Salma Hayek has actually been certification in Hollywood blockbusters for over 2 decades. From Frida and Desperado to Wild Wild West, Dogma, and Like a Boss, Hayek has actually starred in dramas, biopics, comedies, romances, and also more. She to be nominated because that the Academy compensation in 2002 complying with her power in Frida. Though Hayek continues to be a recognizable challenge to the public, her husband floats under the radar. Though he is no a part of the showbiz world, that is a mega-successful businessman. Hayek has been married to Francois-Henri Pinault since 2009. 

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Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault to visit the 70th Anniversary that the 70th annual Cannes film Festival | chris Jackson / Staff

Who is François-Henri Pinault?

Pinault is a French businessman and also chairman and CEO the the company Kering. That has also been the chairman of team Artemis since 2005. Kering is a multinational corporation specializing in high-end goods. Kering’s revenue got to over $19 million in 2019. The agency started off together the timber-trading company Pinault S.A., and also it was founded by Henri Pinault’s father.

Group Artemis is a holding company with a portfolio of invest in fashion, wine, luxury, art, tourism, and also more. The firm is headquartered in Paris, and it was likewise founded by Pinault’s father. Prior to Pinault took over his father’s companies, he learned at the HEC college of Management, graduating in 1985, and going top top to uncovered the CRM agency Soft Computing. He additionally interned at Hewlett-Packard ago in the day. 

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Do François-Henri Pinault and also Salma Hayek have actually kids 

Pinault and Hayek wed in 2009 — as soon as both actors to be in their beforehand 40s. Today, Salma Hayek is 54 year old, and also Pinault is 58 year old. They boast a modest 4 year age difference, i beg your pardon is quite minimal as soon as it comes to Tinseltown.

The pair has one daughter with each other — Valentina Paloma Pinault — that is to be born in 2007. She is the couple’s just child, born two years before the couple walked down the aisle. Hayek was 41 years old when she offered birth come Valentina and has since explained that she believes being a little older than the average new mom has actually made her a far better parent. She said:

“I think I’m a far better mother due to the fact that I had actually her later. Yet I do gain tired. I’m not going come lie…”


Pinault has actually three other youngsters — Augustin James Evangelista, Mathilde Pinault, and also Francois Pinault. Together, Hayek and also Pinault have actually only one daughter, Valentina.