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Sarah Michelle Gellar has some young Buffy the Vampire Slayer pan on her hands! The actress claims hertwo children have began watching the above horror series and have actually taken a liking to it.

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"My kids, up until the pandemic, hadn"t really watched anything that I had done except, ns thinkthey"d viewed Scooby Doo," Gellar newly told ET"s Rachel Smith. "But during the pandemic, my daughter and also my child started Buffy, and also it to be so amazing to watch their reactions."

The actress -- who joined ET together herMasters that the Universe: Revelation co-stars chris Wood and also Tiffany smith -- described that she 11-year-old daughter Charlotte and also her 8-year-old kid Rocky, whom she shares with husband Freddie Prinze Jr., both reap the show for different reasons.

"My boy was into it for the villains, and my daughter was into it because that the love stories," Gellar explained.

Now, v her duty asTeela in the new animated Master that the Universe franchise in ~ Netflix, Gellar is playing one more fearlessfemale hero, and also she"s looking front to gift a component of one more project she young kids could enjoy.

"I was actually excited to have something I let mine young youngsters watch Cruel Intentions all of the time since you know it"s entirely appropriate," she said with a laugh.

The actress explained that portraying strong female heroic figures is "definitely something that I constantly gravitated towards," due to the fact that when she to be young, there aren"t a many fictional female ladies she feel she can look up to and strive to be like.

"There was Wonder Woman, however she was favor an amazon or whatever, that was no somebody that I can relate to," she reflected. "So now, to have the ability to , for young girls growing up, thatthere room super heroes in every one of us and it can be any kind of of us,it"s just really one honor."

Gellar first mentioned that she"d began watching Buffy through her kids ago in October throughout an illustration on the Kelly Clarson Show, and admitted the she"s "the world"s best disappointment because that them" due to her negative memory of her time ~ above the show.

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"They"ll constantly ask questions and I"ll it is in like, "I don"t remember. I"ll have to text someone and ask,"" she said at the time. "They think they understand it better than me at this point."

Meanwhile, forWood -- who voices the mighty He-Man in Masters the the Universe: Revelation -- the series presents that an opportunity to play a hero his child son can look up to in the future.

"I have actually an almost 10-month-old son," claimed Wood, who welcomed his first child, Huxley, in September, through his wife, Supergirl starMelissa Benoist."Watching the show with him and also my wife last night, just totally nerding out, imagining when he"s older and also I"m walk to gain to watch ...I can"t wait to share this v him as soon as he"s older."