovered out some upsetting news. Steve Cash of talking Kitty Cat videos has died. Anytime I essential a laugh, I might count on Steve and Sylvester, his beautiful, sassy black color cat, to make me laugh. You will be missed, Steve," created a devastated fan on Twitter. 

"If you’ve ever before seen the hilariously dirty Sylvester the talk kitty cat videos ~ above the internet, the creator the those videos had died. Steve Cash is his name and also he take it his own life. He had actually 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and also countless fans," tweeted who else. 

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If you or who you recognize is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide prevention Lifeline in ~ 1-800-273-8255.

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