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Steven man Wilkos is one American television personality, a previous law enforcement officer v the Chicago Police Department, and also a united States maritime Corps veteran. Since 2007, he has hosted The Steve Wilkos Show, and also from 1994 to 2007, he to be the manager of defense for Jerry Springer. Prior to being handed his speak show, that had already filled in because that Springer as host on many occasions.

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Background and Age

Steven man Wilkos was born on march 9, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois. His parents room Jeanette and also Stanley Wilkos. Steve's mother, Jeanette, to be passionate about making other women look an ext beautiful through engaging lock in beauty classes and practical sessions. Wilkos' father, Stanley, influenced his son since he had a job in the police force.

Wilkos attended Lane technical High School, where he graduated after transforming 18. Steve then found his passion for security which caused employment in the United claims Marines Corps for seven years. After his armed forces stint, he join the Chicago Police Department.

Marriage, Wife, and also Kids

Wilkos has actually been married several times in his life. His very first marriage was to Rosae Wilkos in 1985. Unfortunately, they damaged up their marriage two year later, in 1987. The breakup wasn't completely tricky as it might have been because that them since they had actually no youngsters together.

A few years ~ the divorce, Steve discovered a woman called Hannah, and also they gained married. Wilkos' 2nd marriage would likewise end sadly, and also the couple decided come divorce in 1999. In ~ this time, he to be just right into his new television job, where he was exposed to plenty of people, including women, who distracted that from his marriage. Throughout the period, he dropped in love through his current wife, a television producer named Rachelle.

Steve and Rachelle's love thrived fast, resulting in them to acquire married just a year after Wilkos' divorce indigenous Hannah. The pair tied the knot in the year 2000. Rachelle Wilkos has been a TV producer because that The Jerry Springer and her husband's show, The Steve Wilkos Show. Rachelle got into television production prior to her husband did. She had the ability to share tips and also guidance to help Steve adapt to the television world.

The happily married pair gave bear to two children, Ruby and Jack. Ruby was born ~ above October 14, 2003, while her brother Jack came into this people 20 months afterwards June 19, 2005.

Steve's wife, Rachelle, to be born in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, top top January 11, 1971. Rachael's mom, Maggie Varney, has actually something in common with Steve's mom, Jeanette Wilkos because they both try to make human being beautiful in your line of work. Maggie committed in dressing children's hair and established she own firm called Wigs for Kids. This agency grew beyond just making children look beautiful. It began to aid them, especially when lock had concerns with diseases that brought about hair loss.

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Steve has actually recalled countless times how his wife has been an anchor in his job path. She helped him regulate his animosity in the direction of staff top top The Jerry Springer Show. Wilkos could have a brief fuse due to the fact that of his vault jobs, but Rachelle was always there to calm him down.