Sonja Morgan commemorated her daughter Quincy Morgan’s 21st birthday on Wednesday night with a lavish bash — normally — well-documented on Instagram.

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“Here’s what 21 look at like,” the “Real Housewives of new York City” star, 57, captioned her Instagram post. “Happy birthday my dearest, irradiate of mine life, center of my universe.” Quincy comment under the post, “I LOVE YOU.”

Quincy celebrated her 21st date of birth in true Morgan style. She organized her birthday bash in ~ Sony hall in brand-new York City, and also her mother posted videos the dozens of human being dancing, balloons everywhere and also a three-tier cake. Quincy’s Instagram Story contained the evening’s drink menu, which consisted of the “SonjaRita.”

The mother-daughter duo had actually a picture shoot before her birthday bash.Instagram

Sonja has actually starred ~ above “RHONY” due to the fact that 2010, but she has kept her daughter the end of the spotlight. Unlike many of her co-stars, Sonja has actually yet to present her daughter to viewers.

The Sonja Sangria founder explained in a 2018 interview she didn’t desire to “drag anyone rather into” the show’s drama, “especially a young kid.”

Quincy at this time attends the university of Pennsylvania, and in May, made her Instagram file public, leaving fans wondering if that expected she to be one step closer to making her “RHONY” debut.

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Morgan is a small at the college of Pennsylvania. Instagram

“We’re walking to have to see,” Sonja told page Six in ~ the time. “This was the an initial step, going public through her Instagram … I know she’ll handle it well, but let’s see just how she feels around it and revisit the subject later. That knows? it’s her choice at this point. She’s an adult.”

Sonja share Quincy with ex-husband john Adams Morgan, 91. John’s great-grandfather started J.P. Morgan & Co. And also her father co-founded Morgan Stanley. Sonja and also John break-up in 2006 after virtually a decade of marriage.

Bravo has not exit information around Season 14 that “The actual Housewives of new York City.”