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Preston common the above photo ~ above Facebook, which shows her with Steven Tyler and John Mayer. (Facebook)

Preston is indigenous Denver and attended the Denver institution of Arts, according to her facebook page. She LinkedIn profile also shows that she to visit the American Musical and Dramatic Academy indigenous 2005 come 2007, earning an combine of arts in musical Theatre.

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After graduating, she gained a job working because that Donald Trump together a an individual assistant in the Trump company in brand-new York. Web page Six reports that Preston functioned for Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples and also was an assistant because that Victoria Beckham.

She then relocated on to job-related at XIX Entertainment, a agency that counts Tyler as among its clients.

In 2012, Preston started working because that Tyler and is based in Los Angeles.

Her Facebook and LinedIn pages display her last name as Schachter. The daily Mail reports the she was previously married to Scott Shachter, a talent agent.

2. Rumors that Preston Was more Than just Tyler’s personal Assistant began in 2014


Aimee reputation stands with Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler. (Facebook)

Less than 2 years ~ Tyler rental Preston as his personal assistant, rumors started that the two were dating.

“They’re not specifically dating yet it’s not a strictly experienced relationship either, it’s in the beforehand stages. She has actually been working through him for a couple of years now,” a source told the day-to-day Mail in march 2014.

The source continued, “It’s at an early stage days in between them, however they’re absolutely having funny together. She is his an individual assistant therefore she’s been following him everywhere.”

X17Online additionally published picture in march 2014 that showed Tyler and also Preston together in Malibu.

3. Tyler & preston Debuted together a couple at Elton John’s Oscar Party

Aimee Ann call de 28 años de edad, es la nueva conquista del vocalista de la banda de…

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MaracayExtrema) in march 12, 2016

Tyler and also Preston made your public debut together a pair at Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing Party for the Elton john AIDS foundation on February 28.

E! News reported that the 2 tried no to look favor a pair for the cameras, yet they weren’t totally successful. A photo of them holding hands to be published. They likewise weren’t afraid of mirroring that they space a couple in the party, a witness called E!.

4. Tyler & call Live with each other in Los Angeles

Steven Tyler in 2016. (Getty)

In march 2016, web page Six reported the Tyler and Preston are currently living together in Los Angeles. They also lived with each other in Nashville if Tyler was recording his solo country album.

Despite their relationship, a source told page Six that they still try to look professional. The resource told the site:

People are constantly wondering and now it’s type of lastly out in the open. Ns think at part point, because she is always with him and also does live with him, it’s like, ‘OK, it’s more than just a personal assistant.’ They’re the end together every one of the time. She doesn’t leave his side.

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5. This Isn’t Tyler’s an initial Time with a Much-Younger Woman

Steven Tyler and also Erin Brady in 2012. (Getty)

Tyler has actually a background of dating younger women, going every the means back come the beforehand days of Aerosmith. When he was 27, he met Julia Holcomb, who was just 16. The asked she parents to grant him guardianship the her. Holcomb likewise had an abortion throughout their relationship. In 2011, Holcomb joined the silent No more Awareness campaign, expressing remorse for having an abortion. Holcomb additionally wrote around her story in a 2011 Life site News op-ed.

Tyler has actually been married and also divorced twice. That was an initial married come Cyrinda Foxe from 1978-1987. He was married to Teresa Barrick native 1988 to 2006. The was engaged to Erin Brady from 2011 come 2013. Brady was 38 once they split.

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Between Brady and Preston, Tyler was photographed kissing The Hunger Games and All My youngsters actress Leven Rambin, 26, at the Elton man Oscar party in 2013. She’s currently married to actor Jim Parrack.

There were rumors the Rambin and also Tyler to be making the end at the party, but Rambin told Yahoo that it was “just an chaste hug and also kiss on the cheek come someone ns admire.”