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Sheldon Cooper


Dr. Sheldon Cooper BS, MS, MA, PhD, and also ScD is a theoretical physicist at Caltech that is married come neurobiologistAmy Farrah Fowler, v whom he currently lives in Apartment 4B after years of sharing an apartment v his ideal friend and colleague, Leonard Hofstadter.

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Sheldon is known for his excellent mind but likewise his quirky behavior and also idiosyncrasies. Sheldon has actually a hard time knowledge sarcasm and is, through the exemption of his near friends and wife Amy, uncomfortable with countless social situations. Sheldon is exceptionally logical, but this comes at a price of regularly being crude oil ofcondescendingto others. Although Sheldon"s girlfriend are regularly the topic of his put downs and narcissistic behavior, castle have normally learned come live v Sheldon"s quirks. Bernadette says that Sheldon doesn"t understand when he"s being typical as "the part of his brain that should recognize is gaining a wedgie indigenous the rest of his brain".

Sheldon has countless interests, including comic books, video games and also sci-fi TV shows. Sheldon"s favourite TV shows include Battlestar Galactica, physician Who, Star Trek and Firefly. Sheldon knows numerous languages consisting of Finnish, Spanish, Mandarin, Persian and Arabic (and Klingon).

Although Sheldon does not enjoy the sport, he has actually a solid understanding that American football, thanks to his late father. Once Leonard wanted to learn more about football to ingratiate himself with Penny"s friends, Sheldon taught him football. Once the men spent Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz"s house, Sheldon bonded through Bernadette"s father, Mike Rostenkowski, over football and beer.

Sheldon generally stays clear of alcohol, drugs and also caffeinated beverages, despite he has made exceptions. Sheldon has been inadvertently drunk a number of times, typically at the hand of Penny. Sheldon voluntarily drank alcohol once he was nervous around giving a decided at an awards banquet. Sheldon likewise shared part beers v Bernadette"s father, Mike, one Thanksgiving.

Sheldon"s wardrobe has a big number the superhero and also other geeky t-shirts. He commonly wears a different shade long-sleeved shirt underneath his t-shirts.

Early Life and Family

Sheldon to be born in Galveston, Texas, to mary Cooper, a devout Evangelical Christian, and George Cooper, one alcoholic. Sheldon has actually an enlarge brother and a fraternal twin sister, Missy. Follow to mar Cooper, her two other children are "dumb together soup". Sheldon"s father passed away when he was fourteen.

Sheldon has actually a loving yet facility relationship with his mother, Mary. Although Sheldon greatly appreciates the love and support she provides him, he"s uncomfortable through her religious beliefs. As soon as Mary comes to town, Sheldon looks forward to she taking care of him together if he was a kid again. In spite of his fondness for his mother"s affection, Sheldon has at times longed because that the type of mother Leonard had actually in Beverly Hofstadter, a cold and distant mommy with a brilliant analytical mind.

Sheldon speaks fondly that his grandmother, who he calls Meemaw and also who calls the Moonpie. Cultivation up, Sheldon"s grandfather, who he dubbed Pop-Pop, to be the human who most motivated Sheldon"s interest in science. Pop-Pop passed away when Sheldon was five years old.

Sheldon"s scholastic brilliance began at an early age. Sheldon began college in ~ the period of eleven and also graduate at fourteen. That was, in ~ the time, the youngest human to receive the Stevenson Award, receiving it at fourteen and a half. Sheldon obtained his first doctorate at period sixteen. He spent a year together a visiting professor in ~ the college of Heidelberg in Germany.

As Sheldon and Amy tested your friends to check out who was many deserving the being ideal man and also maid of respect at their upcoming wedding, Sheldon revealed the his mommy was pushing for him to do Georgie his finest man. Sheldon included his brothers on the organization table, but gave him 0 points. Sheldon eventually settled on his finest friend, Leonard, gift his best man.

When Mary endangered not to attend Sheldon and Amy’s wedding if that didn’t invite his brother, Georgie, Sheldon tried come reach the end to gain him to attend the wedding. Georgie to be ignoring his calls, so Sheldon and also Leonard traveled to Texas to patch points up.Georgie to be annoyed that he was intended to fall everything and also cater to Sheldon, who hadn’t talked to him in ten years, as soon as he required something.

When Leonard visited talk to Georgie alone, they could relate over how complicated it is to take treatment of Sheldon and get no thanks in return. After hearing what Georgie had to perform for the household after your dad died, Leonard request Sheldon to apologize to his brother. Sheldon ultimately realized how Georgie aided him and the family members out after George Sr.’s death.

Mary, George and Missy every flew right into Pasadena to attend Sheldon’s wedding to Amy.

Relationship through Amy

After Howard and Raj secretly collection up an online dating profile because that Sheldon, the website suitable him through Amy Farrah Fowler, a neurobiologist. Howard and also Raj blackmailed Sheldon into meeting Amy v the danger of a dirty sock. As soon as Amy called Sheldon she just met v him due to the fact that of an covenant with her mother to day once a year, and after she educated him that all creates of physical contact (up to and including coitus) were turn off the table, Sheldon readily available to buy her a beverage.

After their an initial date, Amy and Sheldon texted each other for a few months. At the insistence of Penny, Sheldon and Amy went out on a appropriate date. Throughout this early on stage of their relationship, Sheldon categorized her together a "a girl that is mine friend however is not my girlfriend".

When Stuart asked Amy the end on a date, Sheldon proficient feelings of jealousy and also eventually known his feelings for Amy. After ~ Sheldon interrupted Amy"s date to convince her to stay with him, he and also Amy officially become boyfriend and girlfriend through the signing the the partnership agreement. Their relationship prospered closer once he cuddled an uncomfortable Amy ~ Bernadette and also Penny left her the end of wedding dress shopping. When the gang watched Howard"s room launch top top TV, in one small step because that Sheldon, he got hold of hold that Amy"s hand.

When Amy to be sick with the flu, Sheldon took care of her as was his duty under the relationship agreement. Amy enjoyed Sheldon taking treatment of her so much that she pretended to be sick even after she had actually recovered. Once Sheldon uncovered Amy"s deception, he determined to punish she by spanking her. After Sheldon lied to Barry Kripke around having a sexual connection with Amy, penny asked him directly out whether he would consider a physics relationship. Sheldon told her it to be a possibility.

When the whole gang play Dungeons and also Dragons one evening, Amy obtained upset that the guys were mocking her relationship with Sheldon. Amy request Sheldon if he believed their connection will ever get intimate. Sheldon told Amy the doesn"t consider their connection a joke and also that he would certainly not dominion intimacy out. Sheldon then played out the love potion scenario that the video game with Amy, lot to she delight.

For Valentine"s Day, Amy arranged a romantic weekend trip to Napa valley aboard a vintage train. ~ Sheldon spent the journey with a other train enthusiast, Amy confronted him about his behavior. Sheldon made Amy recognize she "manipulated" him through the perfect pilgrimage in quest of romance, so Sheldon sarcastically gave her the romantic she wanted. Sheldon drank wine, stared right into her eyes and also then kissed her. Despite he plan the kiss to it is in short and sarcastic, Sheldon lingered and seemed prefer he might have delighted in it. When Sheldon invested Anything Can take place Thursday v Penny, she take it him to watch a psychic. The psychic told Sheldon every his issues, personal and professional, would certainly be resolved if he commits completely to Amy.

When the girls chose to recreate your proms top top the roof of the apartment building, Sheldon was concerned Amy can be expecting an intimate evening, as is Sheldon, who didn"t to visit his high college prom, was eager for his first prom to go well and chose to take on all traditions connected with prom. As soon as Sheldon choose Amy on the night that the party, he to be overwhelmed and told her he couldn"t go. Sheldon later admitted he was worried the Amy would certainly be expecting castle to gain intimate ~ the party. Amy told him the she is constantly hopeful because that something to happen, however that she simply wanted to have actually a quite time. When Amy tried to tell Sheldon something, telling him he shouldn"t feel any kind of pressure to say that back, Sheldon jumped in and also said "I love you, too." Sheldon called Amy there is no denying he has feelings for her that can not be explained in any kind of other way.

Sheldon uncomfortable Amy as soon as he revealed he had actually signed up because that a one-way trip to colonize Mars without even discussing it with her. Although Sheldon didn"t initially understand Amy"s anger, he later on asked she if she would favor to submit a joint application for lock both to walk to Mars. ~ Sheldon wasnot invite toa physics symposium, he and Amy talked about how badly it feeling to it is in left out. Sheldon mentioned just how he used to feel together a kid as soon as his brother and sister wouldmake forts in the life room and not let that enter. Amy said they spend the night building a ft in the living. Sheldon had actually so lot fun he adjusted the parameters that the Relationship agreement to allow Amy to invest the night.

AfterSheldon interrupted your kissing come ask Amy whether he need to watch a new TV show, Amy to be angry the Sheldon wasn"t paying attention to her on their anniversary day night. Amy take it a couple of days away from Sheldon come think about their relationship. As soon as Amy contacted Sheldon again, she called him being his girlfriend was difficult and she necessary to take it a step earlier and re-evaluate your situation. After the video chat ended, Sheldon turned to the Gollum figure on his workdesk to ask what he have to do through a ring.

Following Amy’s declaration that she essential some time to take it a step back and re-evaluate their relationship, Sheldon pestered Amy to discover out whether they to be still together. After ~ he began insulting her, Amy announced that they were damaged up. Sheldon do the efforts to do Amy jealousy by return a crate of she stuff, consisting of a red bra the wasn’t hers. Sheldon more offended Amy additional when the filmed an episode of Fun with Flags complete of thinly veiled referrals to their split and also sent her the link. When an annoyed Amy confronted Sheldon about it, that took she watching the video clip as a authorize she wanted him back.

When Leonard and also Penny announced your intention to move in together, Sheldon tried to obtain Amy to be his brand-new roommate, but she denied. The emotional stress and anxiety of Amy leave him and also Leonard & Penny moving out led to Sheldon come revert to his 2003 self. After ~ Sheldon learned the Barry Kripke to be interested in asking Amy out, Sheldon made decision it was time for him to consider dating various other women.

During an interview because that a documentary about Leonard Nimoy and also Spock, Sheldon tried to it is in logical and rational, however he struggled to keep his emotions around the split in check. ~ realizing the he still had actually feelings for Amy, Sheldon ordered his engagement ring and also went to view her, just to catch her gift kissed goodnight through a man. Sheldon returned residence without talk to Amy.

To shot move on indigenous Amy, Sheldon chose it to be time to satisfy someone brand-new so he turned to Howard and Raj, who had originally collection him up v Amy. After they devised an digital scavenger hunting to shot find a woman an ideal for Sheldon, they spent an evening wait for somebody to show up at the apartment. Once an attractive and also intelligent woman arrived, Sheldon sent out her away together she had actually missed the deadline.

When nobody of Sheldon’s friends want to go v him to the aquarium top top Thanksgiving, Amy went along as a friend. ~ spending an exciting day v Sheldon, Amy dubbed him to ask if he to be interested in getting back together. Sheldon told she that gaining over her was no something he excelled at, therefore he assumed they should just remain friends.

As Sheldon was propelled mad by one earworm, he at some point realized the song he couldn’t gain out that his head was Darlin’ by the beach Boys. Sheldon assumed the song represented his connection with Amy, for this reason he ran over to her apartment to ask she to get earlier together. Return Amy was on a day with Dave in ~ the time, also he sustained Sheldon telling Amy just how he felt. After Sheldon and also Amy agreed come get earlier together, Dave encouraged Sheldon come kiss her.

When Amy’s birthday dropped on the work of the new Star battles movie, Sheldon was initially going to skip Amy’s birthday, even though they were earlier together. ~ Sheldon’s friends and Professor Proton do him watch that Amy was much more important, Sheldon decided to execute something huge for Amy’s birthday - coitus. Amy learnt about Sheldon’s surprised in advance and to be pleased that he was ready to be with her physically. ~ above the night, Sheldon and Amy gained over their nervousness and also spent the night together. After an enjoyable endure for castle both, Sheldon and Amy vowed to do it again ~ above her following birthday.

After Sheldon fell sick while Amy was away at a neurobiology conference, Amy encouraged Sheldon to be an ext empathetic towards his friends. As soon as Sheldon’s beloved Meemaw concerned town, she was there to size Amy up. As Amy and also Meemaw dropped out, Sheldon to be reluctant to stand as much as his grandmother. With Leonard and Penny’s encouragement, Sheldon protected Amy come his Meemaw. Amy uncovered out that Sheldon had actually an engagement ring the he"d to be planning to give her, Meemaw provided them she blessing if Sheldon wanted to provide the ring to Amy.

For their an initial Valentine"s Day ago together, Sheldon and Amy hosted a live edition of Fun through Flags. As soon as Sheldon prospered increasingly agitated together the call-in conference was dominated by Raj and also Barry Kripke"s connection problems, Amy do Sheldon check out that his girlfriend Raj was hurting just like he had throughout their break-up. Sheldon admitted that although the separation hurt him, he to be glad to have gone with it together his partnership with Amy was more powerful than ever.

When Amy wanted to repay Sheldon because that making her last birthday so memorable, she proposed throwing a date of birth party for Sheldon. Sheldon to be reluctant to have a party as he was still haunted by memories of his childhood parties, whereby his sister friends would pick on him and also nobody he invite would display up. After Sheldon agreed, Amy organized him a party v his nearby friends, Beverly Hofstadter, Barry Kripke, Leslie Winkle, Wil Wheaton, one-of-a-kind guest Adam West, and a video call indigenous Stephen Hawking. If toasting Sheldon, Amy stated she felt prefer she got the greatest gift the work he was born.

After Sheldon"s laptop died, Amy bought that a new laptop and offered to have his old one recycled for him. Amy believed Sheldon was being monster for not wanting to recycle his old laptop and refusing to explain why, so Sheldon establish it would certainly be much easier to display her than describe what was wrong. They drove come a storage unit, wherein Sheldon proved Amy that he had actually kept basically whatever he ever before owned. Amy tried to support Sheldon and thanked him for trusting with his secret.

When Amy"s apartment to be flooded by a burst water pipe, Leonard and Penny readily available to let Amy stay in his room in Apartment 4A, therefore she would be living v Sheldon. After they encouraged Sheldon to consider living v Amy as an experiment in cohabitation, he to be curious however thought it would be an unscientific experiment if he remained in his home environment where the is already comfortable. To carry out a neutral atmosphere for their experiment, Penny readily available to permit Sheldon and also Amy stay in Apartment 4B.

Before Sheldon and Amy relocated in together, Penny and Leonard each offered them advice for living with one more person. After ~ Sheldon and Amy moved in together, lock soon uncovered each other"s personal habits annoying. Although Sheldon slept comfortably, Amy struggled come sleep as he hogged the pillows and also pushed her the end of bed. The following morning, Amy was ready to contact the experiment off. ~ Sheldon pointed out that castle wouldn"t be very great scientists to finish an experiment after only twelve hrs of data, Amy agreed to proceed living together.

As they ongoing living together, Amy grew frustrated through Sheldon"s desire to control every aspect of she life there is no making any concessions himself. Throughout their first argument as a cohabiting couple, Sheldon thought about dating other people, however Penny do him see that he just cared for Amy. Sheldon admitted the he was worried about hurting Amy prefer his father provided to uncomfortable his mother. Sheldon learned come compromise and decided Amy didn’t need to follow a restroom schedule, and that they can share a toothbrush holder.

After the renovation occupational on Amy’s apartment was complete, Sheldon discovered out that Amy had been lying to him about the state that the apartment. When Amy apologised because that lying in order come keep remaining with him, Sheldon admitted the he taken into consideration their experiment in cohabitation to have been positive and was open to living with each other permanently. Sheldon considered whether to move ago to his old apartment through Amy or move elsewhere with her, yet he finally resolved on living through her in Apartment 4B. Once Amy and Sheldon cultivated brain cells from their very own skin cells, Sheldon became determined the they should have actually a infant together. Thinking they to be not ready for together a step, Amy withstood Sheldon"s do the efforts to which to her.

When Bernadette entered labor ~ above Amy’s birthday, Sheldon and Amy’s yearly routine the coitus on her date of birth was interrupted. After Bernadette to be sent home from the hospital together she wasn’t far enough along, Amy and also Sheldon returned to their bedroom to try get things started again. Amy provided Sheldon a existing of his own to get him back in the mood, but he was much more annoyed that Amy had actually been to The Wizarding civilization of bother Potter without him. After ~ Bernadette ultimately gave birth, Sheldon and also Amy went to the take care of Potter layout park together and also returned to the bedroom to finish Amy"s date of birth celebration.

During a pilgrimage to Texas for the holidays, Amy convinced Sheldon that they have to tell mar that lock were now living together. Sheldon was worried the his Christian mother would thing to them life in sin, but instead mar was just happy that Sheldon had uncovered someone embraced him. Sheldon to be insulted that his mother thought he was so weird that he would never accomplish anyone, therefore Sheldon and also Amy went out for a journey to patience down. When Sheldon said Amy the he knew they never should have told Mary around their living situation, Amy admitted the she knew it would certainly be fine together she had currently told Mary about their cohabitation. Sheldon objected come Amy reasoning he can"t manage his very own life, but Amy stated that in a connection they should aid each various other with your shortcomings.

When Amy to be offended that Sheldon had actually been sharing intimate details the their connection with his colleagues, Sheldon apologized come Amy and drew increase a perform of "Zones that Privacy" which will certainly govern what he shares with other people. Amy to be pleased with Sheldon"s apology and his desire to discover from his mistake, back she was a little put the end to uncover she was only in Sheldon"s 2nd most intimate zone, ~ one reserved for his very own private thoughts.

After Sheldon to be interested in Amy"s job-related on when an event of awareness takes ar in the brain, they agreed to work together. They collection out a variety of ground rule to store their occupational from affecting your relationship, but they shortly realized their job-related was garbage. When Sheldon and Amy started bickering, they i found it it enhanced the high quality of the work. Although Amy to be uncomfortable risking their partnership for your work, they continued to argue for the benefits of science.

When Amy was readily available a summer study fellowship in ~ Princeton university in new Jersey, she was unsure if she could leave Sheldon for 3 months. Once Amy called Sheldon her news, he congratulated she on the job and insisted she must take it, but Sheldon climate retreated to the bedroom upset. Leonard said Sheldon the Amy walking away to be an chance for him come prove the is a loving and also supportive boyfriend. Sheldon purchase Amy a suitcase for her trip and gave her his blessing. After ~ Sheldon called Amy he was in the the atmosphere if she was, they headed to the bedroom for their very first non-Birthday coitus.

While Amy to be away in ~ Princeton, she maintained in contact with Sheldon by videochat. After Sheldon verified up at the university cafeteria someday with his old admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, the men were immediately worried about her intentions and also Sheldon’s seeming obliviousness. In among their video chats, Sheldon called Amy just how he was spending time through a colleague, Dr. Nowitzki, that was a substantial fan that his work as well as tall, blond and also a former Olympic swimmer.

As Sheldon and also Ramona looked at his correspondence through famous world in his apartment, Amy video clip called Sheldon and also was surprised to uncover out Ramona to be there with him. Amy told Sheldon he was tired and also should go to bed. Penny tried to do Sheldon see that Ramona to be interested in being an ext than his friend, however Sheldon did no agree and insisted Ramona was just a friendly colleague.

When Ramona took having lunch for Sheldon come his office the next day, that asked she if she to be seeking a romantic relationship. ~ Ramona suggested she was and proceeded come kiss him, Sheldon instantly left his office, acquired a taxi come LAX airport, bought a ticket and boarded a plane. After he come in Princeton, he went to Amy"s apartment and knocked on she door. As soon as Amy opened up the door, Sheldon was down on one knee, hold an engagement ring. Sheldon asked Amy if she will certainly marry him.

After Amy welcomed Sheldon’s proposal, the revealed the he first sought approval from she father and also from his idol, Stephen Hawking. As soon as Amy invited Sheldon to stay with her in Princeton because that a couple of days, Sheldon join Amy for dinner through her colleagues. Once Sheldon spent the whole evening talking about himself, he and Amy had actually their first argument together an engaged couple. Sheldon vowed to shot be better at share the spotlight v her.

As Sheldon obsessed about finding the perfect date for his wedding to Amy, she heard him talking in his sleep and became persuaded there was a more relaxed next to Sheldon. When his attempt to check out his carefree side ended as quickly as that began, Sheldon agreed come let Amy do the huge decisions around their wedding.When Amy collaborated through Howard on a project involving prosthetics, Sheldon came to be jealous together they spent all their obtainable time working together.

As Sheldon and Amy started to arrangement their wedding, they decided to use a mathematical method called decision concept to limit the stress and anxiety of choosing between their completing visions for the large day. They break-up the significant wedding decisions in between themselves randomly, but eventually agreed to allow swaps as soon as they both establish they each cared more about particular decisions than others. Together they started to question each other’s choices and inflame problem by making deliberately provocative choices, they establish the wedding planning to be tearing castle apart. When Amy proposed just going under to City room for a wedding, Sheldon agreed and surprised Amy by suggesting they go the really next day. Together they waited because that their revolve at City Hall, Sheldon changed his mind and also said he want a very first dance v Amy in ~ a real wedding.

When Sheldon do Amy an authentic "Little home on the Prairie" dinner the night prior to her birthday, the old-timey food offered them both food poisoning and also disrupted your plans for your usual date of birth coitus. After they recovered in time to attend Halley"s first birthday party, Sheldon and also Amy decided to celebrate through a go on the bouncy house before finding a bedroom for coitus.

When Sheldon and also Amy uncovered the perfect location for their wedding, they to be dismayed to learn that Barry Kripke had already booked the to meet on that date for his date of birth party. The project of securing the venue fell to ideal man Leonard, who had actually to execute Barry’s dirty occupational to win him over. After Amy balked at the idea of permitting Kripke to song at your wedding, she and also Sheldon determined to consider other venues.

After Sheldon got an invitation to visit the diverted cabin that a reclusive genius, Dr. Wolcott, with whom he’d to be corresponding, Sheldon got a look in ~ the kind of way of life that can have been his future if he had actually not met Amy.

When Sheldon overcame his early stage doubts about the brand-new woman functioning at Stuart’s comic book store, he flourished enthusiastic around Denise and also her understanding on the subject, prompting feel of jealousy in Amy. Together a result, Amy sought of Denise’s help so she too could talk come Sheldon about comic books. Unfortunately for Amy, Sheldon was so worn out by the lively discussion with Denise the comic publications were the last thing on his mind.

Marriage to Amy

The day before Sheldon and Amy"s wedding, Amy watched as Sheldon to be obsessively tying and also untying his bow tie. When she request what he to be doing, Sheldon admitted he was trying to get it perfectly even. Amy said him that it doesn"t should be even and also that sometimes a small asymmetry watch good. As soon as Amy asked if Sheldon was experiencing any kind of wedding jitters, that assured her the nothing might stop that from marrying her.

On the day of the wedding, ~ Sheldon"s mom told him how proud she was of him, she tried to straighten his bow tie. Sheldon stopped her, speak it"s supposed to be a little asymmetrical. After Marycommented that periodically it’s the imperfect stuff that provides things perfect, Sheldon had a speed of inspiration and rushed to check out Amy. Your wedding to be delayed as they excitedly functioned on a brand-new theory of supervisor asymmetry.

After coin dragged Sheldon and also Amy far from their scientific occupational to gain married, Sheldon discovered that Howard had arranged for the ceremony to it is in officiated by note Hamill. Sheldon and also Amy had prepared their very own vows, i m sorry drove their officiant come tears. After mary Hamill pronounced castle man and also wife, Sheldon and also Amy walked back down the aisle as Barry Kripke sang castle out.

Notable Friendships

Sheldon"s ideal friend is Leonard, through whom Sheldon shared an apartment for roughly 13 years. Although Sheldon deserve to be dismissive that Leonard and also his accomplishments, Sheldon is really dependent top top Leonard together a friend and formerly a roommate. Leonard is put upon to handle countless chores for Sheldon, consisting of driving him around and collecting Sheldon’s food. Sheldon periodically overlooks the sacrifices Leonard has actually made, together as not living with his fiancee, to accommodate Sheldon.

Sheldon has occasionally displayed a softer side towards Leonard. When Sheldon heard Penny can be considering dumping Leonard, Sheldon asked her no to hurt his friend. As soon as Leonard temporarily relocated out that the apartment because of Sheldon"s annoying behavior, Sheldon tried consistently to get Leonard to return home. Sheldon was an extremely concerned because that Leonard when he required minor surgery. Once Sheldon feared he was losing his mind due to the fact that of a track stuck in his head, that made a video which told “Crazy Future Sheldon” the “you can trust v your life. And also does much more things for you 보다 I deserve to even start to list.”

When Sheldon and also Leonard’s family involved town the day prior to Leonard and also Penny’s second wedding ceremony, Mary and also Alfred left the restaurant together. Sheldon and Leonard to be both worried their parents could get together, making castle stepbrothers. In ~ the ceremony, Sheldon stood up and told Leonard and Penny that they room both of great importance come him.

When Sheldon required a location to work-related away indigenous Amy, he rented his old room earlier from Leonard and also Penny. Despite Leonard’s fears that tenant Sheldon would be just as annoying as roomate Sheldon, he was perplexed when Sheldon to be a version tenant. Leonard to be frustrated that Sheldon can be considerate once he tried. When Leonard tried to evict that under the tenancy agreement that Sheldon drew up, he acquired a reminder that the old Sheldon, who had actually put a loophole in the agreement. Although he failed come dislodge Sheldon native the apartment, Leonard was relieved that he was once again taking care of the an overwhelming Sheldon he was supplied to.

Sheldon originally took a disapproving mindset to Leonard welcoming Penny into their society group, though he has because come to value her as a friend. Sheldon has displayed appreciation because that Penny when she has cared for him once he was sick or as soon as she took him in because he to be locked the end of his apartment. Sheldon returned the favor by taking treatment of Penny once she injured her shoulder.

When Amy offered Sheldon a party to celebrate his birthday, he all of sudden felt overwhelmed when he observed all the guests and presents. After Sheldon retract to the bathroom, Penny went to comfort him. Penny told Sheldon the it was it s okay if he wasn’t able to go earlier out come the party. Penny pointed out how, in ~ one point, she can have been favor the girl who provided to torture Sheldon, however that he’s now one the her favourite people.

Sheldon saves lot of his condescension and also scorn because that Howard, who career the looks under on with great pleasure. As a result of Sheldon"s antagonism towards him, Howard has not been together tolerant that Sheldon"s quirks together the other guys. Sheldon see himself as Howard"s contempt apathetic tertiary friend and described Howard together a treasured acquaintance, quite than a friend. In an effort to enhance their friendship, Howard invited Sheldon follow me to check out him provide a speech at NASA in Houston. When their aircraft was struggle by turbulence, Howard and Sheldon apologized to each various other for their previous behavior.

After Howard had actually the idea of structure on Leonard and Sheldon’s occupational on superfluid helium to construct a quantum gyroscope, they checked out the university to use for a patent. The guys were disheartened to find out that the university would very own 75% of the patent rights and also Howard’s name could not be provided on the patent. Together a result, Sheldon and also Leonard agreed to separation their share v Howard, leading Sheldon to draw up a contract. ~ Bernadette pointed the problems Howard has had actually with Sheldon in the past, Howard said Sheldon the he to be concerned around how Sheldon might treat him. ~ Penny said that Sheldon encompass a clause in the contract that avoids him from denigrating Howard or his work, Sheldon also included a clause that gifted a quarter of his share come a college money for the Wolowitz baby.

As Howard freaked out over the prospect of elevating a son given his lack of interest in traditionally masculine areas like sports, he and Sheldon invested some time together structure a model rocket. In spite of their rocket’s spectacular failure, Sheldon assured Howard the his kid will be happy to have him as a father.

After Howard discovered a dog in his backyard, he referred to as the owner come come collection his pet. When Howard opened the door come the dog’s owner, he to be stunned to uncover it to be Star wars actor note Hamill. When note insists the there need to be miscellaneous he deserve to do because that Howard in return, Howard has actually an idea which leader to mark Hamill officiating Sheldon and Amy’s wedding.

Sheldon and Raj"s friendship has additionally seen its share of drama, an especially when Sheldon offered Raj a project working with him.When Raj chose not to rely on his father’s money anymore, Sheldon went through Raj"sfinances and made a strict budget for him to live in ~ his means.

When the remainder of the group made decision to go to a wine tasting event, Sheldon invite a pregnant Bernadette to invest the evening with him instead. Regardless of her initial fears around spending time with Sheldon, Bernadette had actually fun play a Dungeons and Dragons video game that Sheldon devised, in which Bernadette to be a brave warrior queen whose husband was moving their baby. Bernadette evaluate not having to it is in “pregnant Bernadette” because that a night.


Sheldon was available the possibility to command a 3 month expedition to the phibìc Pole to research monopoles. Despite their early stage reluctance at spending three months in a ice cabin v Sheldon, the other guys welcomed Sheldon"s request to accompanying the there. As soon as the guys returned indigenous the expedition, Sheldon to be upset to discover the guys had actually manipulated his data with an electrical can opener. Having currently publicly announced his results, Sheldon returned home to Texas in shame. The guys flew out to choose him increase and, when Sheldon got exhausted of his mother"s spiritual views, he went back to Pasadena.

Sheldon thought he uncovered a technique for producing a brand-new heavy element and also was pleased once a Chinese research team apparently tested his an approach with promising results. Sheldon shortly realized that made a mistake and also was uncomfortable being praised for his inadvertently discovery. Leonard later disproved Sheldon"s discovery, forcing him to retract his findings.

After Sheldon grew frustrated in ~ his lack of momentum in his string concept research, he made decision to move field and also chose to focus on dark matter. Sheldon was angered once the college refused his inquiry to move his field of study. The university"s refusal was among the reasons that brought about Sheldon leaving Pasadena on a cross-country train journey. As soon as Sheldon went back to the university, they uncovered a equipment to allow him to readjust his research study as long as the teaches a class as a junior professor.

When Howard found out he was going to be a father, he identified he needed to earn more money. He realized that Leonard and also Sheldon"s occupational on superfluidhelium can be used in quantum vortices for guidance systems. Sheldon, Leonard and Howard agreed to occupational together and also applied because that a patent in ~ the university. Despite the college taking 75% that the profits and not permitting Howard come be named on the patent, Sheldon and also Leonard agreed to split their share through Howard.

WhenHoward, Leonard and Sheldon met through the Air force representative to discuss their accuse system, Sheldon landed the guys with a harsh deadline. Together they functioned hard to fulfill the impossible deadline, Sheldon turned come caffeine to strength him through and also soon fear he was addicted to the stimulant. The guys eventually spoke to Colonel Williams and realized they were worrying over nothing, together government contractors rarely accomplish their deadlines.

When geologist Bert winner a MacArthur Genius Grant, Sheldon was conquer with feelings of jealousy. As he struggled to resolve his toxicity feelings, he consistently injured himself. Sheldon’s friends contacted Stephen Hawking to assist Sheldon know that also the best scientists occasionally have actually feelings of skilled envy.

When Sheldon proved to be a distraction come Howard and Leonard together they worked to finish the indict system, Leonard gave Sheldon a gift he’d been holding ~ above to because that a while: ticket to visit the Nevada north Railway. Sheldon was thrilled and immediately started to learn more about being a train engineer, but Leonard and also Howard’s pleasure with Sheldon’s lack came to an abrupt end when Colonel Williams request the men make the guidance mechanism smaller, which they can only execute with Sheldon’s help.

After the guys commemorated the successful finish of the an initial stage of their guidance system project, they were shocked to uncover the Air force had cleaned the end their lab and had taken over the project.

When Sheldon heard the the Professor Proton display was being revived, he made decision to audition for the role. ~ his audition tape was no well got by his friends, Sheldon turned to his girlfriend Wil Wheaton for exhilaration tips. Sheldon to be angered as soon as he heard the news that Wil to be going to be the brand-new Professor Proton and tried to to convince him to give up the part. When Wil refused to ago out that the show, Sheldon put him back on his list of mortal enemies.

When Bert offered Sheldon the opportunity to job-related with him on a geology project, Sheldon publicly spurned his offer and also was dismissive the the field. Later, Sheldon sneakily saw Bert’s office come say he would certainly be open to working v him, so long as it’s in the evening after everyone has gone home. After ~ Bert realized that Sheldon to be ashamed to it is in working with him, he made decision he didn’t want Sheldon working through him. When Sheldon finally went come apologize to Bert and also ask to work with that again, Bert had replaced Sheldon with Leonard.

After Leonard and also Howard found out the Sheldon to be working through the armed forces on their guidance mechanism behind your backs, they decided to contend with Sheldon and also pitch an alternate design to the military. When Leonard and Howard turned come Barry Kripke for aid with the project, that stole your idea and took the proposal come the military.

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TriviaFull name:Sheldon Lee Cooper.Birth date: February 26, 1980.Home town: Galveston, Texas.Sheldon and also Leonardare both called after the well known TV producer and actor Sheldon Leonard.Sheldon had 212 girlfriend on MySpace.Sheldon is fluently in Morse code.Sheldon has actually an IQ of 187.Sheldon"s favorite amino acid is lysine.Sheldon has actually a fear of birds and of nets.Sheldon"s favourite number is 73.Sheldon has had restraining orders indigenous Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Carl Saganand bill Nye.