Marjorie Elaine Harvey is one American-born fashion designer, fashion blogger, Instagram star and also entrepreneur. She is the founder that Lady Loves Couture. Elaine is additionally the 3rd wife to Steve Harvey. She husband is a famous American comedian that doubles up as a host and also the writer of Think choose a male Act favor a Lady.


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Marjorie to be born on 10th October 1964 in the United says as Majorie Elaine Ridge. As of 2020, Steve Harvey wife period is 55 years. Elaine is the daughter the Doris BriCareer (mother), however she has not pointed out anything concerning her father.

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Before relocating to college, Elaine Ridge invested her early on days with her parents and brother. ~ completing her high school education, Marjorie Harvey checked out the college of Memphis in Memphis, Tennesse.


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Steve Harvey's wife started the journey of building her fashion career automatically after dropping the end of college. She spent many of her time researching fashion. She traveled to different parts that the world attending fashion shows to enlarge her knowledge.

She started her job in June 2007 through a fashion blog known as The Lady Loves Couture. Some of the things she mutual on the blog were:

Fashion tipsWomen empowerment tipsSecrets to the beauties the the world Her fashion tours an easy etiquette indict

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The fashionista slowly walked the staircase the success through commercializing she passion. Marjorie Elaine released an online shopping website “Marjorie Harvey handbags” and “Marjorie Harvey’s Closet”.

The online platform is famous for the clothes and handbags. For this reason far, the virtual shopping website has been one of Elaine's most far-ranging milestones in her life and also career.

Harvey's wife is additionally the founder the the Steve and also Marjorie Harvey Foundation. This is an company that intends at boosting the living requirements of less privileged children and also families across the world.

Steve Harvey wife and also wedding

Elaine Ridge is the 3rd wife that TV host, producer, and radio personality Steve Harvey. That is said that the 3rd time is constantly a charm and also it turned out to it is in true because that Steve and also Elaine. It is throughout their 3rd trial at marital relationship that both uncovered their soul mates.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey dated for a few years prior to tying the knot on 25th June 2017. Marjorie Elaine Harvey age has proven that, in a relationship, period is just a number. Harvey is 7 years older 보다 Elaine, yet they are enjoying their happily ever before after.


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Before hooking up with Steve, she was formerly married twice and divorced once. Steve Harvey spouse Elaine was formerly married come Jimmy L. Townsend. Elaine was 23 years younger 보다 Jimmy.

The duo to be happily married till it was found that her husband was a Memphis drug dealer. He to be sentenced to life imprisonment. Elaine filed for a divorce and moved on.

Later on, she tied the knot for the second time, through Darnell Woods. The duo had actually three children from your courtship. The second marriage did not occupational out, as well.

Darnell was charged for drug cases similar to Marjorie Harvey ex husband, Jimmy. Darnell's properties, and also his club, were frozen. His ex-wife offered the society to Todd, a renowned NBA player, and she moved on.


Steve and also Elaine are elevating a blended household of seven kids, 4 from Steve and three native Elaine.

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From Steve's past unions, there is Brandi, Karli, and Broderick Harvey Jr. Native his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Steve Harvey additionally has a son named Wynton from his second wife, mary Lee.

From Elaine's marital relationship with Darnell Woods, there is Lori, Jason, and also Morgan, who have been adopted by Steve.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey net worth

Her fashion blog, Lady Loves Couture, and online shopping website space the primary contributors come Elaine's network worth. As of 2020, her network worth is estimated to be approximately $50 million.

The beautiful, bold, talented, and also charming Marjorie Elaine Harvey is a duty model come many. Many world look as much as her because that her good sense that fashion.

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