At one time, the name Susan Lucci was identified with daytime television. She was an original actors member that ABC"s "All mine Children," the soap opera that aired indigenous 1970 to 2011 v Lucci roughly for the entire 41-year ride.

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In fact, Lucci was nominated for a Daytime Emmy compensation for outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series a chuck 18 times prior to finally taking home the gold statuette in 1999. Follow to to chat Weekly, Lucci admitted the she didn"t even hear referents Shemar Moore call her surname at first.

"After i think, what to be the nine time, I began to black color out, i don"t recognize if it to be self-protective," she recalled in 2020. "My biggest fear that someday, I can just think they referred to as my name and go increase there."

While Lucci to be not depicting the indomitable Erica Kane top top the 2013 reboot the streamed ~ above Hulu and also aired on OWN, (via The brand-new York Times), she to be still the end making a name for herself, external of fictional town of jaw Valley. 

Susan Lucci was just 23 year old when she very first appeared in "All my Children""s black and also white premier episode in 1970, according to Today. Also when she play Erica Kane, she branched out and also worked on countless TV movies, consisting of "Mafia Princess," "The Bride in Black," "Lady Mobster," and "Haunted By she Past." friend can likewise catch her on re-runs that "Fantasy Island" and also "Love Boat," follow to IMDb.

After "All mine Children" finished in 2011, Lucci walk not have actually trouble finding work and had continual roles in the primetime series "Hot In Cleveland" and also "Devious Maids." She also made a cameo figure in the feature film, "Joy" in 2015, in i beg your pardon she play a fictional soap actress illustrating her fictional soap character, (via IMDb).

But probably Lucci"s most vital work after playing Erica Kane came from she being herself after a terrifying incident ago in 2018.

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Susan Lucci to be 72 year old when she started feeling chest pains while shopping and also took it s her to one emergency room. She told the Today show that the doctor informed her that she had a 90% blockage in her key artery; that diagnosis resulted in surgery where 2 stents were placed in.

The following year, Lucci walk on the Today display with a message for women: "I think the takeaway is, for ladies in particular, to put yourself on her to-do list because even as soon as I feel the elephant pressing on my chest and also even once Judy said, "I will drive you to the hospital," ns was thinking, "But I have to go here. I need to do this." friend know, it was the middle of the afternoon and I have no time for this and I"m sure it"ll walk away."

According to Forbes, in 2020, the survivor was called as The American love Association"s go Red Ambassador.

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While she is living she life and also paying attention to she heart health, Susan Lucci likewise looks front to the opportunity of going full circle in she career. Her former "All my Children" co-stars, Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos, are emerging a primetime sequel to the daytime soap because that ABC dubbed "Pine Valley." There has been speak of bringing ago several former "All mine Children" stars because that the long-anticipated reboot.

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Lucci has actually made it no an enig that she"d love come play Erica again. Follow to Soap Opera Network, Lucci said Dr. Oz in April of 2021 that she hopes to be lugged on.

"I know the fans desire that very, an extremely much," Lucci explained. "And, ns still believe that Erica Kane is among the finest parts ever before written for a woman so I certainly hope therefore ... It would be exorbitant to play her again and with the company of actors."