SCOTTISH symbol Sean Connery to be the very first James Bond, and also for many, the ideal Bond.

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The suave superstar turn 90 in 2020, and although he was known predominantly because that his 007 role, teacher Sean to be a prolific actor.


Sean Connery turn 90 on august 25, 2020Credit: Alamy

How old was Sean Connery when he died?

Sean Connery turn 90 on august 25, 2020 prior to he passed away on October 31, 2020.

The Scottish star passed far in his sleep in the Bahamas after ~ he had actually been unwell for "some time".

The gibbs retired from exhilaration in 2006, and from publicly life completely in 2011.

Born in 1930, Sean to be the child of Joe, a truck driver, and also Euphamia, a laundress.

His mainly career has earned the accolades such as The greatest Living Scot and Scotland's best Living national Treasure.


Sean Connery's stellar career has earned that the accolade of biggest Living ScotCredit: The Mega Agency

Not to mention in 1999, people magazine asserted Sir Sean the Sexiest man of the Century.

In 2000, Connery was officially knighted in 2000.

Where did that live?

Sean own several dwellings in Scotland and Spain yet his irreversible residence was on brand-new Providence Island in the Bahamas.


Sean's long-term residence is on new Providence Island in the BahamasCredit: Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner

In September 2019, Sean revealed he was “lucky” to make it through after his Bahamas mansion escaped the worst the Hurricane Dorian.

The link star to be at his residence in the plush Lyford Cay neighbourhood on brand-new Providence Island as soon as Dorian struck.

Sir Sean said: “We are both fine. Us were lucky compared to countless others and also the damages here was no great.

“We had actually been ready for the storm, every little thing was ready in advancement – us weren’t taking any chances and knew what to do.”

What was his critical film and also what movies has actually he starred in?

Connery's last film was The league Of extraordinary Gentlemen in 2003.

Connery skyrocketed to fame together the suave 007 in six Bond movie in the Sixties. He was the an initial actor to play the MI6 certified dealer on the large screen.


Sean Connery pictured in his 6th James Bond movie Diamonds room ForeverCredit: Rex Features

He starred in Dr No (1962), Goldfinger (1964), from Russia, through Love (1964), Thunderball (1965), You only Live double (1967), and also Diamonds space Forever (1971).

Although that is the best Bond in the eyes of many, Connery had actually a love-hate connection with the role.

"I have always hated the damned James Bond," he as soon as famously said. "I'd favor to death him."

Bond creator Ian Fleming and Connery famously go not obtain along.


Connery had actually a love-hate connection with his 007 roleCredit: PA:Press Association

Connery said: “I never acquired introduced come Fleming until I was well right into the movie but I recognize he was no happy v me together the choice.

“What was it he referred to as me, or said somebody? That ns was one over-developed stunt man. He never said it to me. Once I did eventually meet that he was very interesting, erudite and also a snob – a actual snob."

Here is a finish list that the Scottish star's film:

Lilacs in the Spring (1954)No road Back (1957)Hell Drivers (1957)Action of the Tiger (1957) Time Lock (1957)Another Time, another Place (1958) A Night come Remember (1958)Darby O'Gill and the small People (1959)Tarzan's biggest Adventure (1959)On the Fiddle (1961)The fearful City (1961)The Longest Day (1962)Dr. No (1962)From Russia through Love (1963) Marnie (1964)Woman the Straw (1964) Goldfinger (1964) The Hill (1965) Thunderball (1965)Un monde nouveau (1966) A well Madness (1966)You only Live Twice (1967)The Bowler and the Bunnet (1967)Shalako (1968) The Molly Maguires (1970) The Red Tent (1969)The Anderson Tapes (1971)Diamonds room Forever (1971)The Offence (1973)Zardoz (1974)Murder top top the Orient Express (1974)Ransom (I) (1974)The Dream Factory (1975) The Wind and also the Lion (1975)The male Who would Be King (1975)Robin and Marian (1976) The following Man (1976) A Bridge as well Far (1977)The an initial Great Train Robbery (1978)Meteor (1979)Cuba (1979)Outland (1981)Time Bandits (1981) Five job One Summer (1982) The guy with the fatal Lens (1982) Never Say never Again (1983)G'olé! (1983)Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of sir Gawain and the environment-friendly Knight (1984)Highlander (1986)The name of the Rose (1986)The Untouchables (1987)Indiana Jones and also the critical Crusade (1989)The Hunt because that Red October (1990)The Russia House (1990) Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Medicine Man (1992) Rising Sun (1993) A great Man in Africa (1994) Just Cause (1995) First Knight (1995) DragonHeart (1996)The Rock (1996)The Avengers (1998) Playing by Heart (1998) Entrapment (1999) Finding Forrester (2000)The league of particularly Gentlemen (2003)

Was Sean Connery married and did he have kids?

Connery had one son, Jason Connery, with an initial wife, actress Diane Cilento.

They were married because that 11 years, indigenous 1962 to 1973 and Connery's an initial marriage has been mired with dispute after Diane accused that of being abusive.

Connery pictured v his just son, Jason ConneryCredit: globe Photos

Connery to be married come Moroccan-French painter Micheline Roquebrune because 1975.

They met in 1970 at a golf competition in Morocco.

She had been married twice and Sean had currently split from his first wifeDiane Cilento.

Micheline revealed the pair fight it off - and romped within 24 hours of meeting.

Connery was married come Moroccan-French painter Micheline Roquebrune since 1975Credit: AP:Associated Press

Sean said: “In the beforehand days it was difficult for us to see each other. She wasstill life in North Africa v her children”.

However, regardless of the long-distance and also language barrier, the pair had been together ever since, although they had actually no youngsters together.

What to be the actor's net worth?

The actor had earned a large fortune of £266million, according to Celebrity network Worth.

His fortune has actually been built up from an exhilaration career that has lasted over 60 years.

The actor has actually earned a vast fortune of £266millionCredit: Getty - Contributor

However, Sean hasn't always known together riches.

The Scottish star began with nothing.

Born top top the optimal floor the a tenement in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, the household had no warm water, no bathroom and also the loo — shared with a dozen family members — was four floors down.

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He started out working in the Navy and went on to have jobs including being a lorry driver and babysitter.

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Sean donated a far-ranging cut the his income to the Scottish International education and learning Trust to help students from bad backgrounds favor his own.

He was additionally a vocal backer the Scottish independence and also donated many his very own money come the Scottish national Party.