Stephanie Tanner, depicted by actor Jodie Sweetin, was the spirited center child the the Tanner household in Full House. Sweetin reprised her role in the Netflix spinoff collection Fuller House.

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How old was Stephanie Tanner in the original sitcom? this is what we know around the middle Tanner child.


Michelle and also Stephanie Tanner ~ above ‘Full House’ | Walt Disney television via Getty photos Photo Archives

Stephanie Tanner flourished up ~ above ‘Full House’

Stephanie Tanner to be the younger sister come D.J. And also the enlarge sister to Michelle. Throughout the original Full House series, the character grew up alongside the other members the the Tanner household.

She ended up being the only Tanner sister attending she school. She had her first kiss and an initial pair of glasses. She even showcased she dancing and also singing an abilities on television and also with her friends. 

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How old was Stephanie Tanner top top ‘Full House’?

According to full House Fandom, during Full home Season 1, Stephanie Tanner was 5 to 6 year old. She to visit kindergarten and dealt through the loss of her mother. She to be a bubbly child and also pretty nosy, specifically when it concerned her larger sister’s diary.

Over the series, Stephanie’s bond grew with she sisters. She mutual a room both with D.J. And also then Michelle. During the eighth and also final season that Full House, Stephanie Tanner showed up as a 13-year-old. Together a teenager, she faced peer pressure at school and also eventually befriended the school’s bully, Gia. 

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Jodie Sweetin went back for the Netflix original series ‘Fuller House’

Sweetin went back to play Stephanie as an adult for Netflix’s spinoff series Fuller House, which takes location in the same San Fransisco house. Several years have actually passed because fans last observed the Tanner siblings. D.J. Is currently a widowed mommy of three, and also Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler relocate in with her to help with the kids.

According to Screenrant, Stephanie to be 34 years old at the begin of Fuller House.

“The display is so well-loved,” Sweetin said the Chicago Tribune. “My kids are seven and also five and also watch the show. They think it’s hilarious to view their mommy as a boy doing stunner stunts and also dance moves on the show.

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“They pertained to the set now and also are so excited to view me doing that again,” the actor continued. “They’ve known the actors their entirety lives from barbecues, birthday parties, and swimming.”

Episodes that Full House are available for streaming top top Hulu, while episodes of the spinoff Fuller House are obtainable exclusively ~ above Netflix.