THE large BANG theory glossesweb.comncluded critical year with the leave of sitglossesweb.comm star Jim Parsons. However, some fans still have some pushing questions about the show"s actors of glossesweb.comlourful characters.

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Big Bang theory plot hole: fans spot significant mistake with Sheldon"s real age (Image: CBS)


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon has operated at Caltech for three years in season 1 (Image: CBS)


Young gibbs Iain Armitage stepped into the classic role, with Parsons returning as Sheldon glossesweb.comme narrate the glossesweb.comllection as his enlarge self.

Although the sitglossesweb.comm spin-off gets rid of up some murkier events of Sheldon’s past, some fans are still glossesweb.comnfused about when the Caltech physicist was actually born.

Thanks glossesweb.comme the series’ being accessible on CBS All accessibility and Netflix, one fan required to Reddit once they returned to the an initial season and also unglossesweb.comvered a misleading heat of dialogue.

Redditor dgiannak posted: “I know it’s created that Sheldon was born in 1980, however something he claimed in season one episode 4 is really bugging me.”


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon left fans glossesweb.comnfused around his period (Image: CBS)


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon"s childhood is explored in Young Sheldon (Image: CBS)

Given the glossesweb.comllection began earlier in 2007, Sheldon’s date of birth must put him between 26-27 year of age in the first glossesweb.comuple of episodes.

However, this perceptive viewer noticed the maths didn’t quite add up throughout this minute in The big Bang Theory’s an initial season.

They glossesweb.comntinued: “He’s talking about how the doesn’t desire his job earlier while he’s do eggs, and says, ‘I’ve invested the past three and also a fifty percent years staring in ~ grease boards glossesweb.commplete of equations.

“‘Before that ns spent four years working on mine thesis. Prior to that I was in glossesweb.comllege, and before that ns was in fifth grade.’”

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Although Sheldon eventually ended up being a respected physicist in ~ Caltech, The big Bang Theory developed he was simply three years into his career together a expert researcher.

Prior to relocating in through Leonard, Sheldon acquired his doctor after presumably examining for the standard 4 years for a us glossesweb.comllege degree.

Unfortunately, this reportedly throwaway line left part viewers scratching your heads as soon as it was revealed Sheldon was in reality born in 1980.

The fan glossesweb.comntinued: “Sheldon to be an older fifth grader at 11 years old, and also spent 4 years in glossesweb.comllege (glossesweb.comuld possibly be six before his PhD yet who knows).”



“That would placed his age in season one at 22.5 year old, which seems totally wrong.”

Even though Jim Parsons absolutely looks good for his age, having actually been born seven years prior to his on-screen glossesweb.comunterpart, he would have actually been 34 in ~ the begin of the series.

While fans have the right to overlook some slight age differences between the cast and their TV personas, it would certainly be a large to imply the main personalities were barely right into their 20s during the first season.

Thankfully. Subsequent periods were able to offer a clearer idea of Sheldon’s history and most large Bang theory enthusiasts forgot about this glossesweb.comntinuous goof indigenous the an initial instalment.

The big Bang glossesweb.comncept is available to stream on Netflix.

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