In an exclusive interview through, the Punky Brewster star, 45, opens up about her family's suffer with the condition last month as soon as three of she four kids tested hopeful for the virus.

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"I can't trace where it come from. We don't know exactly how they obtained it," Frye tells world while pointing out her partnership with GSK's Ask2BSure campaign. "It simply goes to that concept that so often we don't think miscellaneous can take place to united state or us don't think it will influence us or take place to us. Then once it does, it yes, really hits home."

"I thought that my youngsters just had actually a cold or the flu. Ns really didn't realize until my pediatrician motivated me to test them and then immediately went right into quarantine," she adds.

The actress, who shares daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 16, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 13, plus young Lyric Sonny Roads, 7, and Story, 5, with ex Jason Goldberg, reveals that her youngest kid was "hit the hardest" by COVID-19.

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The star claims that each one of her youngsters had a "very various experience" v the illness and adds the they have actually now "recovered" and are "thriving."

"I just wanted to nurture and love them and hold them and take care of them, i m sorry is what ns did. We quarantined. We stayed inside. We were just together all the time," she adds. "It additionally brought the end a the majority of emotions for me as a mother of four, since you just want to protect your kids. For this reason it was a real finding out experience."



Frye notes that her 2 older kids are vaccinated versus COVID-19 as they head earlier to school. The star states she is "really proud" of them together they to be "very much a part of making these decisions."

"They yes, really were asking around it," the actress says. "I think that it's tremendous to see young world being associated in the conversation and also being a part of making those choices."

When sharing the news of her kids' COVID-19 diagnoses last month, the actress additionally urged various other parents to acquire their kids tested should they show symptoms.

"I still don't recognize where my three kids captured this from. Every one of us that have been roughly them have actually tested negative. The is part of the an enig in this, how tough it is frequently to trace and also how simple it is to spread. You re welcome be safe," she composed at the time.

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