Sarah Jessica Parker is one award-winning TV and also film actress whose starring function in the collection "Sex and the City" catapulted she to stardom.

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Who Is sarah Jessica Parker?

Actor sarah Jessica Parker showed up on TV’s Square Pegs prior to moving on come films, certification in Ed Wood (1994), The an initial Wives society (1996) and, later, The household Stone (2005) and also Did friend Hear about the Morgans? (2009). She achieved major success play Carrie Bradshaw in the comedy series Sex and also the City, beginning in the so late 1990s, which revolutionized depictions of female sexuality. In addition to working together a producer top top the Sex and also the City movies, Parker starred ~ above the HBO series Divorce from 2016 come 2019.

Early Life and Career

Actor and producer buy it Jessica Parker to be born on in march 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio. The 4th of eight children, Parker flourished up in loved one poverty. After her parents divorced, she was increased by she mother, a institution teacher, and her often out-of-work stepfather. She assisted support the household at a young age, bringing house paychecks from at an early stage dancing and singing gigs. 

In 1976, after winning her first Broadway role in The Innocents, her household moved to new Jersey come encourage she career. Alongside four of she siblings, Parker toured because that the next couple of years v The Sound that Music. She obtained her an initial major break once she was favored to take over the title duty of Annie top top Broadway from 1979 to 1980. 

Schooled at the American Ballet Theater and the brand-new York expert Children's college along the way, Parker began to obtain national attention in the early 1980s. She made she film debut in 1979 through Rich Kids, co-starring man Lithgow, Trini Alvarado and Olympia Dukakis.



On the tiny screen, Parker made several guest appearances top top the fight musical series Glee. In 2016, she served as the executive producer and also starred in the comedy series Divorce. She received a gold Globe nomination for her portrayal of Frances Dufresne, an executive, management recruiter that is going through a divorce from her husband the 17 years, play by cutting board Haden Church. The show, i m sorry ran for three seasons, additionally featured Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam.

'Plaza Suite'

While carving out her job on television and also the huge screen, Parker periodically returned to phase productions, consisting of a mid-1990s resurgence of How to success in business Without really Trying that likewise starred future husband Matthew Broderick. Much more than 20 years later, Parker and also Broderick signed on come play three different couples in Neil Simon's Plaza Suite, though audiences were required to wait to check out the lovebirds in activity after the coronavirus shuttered Broadway productions in beforehand 2020.

Fashion symbol & sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

Thanks to her Sex and the City days, Parker changed herself into a style icon with tremendous commercial appeal. In 2003, she became the spokesperson because that Garnier hair products. The following year, she signed a $38 million resolve the Gap and also became the council of Fashion developers of America's "Fashion Icon of the Year." In 2005, Parker debuted her an initial perfume, Lovely. She later included Covet to she fragrance line, which she sells with her agency SJP Beauty. Parker additionally has her own line that shoes, introduced in 2014, dubbed the SJP Collection.

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Husband and Children

Following high-profile relationships with Robert Downey Jr. And John F. Kennedy Jr., Parker married Broderick in 1997. Your son, James Wilke Broderick, called after Matthew's late father, was born in October 2002. In 2009, the pair welcomed pair daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and also Tabitha Hodge, via surrogate.

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