Sonya Curry is one American educator that was born into too much poverty.Today, she is the proud mommy of among the greatest shooters in NBA History, Stephen Curry.

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Despite experiencing obstacles in life since of racism in America, she sought her dreams, married a exorbitant man, and raised three athletically gifted kids.

Sonya is often seen attending her children’s basketball games. The shows exactly how happy she is come celebrate their success and be there because that them in your failures.

Stephen Curry Mother: Sonya Curry put on a beautiful white dress.

So that is Stephen Curry’s mother? allow us uncover out an ext about Sonya Curry in this article.

Sonya Curry | fast Facts

Full NameSonya Alicia Adams Curry
Nick NameSonya
Birth DateMay 30, 1966
Birth PlaceRadford, Virginia
ResidenceCharlotte, phibìc Carolina
High SchoolRadford High School
UniversityVirginia Tech
Zodiac SignGemini
Mother’s NameCandy Adams
Father’s NameCleive Adams
Height5’3″ (1.60 m)
Weight119 lb (54 kg)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Marital StatusDivorced
Formed PartnerDell Curry
ChildrenThree (Stephen, Seth, Sydel)
Net Worth$6 million
Salary$100 k
Social MediaInstagram
Stephen Curry MerchJersey, Basketball Card
Last UpdateNovember, 2021

Sonya Curry: beforehand Life, Family, Education

Sonya Curry, the mother of Stephen Curry was born on might 30, 1966, in Radford, Virginia. Her parents to be Candy and also Cleive Adams.

In high school, mommy Curry played volleyball, track and also field, and basketball. Then, she saw Virginia Tech and also graduated through a level in Education. Sonya likewise met her previous husband, Dell Curry, at her college.

Growing up, Curry faced a most racism in her hometown, especially with the rise of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members. They go anything they might to intimidate the black human being in the community.

However, she did not let it prevent her from gaining her education because she knew she was as an excellent as the white people in her class. Instead, sheused the anger and also frustration she felt come motivate herself and also become the very first person in her household to walk to college.

Sonya is an extremely religious, and also her confidence in God also helped she navigate with her life fearlessly.

She made sure her children knew around the hardships she had actually to go with so they might live a comfortable life. She want them come be grateful for what castle had, therefore she frequently took castle to she hometown.

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Sonya Curry: Husband and also Kids

Sonya’s previous husband, Dell Curry, is a former skilled basketball player in the NBA. She has actually three children, Stephen, Seth, and also Sydel.

Stephen and Seth are both skilled basketball players, while Sydel was a college volleyball player at Elon University. Stephen plays because that the golden State Warriors and also Seth because that the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Curry Family: Sonya, Dell, and also their 3 children.

The Curry family had to relocate from one place to another because of Dell’s profession. As soon as Dell’s contract v the Cleveland Cavaliers ended, the signed with the Charlotte Hornets, and also they moved from Ohio to phibìc Carolina.

After Dell join the Raptors, they stayed in Toronto for a short while, yet they made decision to go back to Charlotte after his retirement.

Sonya Curry: Career

Sonya Curry is the founder that the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman, located in Huntersville, north Carolina. The preschool was founded in 1995.

From a an extremely young age, Curry was interested in ending up being a teacher. She also gathered kids from her neighborhood in her bedroom and helped them v their studies.

So, as a parent and also the Head that the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman, she wanted to produce a funny educational environment where students can learn to end up being God-honoring adults.

Sonya Curry: Divorce

After 33 years of marriage, Sonya and also Dell announced your divorce on august 23, 2021. It was a large shock to basketball fans, together the two were always seen attending your children’s gamings together.

The media considered them a “power couple,” so the decision to split up make many people question the reasoning.

Sonya Curry and her previous husband, Dell Curry.

At first, the divorce was portrayed as a common decision, yet it quickly took a turn when they started to suspicion each various other of infidelity. They both blamed the various other for gift unfaithful, and Sonya took most of the warm for it.

Because of her alleged affair through Steven Johnson, a former New England Patriots player, Dell refused to provide alimony to her.

However, Sonya refuse the allegations and also explained the she was living top top her very own after the separation.

Sonya faced a the majority of criticism native fans that expressed their disappointment in her. But, she clarified countless times the she walk not start dating Johnson until her separation native Dell.

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Stephen Curry’s Mother: net Worth

As the chairman of the Christian Montessori institution of Lake Norman, Sonya Curry makes a an excellent income on she own. Her yearly salary is roughly $100k, which allows her to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Sonya curry’s estimated net worth is $6 Million.

Stephen Curry’s Mother: social Media

The mother of 2 NBA players, Sonya Curry, is on society media, and also she is quite popular. However, she Instagram account is private, therefore you need to send she a request to follow she content.

Sonya doesn’t use Twitter or any kind of other form of society Media. For this reason if you want to gain to understand the mom of 3 better, you deserve to only discover her ~ above Instagram.

Instagram: 207k followers

Who is Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player born on in march 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio, joined States. The is the eldest son of Dell Curry and also Sonya Curry.

Curry spent most of his childhood in north Carolina. He checked out Charlotte Christian School, and he is a faithful Christian because of his spiritual upbringing.

NBA Player Stephen Curry attract a warriors Jersey.

Curry often price quotes the bible verses and openly talks about his beliefs.

He had the opportunity to watch his father’s basketball games many times, and also they would also let him and his brother play during the warmups. Therefore, his father had a significant influence on his trip to become an NBA All-Star.

Curry visited Davidson college in Davidson, phibìc Carolina, and played for the Davidson Wildcats basketball team. He winner the title of southern Conference’s Player that the Year double in a heat (2008, 2009).

In 2009, Stephen Curry to be selected through the Golden State Warriors with the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft.

Stephen Curry: Career

Stephen Curry dram the place of allude guard because that the gold State warrior of the NBA. He has actually remained v the warrior ever because his NBA breeze in 2009.

During his rookie year (2009-2010), he played 80 games and also became the an initial runner-up because that the NBA Rookie that the Year Award.

In the 2014-2015 season, he was voted the NBA Most an important Player because that the first time, and then he got the title again in 2016. Young Stephen became the first player since Michael Jordan (1989-1990) to score 118 point out in the an initial three games.

Curry is famous for using the three-point shot to his advantage during the games. He has actually single-handedly readjusted the perspective people had about shooting behind the three-point line.

Many players have actually tried come copy his technique, however his selection and form are difficult to imitate.

In short, Stephen Curry is a three-time NBA Champion, seven-time NBA All-Star, and four-time All-NBA first Team player.

Stephen Curry: Wife and also Kids

Stephen Curry is married to the Canadian-American actress and television personality Ayesha Curry. They shared their wedding vow on July 30, 2011.

Stephen and also Ayesha met because that the an initial time in a church youth group in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. Castle were only 15 and also 14 earlier then, for this reason they did not immediately hit the off.

Stephen Curry with his wife, Ayesha Curry.

The two started dating years later on when lock met each various other again in Hollywood, California. Ayesha to be pursuing acting, and also Stephen was attending one awards show. He to be still play college basketball at the time.

The couple has three kids together, Riley, Ryan, and also Canon. Favor Stephen, Ayesha is likewise a Christian and also a for sure believer in God. Lock have also instilled their beliefs in your children.

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Stephen Curry: network Worth, Salary, job Earnings

Stephen Curry is ranked #11 ~ above the Forbes list of the Highest-Paid Athletes in 2021. He makes $34.5 million as his salary and around $40 million from endorsements.

Stephen curry’s estimated net precious is $74.5 Million.

He has his own production firm called Unanimous Media and several brand deals, consisting of Under Armour, Callaway Golf, and CarMax.

The Warriors point guard has actually a $31 million mansion in Atherton, California.

Stephen Curry: social Media

Curry is a bright and also charismatic challenge to look forward to on society Media, especially since he uses it to encourage various other athletes and talk around his charity organizations.

He shares pictures of his beloved children, his beautiful wife, and also his golfing trips!

Instagram: 36 million followers

Twitter: 15.5 million followers

Stephen Curry’s Mother: FAQs

Is Sonya Curry still married come Dell Curry?

Stephen Curry‘s parents, Sonya Curry and also Dell Curry made decision to separate after gift married because that 33 years. The 2 filed for divorce on august 23, 2021.

Is Sonya Curry having actually an affair?

Despite the rumors, Sonya denied having actually an affair during her marriage with Dell Curry.

Instead, she admitted she is in a relationship with Steven Johnson, yet it didn’t begin until she separated native Dell in march 2021.

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Is Sonya Curry a teacher?

Curry is the Founder and also Head of a preschool in north Carolina referred to as the Christian Montessori institution of Lake Norman. That is a college that intends to overview students ~ above their course to living God-honoring lives.