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This post is about the U.S. Senator from Vermont. Because that the 2014 Massachusetts State Senate candidate, check out Patrick Leahy (Massachusetts).

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Patrick Leahy (b. In march 31, 1940, in Montpelier, Vt.) is a autonomous member that the United claims Senate. Leahy was very first elected come the Senate in 1974. Leahy serves as president agree tempore the the Senate in the 117th Congress.<1>

Leahy won re-election in 2016.<2> He beat Scott Milne (R) in the basic election.

He was the first Democratic candidate to victory a U.S. Senate election in Vermont.<3>

On November 15, 2021, Leahy announced he would certainly not seek re-election in 2022.<4>

Based on analysis of multiple outside rankings, Leahy is one average democratic member the Congress, definition he will certainly vote with the autonomous Party ~ above the bulk of bills.


After earning his J.D. Indigenous Georgetown University, Leahy was admitted to the vermouth bar.<5> He exercised law and also was state"s attorney for Chittenden County because that eight years before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 1974. He was born blind in one eye.<5>


Below is one abbreviated summary of Leahy"s academic, professional, and also political career:<6>

1975-Present: U.S. Senator indigenous Vermont2021-Present: President pro tempore the the Senate2012-2015: President pro tempore of the Senate

Committee assignments

U.S. Senate


Leahy was assigned to the following committees:


Leahy was assigned come the following committees:


At the start of the 115th Congress, Leahy was assigned to the following committees:<7>


Leahy offered on the complying with committees:<8>

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry CommitteeAppropriations CommitteeJudiciary Committee, Ranking Member2013-2014

Leahy offered on the complying with committees:<9>

Judiciary ChairmanSubcommittee ~ above Oversight, Federal legal rights and agency ActionSubcommittee top top Immigration, Refugees and also Border security Agriculture, Nutrition & ForestrySubcommittee ~ above Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, Marketing and farming Security Subcommittee top top Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Food and agricultural ResearchSubcommittee ~ above Conservation, Forestry and Natural sources AppropriationsSubcommittee on Transportation and also Housing and Urban Development, and also Related agencies Subcommittee ~ above State, international Operations, and also Related ProgramsSubcommittee on room of the Interior, Environment, and also Related AgenciesSubcommittee on room of countryside Subcommittee on room of Defense Subcommittee ~ above Commerce, Justice, Science, and also Related agencies 2011-2012

Leahy offered on the adhering to committees:<5>

Judiciary Chairman administrative Oversight and also the courts The Constitution, polite Rights and also Human civil liberties Immigration, Refugees and also Border security Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry Conservation, Forestry and also Natural resources Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Food and agriculture Research Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, Marketing and farming Security Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science and Related organ Defense Homeland defense Interior, Environment and Related organ State, international Operations, and also Related organ Chairman Transportation, Housing and also Urban Development, and Related Agencies

Key votes

See also: vital votes

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Key votes: 116th Congress, 2019-2020

On might 22, 2015, the Senate passed HR 1314, i beg your pardon was offered as a legislative automobile for trade law with the title "Trade action of 2015" and also the "Bipartisan Congressional trade Priorities and also Accountability action of 2015," by a vote of 62-37. The bill proposed offering the president trade promotion authority (TPA). TPA, also known as quick track authority, allows the president to negotiate trade deals that cannot be amended through Congress. Conference casts a simple up or under vote ~ above a profession agreement, and also the legislation only requires a simple bulk for approval. The bill additionally included a explain of profession priorities and also provisions for trade adjustment assistance. Leahy voted with 30 other autonomous senators versus the bill.<53><54>Trade promotion authority On might 5, 2015, the Senate voted to give SConRes11, a congressional budget plan proposal because that fiscal year 2016, by a vote of 51-48. The non-binding resolution will certainly be used to create 12 appropriations bills to money the government prior to funding runs the end on October 1, 2015. The vote marked the first time because 2009 the Congress approved a joint spending plan resolution. Every 44 Democrats, including Leahy, voted versus the resolution.<58><59><60>

Defense spending authorization

top top June 18, 2015, the Senate passed HR 1735 - nationwide Defense Authorization Act because that Fiscal Year 2016 by a vote of 71-25. The invoice "authorizes FY2016 appropriations and also sets forth policies for department of Defense (DOD) programs and also activities, including military personnel strengths. It does not provide budget authority, i m sorry is noted in subsequent appropriations legislation." Leahy voted through 21 Democrats, two Republicans and one Independent versus the bill.<65> The house passed the bill on might 15, 2015.<66> president Barack Obama vetoed the invoice on October 22, 2015.<67>

2015 budget

On might 7, 2015, the Senate voted to approve HR 1191 - A bill to carry out for conference review and oversight that agreements relating come Iran"s atom program, and for other purposes, by a poll of 98-1. The bill forced President Barack Obama to send the details of the nuclear attend to Iran for congressional review. Congress had actually 60 work to testimonial the deal and vote come approve, disapprove or take no activity on the deal. Throughout the testimonial period, sanctions on Iran can not it is in lifted. Every 43 democratic senators that voted, including Leahy, authorized the bill.<71><72>

Hire more Heroes plot of 2015 ~ above September 15, 2015, the Senate voted because that a 2nd time to filibuster the measure up to refuse of the Iran nuclear deal by a poll of 56-42.<75> Sixty votes were required to proceed to HJ Res 61 - the Hire much more Heroes act of 2015, the legislative auto the Senate was intended to use to reject of the Iran nuclear deal. Leahy voted through 39 Democrats and also two Independents against proceeding come the measure up of disapproval.<76> The regulation was vote on for a third time top top September 17, and it failed for a 3rd time through a vote of 56-42.<77>

Hire much more Heroes plot of 2015 4th vote on June 2, 2015, the Senate pass HR 2048 - the Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and also Ensuring Effective technique Over security Act of 2015 or the USA freedom Act that 2015 by a vote of 67-32. The regulation revised HR 3199 - the USA PATRIOT development and Reauthorization plot of 2005 by terminating the bulk collection of metadata under Sec. 215 that the act, requiring boosted reporting native the foreign Intelligence surveillance Court and also requiring the usage of "a specific selection term as the communication for national security letter that request details from cable or electronic communication organization providers, financial institutions, or customer reporting agencies." Leahy voted through 42 Democrats, 23 Republicans and one live independence to provide the legislation. It came to be law ~ above June 2, 2015.<80><81>

Cyber security

~ above October 20, 2015, the Senate voted versus proceeding to a vote on S 2146 - the protect against Sanctuary Policies and Protect american Act by a vote of 54-45. The invoice proposed withholding federal resources from "sanctuary jurisdictions" the violate the Illegal immigrant Reform and Immigrant obligation Act that 1996 and other federal immigration laws. In addition, the bill proposed enhancing "penalties for people who illegally reenter the United says after being removed" and providing "liability protection for State and also local law enforcement who cooperate through Federal law enforcement."<84> Leahy voted through 41 Democrats, one Republican and also two Independents against proceeding to the bill.<85>

113th Congress

The 2nd session that the 113th congress enacted right into law 224 the end of the 3215 presented bills (7 percent). Comparatively, the 112th Congress had actually 4.2 percent of introduced bills enacted into law in the second session.<86> The Senate evidenced 13,949 the end of 18,323 executive, management nominations got (76.1 percent). For much more information pertaining come Leahy"s voting document in the 113th Congress, please watch the below sections.<87>

National securityJohn Brennan CIA nomination

~ above February 4, 2014, the Democratic regulated Senate authorized the Federal farming Reform and also Risk monitoring Act that 2013, H.R. 2642, additionally known together the farm Bill.<89> it passed the Senate with a vote of 68-32. The practically 1,000-page invoice reformed and also continued various programs the the room of farming through 2018. The $1 sunshine bill expanded chop insurance for farmers by $7 billion over the next decade and also created brand-new subsidies because that rice and also peanut growers that will kick in if or once prices drop; however, cut to the food rubber stamp program cut an mean of $90 every month for 1.7 million human being in 15 states.<90> Leahy joined through 46 other autonomous senators in donate of the bill.

2014 Budget

Leahy voted because that H.R.325 -- No Budget, No pay Act of 2013. The invoice passed the Senate on January 31, 2013, v a poll of 64 - 34. The function of the invoice was to temporarily suspend the debt ceiling and also withhold the salary of members the Congress till a budget plan could it is in passed. The vote largely complied with party lines with Democrats overwhelmingly sustaining it and also many republicans in opposition come the bill.<94>

Government shutdown check out also: unified States spending plan debate, 2013

Leahy voted against Senate amendment 1197 -- needs the completion of the Fence follow me the joined States-Mexico Border. The amendment was rejected through the Senate on June 18, 2013, through a vote of 39 - 54. The purpose of the amendment to be to call for the completion of 350 mile of fence defined in the Illegal immigrant Reform and Immigrant duty Act of 1996 before registered provisional immigrant status may be granted. It would also require 700 mile of fence it is in completed before the condition of registered provisional immigrants may be adjusted to long-term resident status. The vote followed party lines.<97>

Social issuesViolence against Women (2013)

Leahy voted for the budget cliff damage bill, which do permanent most of the bush tax cuts originally passed in 2001 and also 2003 while also raising tax prices on the greatest income levels. The bill was happen in the Senate by an 89 - 8 vote on January 1, 2013.<99>


Marijuana laws

In respectable 2013, Leahy referred to as for Attorney general Eric Holder to resolve conflicts in marijuana laws between states and also the commonwealth government. V an increasing number of states legalizing the medicine for recreational use, Leahy composed in his statement come Holder: "It is important, especially at a time of budget constraints, to determine whether it is the finest use that federal sources to prosecute the personal or medicinal usage of marijuana in claims that have actually made such consumption legal."<100>

It was later on announced the a hearing on the problem would be hosted with Holder and the Senate Judiciary Committee top top September 10, 2013.<101> Leahy referred to as for Sen. Edge Paul (R-KY) to serve as a witness top top a mandatory medicine minimum panel.<102>



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Patrick Leahy go not record to run for re-election.


see also: United states Senate choice in Vermont, 2016

Heading right into the election, glossesweb.com rated Vermont"s U.S. Senate gyeongju as for sure Democratic. Incumbent Patrick Leahy (D) beat Scott Milne (R), Cris Ericson (United states Marijuana), Pete Diamondstone (Liberty Union), and Jerry Trudell (Independent) in the basic election on November 8, 2016. Leahy defeated Cris Ericson in the autonomous primary on august 9, 2016.<2><103><104>

U.S. Senate, Vermont general Election, 2016
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    Democratic Patrick Leahy Incumbent89.1%62,249
Cris Ericson 10.9%7,596
Total Votes69,845
Source: vermont Secretary the State
Campaign themes

The following problems were listed on Leahy"s project website. Because that a complete list of project themes, click here.

Promoting vermouth Brand and also Products: Patrick Leahy bring Vermont concepts to the nationwide stage. That is the dad of the national organic standards and labeling program, which he forged with Vermont"s farmers at a time once Vermont organic farming was a fledgling sector. Because Leahy"s organic farm bill to be enacted, organic agriculture has blossomed right into a $30 billion market. Efforts in vermont to connect local farmers with institution cafeterias led Leahy to author a national farm to school give program.Sowing seeds of financial Growth and Job Creation: vermont faces economic challenges and Senator Leahy is functioning to take it those head on. This consists of helping the Windham County region move previous the effects of vermouth Yankee"s retirement toward a diversified economy that contains a strong green building sector. In northern Vermont he is top by happen economic advancement funding come the Northeast Kingdom v a distinct federally designated Rural economic Area cooperation Zone (REAP) the prioritizes applications for commonwealth funding.First Responders and Law Enforcement: councilor Leahy often points to his service as Chittenden county State"s Attorney together his guidepost because that his legislative initiatives on the Judiciary Committee. He champions the needs of crime and also domestic violence victims. He co-authored the Bulletproof Vest approve program which has helped purchase 4,400 life-saving vests for local regulation enforcement police officers throughout Vermont since 1999. He supports state and local regulation enforcement through ar Oriented Policing Services and also Homeland protection grants, the last of i m sorry Senator Leahy established a small-state minimum in the 2001 Patriot plot that led to over $100 million for vermont Firefighters, Police, and also Public safety and security officers.Global Leadership: Vermonters pat an active duty in pass our values to global world affairs. The eco-friendly Mountain State has the highest per capita percentage of peace Corps volunteers. Numerous Vermonters work for non-governmental organizations roughly the world. Plenty of others execute volunteer work-related through relief organizations or your churches. Senator Leahy share the global perspective in the vermont spirit and has chalked up many legislative accomplishments on an international issues.Champion because that the Environment: senator Leahy is a steward the the environment. His advocacy has actually lead to millions of dollars because that clean water, including an ext than $100 million for the Lake Champlain Basin, and preserved numerous thousands of acres of forest and farm land. But Vermont"s vigilance top top the setting goes because that naught there is no curbing national threats. Leahy is a leader in addressing global climate change, including leading the struggle on regulations to curb mercury emissions from coal fired strength plants in the Midwest.


—Patrick Leahy"s project website, http://www.leahyforvermont.com/issues


On November 2, 2010, Patrick Leahy winner re-election to the U.S. Senate. He beat Len Britton (R), Daniel Freilich (I), Stephen J. Cain (I), Johenry Nunes (I), Peter Diamondstone (Socialist) and Cris Ericson (United says Marijuana) in the basic election.<106>

U.S. Senate, Vermont, 2010
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    Democratic Patrick Leahy incumbent70.6%216,972
    Republican Jack McMullen 24.5%75,398
    Independent Keith Stern 1.1%3,300
    Marijuana Cris Ericson 2.1%6,486
    Liberty Union Ben Mitchell 0.3%879
    Vermont environment-friendly Craig Hill 1.3%3,999
    N/A Write-In 0.1%261
Total Votes307,295


On November 3, 1998, Patrick Leahy won re-election to the United states Senate. He beat Fred Tuttle (R), Barry Nelson (I), Hugh Douglas (L), Bob Melamede (T), Jerry levying (T) and also Write-In in the general election.<108>

U.S. Senate, Vermont general Election, 1998
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    Democratic Patrick Leahy incumbent54.2%154,762
    Republican James Douglas 43.3%123,854
    Liberty Union Jerry raise 1.8%5,121
    Freedom because that LaRouche Michael Godeck 0.6%1,780
    N/A Write-In 0.1%222
Total Votes285,739


On November 4, 1986, Patrick Leahy won re-election come the United says Senate. He defeated Dick Snelling (R), Anthony Doria (T), Jerry levy (T) and also Scattering in the basic election.<110>

U.S. Senate, Vermont general Election, 1986
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    Democratic Patrick Leahy incumbent49.8%104,176
    Republican Stewart Ledbetter 48.5%101,421
    Independent Anthony Doria 0.8%1,776
    Liberty Union Earl Gardiner 0.8%1,629
    N/A Scattering 0.1%122
Total Votes209,124


On November 4, 1974, Patrick Leahy won election to the United states Senate. He defeated Richard Mallary (R), bernard Sanders (T), Patrick Leahy (T) and Write-in in the basic election.<112>

U.S. Senate, Vermont general Election, 1974
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
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Patrick Leahy campaign contribution history
2016 U.S. Senate, Vermont  ✔ $5,047,250
2010 U.S. Senate (Vermont)  ✔ $4,869,504
2004 U.S. Senate (Vermont)  ✔ $2,626,442
Grand complete raised $12,543,196

Source: monitor the Money


Leahy won re-election come the U.S. Senate in 2016. During that election cycle, Leahy"s campaign committee elevated a total of $5,047,250 and spent $4,229,329.<115> This is much less than the mean $10.08 million spent by U.S. Senate winners in 2016.<116>

Cost per vote

Leahy spent $22. Per basic election vote got in 2016.

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U.S. Senate, Vermont, 2016 - Patrick Leahy (Vermont) project Contributions
Total Raised$5,047,250
Total Spent$4,229,329
Total elevated by choice Runner-up$113,363
Total invested by election Runner-up$57,481
Top contributors come Patrick Leahy (Vermont)"s project committee
Law offices of Peter G Angelos$56,000
Comcast Corp$51,950
National Amusements Inc$35,300
Lockheed Martin$34,100
Top 5 markets that added to project committee
Lawyers/Law Firms$594,472
Leadership PACs$331,600
Securities & Investment$175,150
Source: open Secrets


Leahy won re-election come the U.S. Senate in 2010. During that re-election cycle, Leahy"s campaign committee increased a complete of $4,869,504 and spent $4,104,770.<117>

U.S. Senate, Vermont, 2010 - Patrick Leahy (Vermont) campaign Contributions
Total Raised$4,869,504
Total Spent$4,104,770
Total increased by basic Election Opponent$232,549
Total spent by general Election Opponent$231,114
Top contributors to Patrick Leahy (Vermont)"s project committee
Girardi & Keese$72,000
Time Warner$63,400
Walt Disney Co$45,400
Top 5 sectors that contributed to project committee
Lawyers/Law Firms$644,065
Leadership PACs$212,900