Steve Gleason is a celebrated security player because that the new Orleans Saints, whereby he spent many of his playing career. The is best known because that his blocked punting in a game against arch-rival Atlanta Falcons, which that will usage to respect the city that observed Hurricane Katrina in 2006.

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Steve Gleason Biography

Former NFL player Steve Gleason to be born on march 19, 1977, and also is one American citizen. He prospered up with his brother Kyle Gleason in Spokane, Washington with his parental Mike and also Gail Gleason. The attended the Gonzaga Preparatory school in Washington. In high school, he played soccer and played for the G-Prep. Gleason, that played exceptionally, to be successively forgive the protective MVP Award together a linebacker in the higher Spokane League.

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He once hosted the document for the GLS house run, i beg your pardon he broke in his an elderly year. If in high school, he received a scholarship to play football at Washington State University. After graduating high school in 1995, that honored the scholarship he received from Washington State university to pat football for the school team at funding Base University. While in ~ Washington State University, Gleason to be a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.

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The year he retirement from football, Steve Gleason married new Orleans native Michel Rae Varisco.

Michel Varisco was born top top 13 July 1967 in brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. She is a modern-day artist. Michel received her bachelor’s level in arts from Loyola University, brand-new Orleans. She also received a master’s level in good arts indigenous the very same university whereby her husband earned his master’s degree, Tulane University.

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Is Steve Gleason still Alive, whereby is the Today?

The last time anyone heard the Gleason was in 2018, his birthday. You could see that enjoying himself on his 41st birthday. Since returning from Ochsner Medical center where the is gift treated, Steve has intensified his war versus ALS by creating Team Gleason structure as component of “his mission to prove that patients v this condition can not only live but thrive ~ diagnosis.