Selena Gomez may now be well-known as a world-famous singer and also actor, but like countless others, she"s always had a unique bond through her mother, Mandy Teefey. Born as soon as Mandy was just 16 year old, Gomez thrived up in cool Prairie, Texas, and also was raised by her single, young mom complying with her parents" divorce, which happened when the future popular music star was simply 5 year old (via HuffPost).

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"She to be really solid around me. Having me in ~ 16 had to be a large responsibility," Gomez previously said, per HuffPost. "My mom provided up every little thing for me, had three jobs, supported me, sacrificed she life because that me."

In ahead years, though, the star"s relationship with she mother has actually made major headlines, specifically as result of a rumored rift in between the mother-daughter pair end Gomez"s past relationship v her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Here"s what us know about the seemingly tumultuous however loving relationship in between Selena Gomez and also her mommy Mandy Teefey.

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Given the Selena Gomez an initial broke out into the to chat scene together a son star top top Barney & Friends prior to later ending up being a Disney Channel star, every Biography, it"s no surprising that her mother had a huge role in her career from an early age. Yet Mandy Teefey and her husband reportedly stopped regulating Gomez"s job in 2014 — and there were also reports that the then-21-year-old star had actually actually fired her parents indigenous the place (via the Daily Mail).

Teefey later addressed the rumors in an interview v Gossip Cop in 2018. "Every mother and daughter has disagreements," she said. "We never ever expected to regulate her entirety life. Us lost family members time since the only time we saw her, us talked business. It was no much longer fun for any of us, prefer it was when she to be younger and we had actually to be v her because she to be a minor."

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Beyond just business, though, it seems that Selena Gomez and also her mother have had other major disagreements, specifically about her personal and romantic life. Mandy Teefey supposedly didn"t approve of Gomez"s connection with she now-ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, telling Gossip Cop the she was "not happy" as soon as her daughter got earlier together through Bieber in 2017, and also saying that she hadn"t speak to him "in years." In fact, TMZ also reported that Teefey to be hospitalized after an alleged argument v Gomez end the star"s reunion v Bieber in so late 2017 — after i beg your pardon the two apparently unfollowed each other on Instagram (via Cosmopolitan).

Still, Teefey later emphasized to Gossip Cop that her daughter could make her own choices, saying, "Selena deserve to live her life yet she wants as lengthy as she is happy, safe and also healthy."

Fortunately, regardless of the look at tumultuous background of their relationship, it appears that the mother-daughter duo room on good terms in recent years, with Gomez also having worked with her mother as co-executive producer on the well-known Netflix collection 13 reasons Why (via Refinery29). We deserve to only hope that their bond will certainly remain solid in the years ahead!