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Update: Tom Steyer dropped out of the 2020 presidential gyeongju on the night that the south Carolina primary, February 29, 2020.

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Who is Tom Steyer?

Current job: Billionaire environmental activist and also political megadonor.

Age: 62

Family: Steyer is married to Kathryn Taylor; together they have 4 grown children.

Hometown: New York City; he stays in mountain Francisco.

Political party: Democratic.

Previous jobs: Former hedge-fund investor and also director that Farallon Capital.

Who was Steyer"s direct competition for the nomination?

Based ~ above a recurring series of nationwide surveys us conduct, us can number out that the other candidates completing in Steyer"s lane are, and who the wider opponents are within the party.


company Insider

Insider has actually been conducting a recurring poll v SurveyMonkey Audience ~ above a national sample to discover out how various candidates" constituencies overlap. Us ask people whether they are acquainted with a candidate, whether they would be satisfied or unsatisfied with that candidate together the nominee, and sometimes we also ask even if it is they think that person would victory or lose in a general election versus President Donald Trump.

What are Steyer"s policy positions?

On healthcare:On climate change:Steyer is pledging to declare climate adjust a nationwide emergency ~ above his first day in office, which different from various other candidates" plans together it counts on the emergency strength of the presidency.On campaign finance:Steyer desires to overturn the "Citizens United" supreme Court decision to reduce the influence of money in politics.On abortion:On guns: On criminal-justice reform:On international policy:On taxes: The California billionaire is in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy, though it is unclear come what extent.Steyer likewise said he would certainly "undo every Republican tax reduced for rich people and for corporations.""We must make certain that we"re no in a culture that is unbalanced and unfair and also where the wealthiest Americans space taking advantage of anyone else," Steyer claimed at the time.

What room Steyer"s politics successes?

Steyer lobbied then-President Barack Obama to not approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline, suggesting it"d be as well harmful to the environment. Obama shot down the project, however it"s been revitalized under Trump.

Where walk Tom Steyer poll best?

Based on the 12 polls conducted by Insider since late August, we have the right to gather a sense of the geographical regions whereby candidates room overperforming as soon as it pertains to how satisfied voters would be if castle were liked as the presidential nominee. Despite the an initial four primaries room in the west Midwest, brand-new England, the southern Atlantic and Mountain regions, the four regions that allocate the bulk of the delegates come the autonomous National Convention space the south Atlantic (16%), Pacific (16%), Mid-Atlantic (16%) and Eastern Midwest (15%).

Voters in brand-new England were many satisfied v Steyer as a candidate in ~ a rate of 19.6 percentage points over various other regions. He additionally does fine in the West Mid-Atlantic (+2.4 percent points) and also West Midwest (+4.9 percent points). The polls worst in the eastern South an ar (-11 percent points) and also East Midwest (-7.1 percentage points).

How is Tom Steyer viewed by different wings that the democratic party?

Steyer does specifically well amongst those who figured out as neither liberal nor conservative. The underperforms among liberals.


Ruobing Su/Business Insider

How much money walk Steyer raise?

According to Steyer"s most recent commonwealth Election commission filing, 95% that his third-quarter donations to be self-funded. He donated $47.6 million come his own campaign and also raised about $2 million in external donations.

Could Steyer have actually beat Trump?

Only 12% of Democrats aware of Steyer think he"d beat Trump in the basic election, i m sorry is a fraction of the 30% that say as much for a usual Democrat.

How did autonomous voters feel about Steyer"s qualifications?

Insider has conducted polling about how voters feel about candidate features or qualifications. Us asked respondents about a perform of feasible qualifications and also if they make them an ext likely or much less likely to poll for a candidate because that president.

For example, amongst respondents who claimed they"d poll in the democratic primary, 19% claimed a candidate being a college professor made them likelier to assistance them, while 4% stated it do them much less likely to, for a +15% network favorability. We deserve to then view how different candidates" résumés stack up contrasted to those preferences.

Attributes perceived as most beneficial include his previous as one activist (+28%) and also Ivy League education and learning (+7%).

Attributes considered to be a liability based on the choices of self-reported autonomous voters incorporate his time together a structure owner (-4%), a company owner (-11%), his tiny time in government (-22%), and also that he prospered up wealthy (-42%).

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Recently, Steyer"s project was affiliated in 2 scandals once his southern Carolina state director resigned in connection with the thefts of Sen. Kamala Harris" project data and also a senior Steyer aide in Iowa said he available campaign donations to regional politicians in exchange for endorsements.