Sammy Hagar (birth surname – Samuel Roy Hagar), nicknamed – The Red Rocker, is one American experienced rock and roller, tequila connoisseur, gourmet chef, vintage auto collector, and also restaurant owner, who replaced David Lee Roth as the lead singer the rock band Van Halen.

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Hagar to be born ~ above October 13, 1947, in Monterey, California, USA.

He is that Italian and also Irish descent.

His father was a boxer but additionally worked in a steel mill.

Sammy spent most of his childhood in Fontana, California.

Hagar fronted his first band, the Fabulous Castilles, in ~ the age of 14.

He i graduated from Fontana High School.

In the 1970s, Sammy an initial came to prestige with the hard rock band ”Montrose.” The group disbanded in at an early stage 1977.

Hagar next came to be a member that the justice Brothers, along with drummer David Lauser, bassist Jeff Nicholson, keyboardist Al Shane, andguitarist Bob Anglin.

At around the same time, Sammy started a solo touring and also recording career.

From 1983 to 1984, he was component of a band, named HSAS (Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve). Various other members of the band space drummer Michael Shrieve, bassist Kenny Aaronson, and also lead guitarist Neal Schon.

During the moment they were active, HSAS exit a semi-live album, called – ”Through the Fire.”



Sammy has two youngsters with Betsy (Andrew and Aaron).

In addition, Hagar has two much more children with his 2nd wife, called Samantha and Kama.


Hagar is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.


”Rock n’ roll stinks there is no fun.”

”All these big corporate guys that are billionaires to start with, take it off their employees.”

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”It’s difficult at my age for as lengthy as I have actually been law this to go out and also just carry out a show.”


When asked by Rolling rock about the best and worst parts of success, Hagar replied:

”The best part is that you obtain to live your dream.”

Sammy continued:

”The only downside – perhaps – is that one day you’re no as relevant as friend were.”

He donated $100,000 for the UCSF Benioff children’s Hospital in san Francisco.

Other famed rock musicians are Donnie Iris, Nikki Sixx, and Charlie Starr.

Sammy Hagar – net Worth

Hagar earned many of his riches from being the command singer of two rock bands – van Halen andMontrose.

In addition, he has his very own TV present on AXS TV ”Rock & roll Road pilgrimage with Sammy Hagar.”

Sammy is additionally a partner or owner of eight restaurants.

In 1996, Hagar established the Cabo Wabo Tequila brand after he partnered with the Rivera family, a little Mexican Tequila an equipment who has been in operation due to the fact that 1937.

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Cabo Wabo Tequila has actually several products, including Cabo Uno, Cabo Wabo Blanco, Cabo Wabo Añejo, andCabo Wabo Reposado. In 2006, the firm sold end 140,000 cases. He said:

”When I produced Cabo Wabo, I never dreamed the it would be got so fine by my fans and people that really love an excellent tequila.”

In 2007, Hagar sold 80% from the Cabo Wabo tequila brand because that $80million come Gruppo Campari.

Enzo Visone, CEO of Gruppo Campari, stated:

“Cabo Wabo is a strategic acquisition for Gruppo Campari as it considerably contributes to develop our varied portfolio that ultra premium brand in the joined States.”

In 2010, Gruppo Campari paid $11 million for the continuing to be 20% that Cabo Wabo Tequila.

In 2014, Hagar entered the rum service by founding Sammy’s beach Bar Rum. Sammy’s beach Bar Rum matures for around two years. In addition, the rum is make from the an initial pressing of virgin Maui street cane.

He carried Rick Springfield into his coast Bar Rum organization as a partner.

In 2009, Sammy to buy his Lake Arrowhead estate property approximately for $2.3 million. The house functions a life room anchored through a limestone fireplace, a household room, a officially dining room, a two-island kitchen, and beamed ceilings.

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In march 2018, he sold his home in Maui’s Haiku area for $3.1 million. Therefore, singer and entrepreneur Sammy Hagar has an estimated net worth of $140 million.

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